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: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs May 14, 2019, 07:30:26 PM
Chronicles of my wanderings through the worlds that unwind between dusk and dawn.
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: Wędajihs May 17, 2019, 12:10:26 AM
There has been a lot on my mind lately. Hence the following.

I heard the thoughts and conversations of every single person on the planet, I believe. It was a horrible noise, perhaps like the sound a billion billion angry wasps punctuated with sounds like whales abruptly screaming in pain. And still, that's not nearly a close enough description. It was too much. I wanted to fly away but couldn't. I found an old house with several levels of basements. No matter how deep down I fled, the cries and conversations of humanity followed. When on the brink of snapping I sat in a dark corner and focused on one sound instead of attempting to wrap my brain around it all. With all my might I focused and finally the voices faded. From out of the mess, there faintly floated a tribal-like chant. I focused on it and sang with it. Every so often the vocables rearranged and I had to focus harder to sing along.

Step out from the screams and sift out the sanity.

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: Wędajihs May 20, 2019, 05:13:28 PM
He was a friend who believed that he was the reincarnation of Freddy Mercury. He looked like him and could sing like him. He wanted to be THE Freddy Mercury and not just an incarnation. His destiny was to bring FM fully back into the world of the living. But to do this my friend had to die and be resuscitated. His plan was to be locked in an airtight coffin until he technically died. Medical instruments would be attached to him and would signal to the medics outside the moment of death. At that time, they were to wait ten seconds and then open the casket to revive him. When, and if, he awoke, he would be Freddy Mercury resurrected. I tried to talk my friend out of this but he was so determined that he cut me out of his life for fear I would actually talk him out of his crazy plan. I found out later that he went through with it. They claimed he was FM risen from the dead, the savior of music and the world. They would not let me near him no matter how hard I tried to see him... my friend, not FM.
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: miss_maya June 13, 2019, 12:20:18 AM
Totally love that first dream. That one voice that is calm through the chaos. Love it. Keep journaling!
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: Caradon June 28, 2019, 10:56:48 PM
Interesting dreams.

That last one sounded lucid as you mentioned trying to remember goals. I would go crazy in that first one too, having to hear all that. I've been very sensitive to noise lately, especially other peoples noise. I love my noise cancelling headphones. Tunes everything out other than what I want to hear.
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: Caradon July 01, 2019, 07:40:23 PM
I'm bumping yours back up, Wedajihs. In case you come back you can find it easily. Because it had gotten bumped to the bottom when I was pushing the spam zombies back.  I know you were hoping to find someone here. Hope you didn't give up quite yet. :) 
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs July 02, 2019, 03:05:40 PM
Hello. I'm still kicking about. Thanks for the replies. It's nice to see some action happening again. :)

Four friends and I went on a roller coaster ride that fell apart behind us as we raced over it. People screamed and wept. I just held tight to my friend, afraid he would fall out of the seat beside me. We all survived. My friends and I laughed as the roller coaster track fell apart once we were all safely off of it. I knew I should have been afraid or relieved but we found the whole thing hilarious. We split up to search for the 5th of us. I don't remember who any of my friends were.

In a spa I tried to indulge in shallow self care methods. I hated it. I couldn't recall how I even arrived at the place. Out the picture window I stared into the shimmering ripples of a deep blue pond. Before the pond grew tufts of colorful wildflowers. Behind the pond stood a line of twisted but beautiful trees. Beyond them, wisps of cloud shifted from shape to shape. In the clouds I saw a tarantula, a smiling cherub face, and something with wings, maybe a dragon? Distant screams interrupted my cloud gazing. From the left a massive moose trotted arrogantly along the pond. Sunbathers and picnickers scrambled in fear. I ran out onto the deck and called out to the moose, "Gajih! Gajih!" The moose heard me and turned toward me as if come my way. But it just snorted and continued rambling along the pond. It danced awkwardly away, it's hooves thudded in a catchy beat 'thud ... thud ... thud-thud-thud'. I stomped my own foot to the beat and admired the beast. Suddenly I knew the moose be shot soon. The police or some other agency would kill it when they couldn't contain or catch it. The thought saddened and angered me. But then maybe the moose was ill? I don't know anything about moose. The spa went back to doing its thing. I sat on the balcony waiting to hear gunshots.
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: Caradon July 02, 2019, 07:08:55 PM
Wow that sounded like a beautiful dream, aside from the fear of the moose being shot.

Rollercoasters always do seem to go bad in dreams. I remember getting lucid when dreaming I was on one that went flying off the tracks. Funny that you were all  laughing about the whole thing falling apart as you got off it. That would have been freaky.
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: Wędajihs July 03, 2019, 05:01:32 PM
In a lot of my dreams, there is this underlying humor, like some part of me knows it's all fake and I can't really be harmed. I just don't consciously realize it.

I walked through a maze of hallways. They changed from time to time, from industrial, to office like, to school halls, or to tunnels that seemed to be underground. I can not remember how I got there or why I was wandering so.

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: Oneironautical1 July 03, 2019, 11:36:22 PM
The dream with the moose was fun, until the thought of its impending death.  It makes sense though, beautiful creatures being displaced and innocent cannot avoid destruction.
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: Caradon July 04, 2019, 08:55:57 AM
I read your dream when I got home last night, just before going to sleep. And I was thinking. Ah, the corridor dream, I've had that before. I wonder if reading it influenced the dream I had. Because I too had a sort of lost in corridors dream after reading it. 
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: Wędajihs July 04, 2019, 02:34:07 PM
I have never seen a live moose before so I should have reality checked. I was just too fascinated by it I suppose. And yes, sometimes wildlife just wants to have fun and then BOOM humans happen. I've witnessed it.

I've been getting the maze or corridor dream more often. Likely symbolic of my search for the right way to find dreamers that might be left in the world.
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: Wędajihs July 04, 2019, 02:45:05 PM
Note: I took melatonin before bed to make sure I slept the whole night through

I was in a new and very small apartment on Palace Street. It was upstairs from the apartment I'd rented in my youth. I must have struck out and left my world behind me because I had nothing but a small backpack and the clothes on my back. I narrated the entire time. I think I was attempting to reinforce the fact that I was alone and being alone was a good thing.

A detective searched for his missing teenage daughter. I was a part of his team. We found her in a filthy little room in a flop house. The father and daughter argued by singing relevant song lyrics at each other. The daughter finally gave in and came with us. On the way we all entered a singing contest. I agonized over which song to sing. Angel by Aerosmith drifted to me from out of a passing car. I could sing that, I decided. But the contest ended before my turn arrived. We  walked down the dark street talking about the songs we would sing next contest.

A killer snowstorm had some of us humans out in elements searching for cold or injured animals to help. My dog and I were a part of the rescue effort. In time we realized our city had been snowed completely under and we had no where to go. We released the dogs to find us shelter but they were too fast and soon their tracks were covered in snow as well. Us stupid humans hunkered together for warmth and waited for the end to come. I wasn't particularly bothered by it. I didn't want to die but perhaps this was a test of the survival of the fittest. The world was probably better off without us.
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: Wędajihs July 05, 2019, 07:42:56 AM
On a beach that had a wide but short waterfall. The tide came in, huge waves rushed up the waterfall. It looked like the waterfall ran backward, or upwards. Then the waterfall would push the water back out to the ocean. The process became violent looking. Despite this, people stood at the top of the waterfall and waited for the waves to push them back into the river and then they would ride the current out and over the waterfall. I was distracted by a pack of little grey and black animals that looked like a cross between a cat and a raccoon. I could almost get them to come to me but other people would scare them off.

I wandered a field in the middle of a run down orchard.The trees were twisted and drooping but they still bore some apples. I wandered into the orchard and came to an opening in which several walls of wood were neatly stacked about two stories high. In between those stacks sat different groups of people listening intently to different preachers. I felt incredibly light, as if the wind could carry me away. I leaped up into the air and floated to the top of one of the wood piles. The people were amazed and called it a miracle. I told them, "My leap isn't a miracle, but this is," I reached up and yanked the sun from the sky. It was fiery and warm in my hand. I blew it out and revealed a round but jagged crystal in which plasma danced and swirled. The people were amazed. Some wept because they were afraid. I felt bad so I  threw the crystal up above me. It stuck in the sky and became the sun again. Instead of dealing with the people I floated away, leaping from treetop to tree top until I was far from them. I floated the the ground went to tell my family about the miracle I performed. They didn't care.
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: Caradon July 05, 2019, 02:22:36 PM
I've taken a small dose of melatonin practically every night in like forever... Not even sure why. just started for dreaming and kept doing it. Was think maybe cut back to only once every few nights I don't know.

I  love dream watefalls. Always amazing in dreams, sometimes scary.

You pulled the sun from the sky! Wow.

Fun recall.

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: Wędajihs July 06, 2019, 11:47:37 AM
Fun recall but wish I'd been lucid during it.

A fragment. Caught in a traffic jam. People panicked. The panic was contagious. I mostly remember tying to fight it off and calm myself.
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: Wędajihs July 08, 2019, 11:46:08 AM
No recall on the 7th. I know I dreamed but nothing came back to me. Also am making a note that i didn't get to sleep until after 5am that morning

Recall for the 8th

- Was in hilly, forested country. The sky blackened and storm cells formed all around. I can not recall who I was with but we found shelter in a house and watched live online as massive storms ravaged the countryside all around us.

- Wandered a mall out of boredom and was about to leave but saw a lion walk past just outside the exit doors. I decided to stay inside. At some point the entire mall had disappeared. We were all stuck outside where lions and dinosaurs roamed about picking us off. Again I wasn't afraid, very concerned but not afraid.

I need to reality check when encountering storms and predators, especially prehistoric ones.

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: Caradon July 08, 2019, 07:25:25 PM
Ooh, I think we should start  a "When Dream Animals Attack" thread here too.

One of the ones I had recently was also a dinosaur. Well a giant dinosaur sized lizard, Komodo dragon.

I thought for sure the storm dream was going to spawn tornadoes. I swear, nearly every time I look at freaky clouds in the sky in dreams tornadoes start dropping out of them.

Edit: I started the animal attack thread in general dream and posted the two that I had since I started journaling again.
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: Wędajihs July 10, 2019, 04:51:40 PM
I get storms a lot, odd storms that you would think make someone reality check but I never do. I'm too fascinated by them. Will likely be posting in the animal attack thread often. I have an issue with reptiles, mainly crocodiles, which I've never really stopped to think about.

I had no recall on the 9th.

- I wandered through a carnival at night. A two faced man floated down from the sky. I was the only one who could see him. He walked to me and asked me what I thought the meaning of life was. One of his faces told me that there was no meaning to life, we're a freak accident in a freak accident of a universe. The other face told me there was no meaning to life, we're all interconnected strands of energy. I jokingly told the two faced man that I thought there was a meaning to life but it had nothing really to do with humanity's importance in the grand scheme. We're just souls planted here to ripen. Then aliens harvest our energy as we die. We argued about this for a long time and I woke up convinced that my theory was actually true.

I tried to wild this morning after waking but kept falling right back to sleep.
-sang some nonsense song
-took an old radio apart
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: Wędajihs July 11, 2019, 10:46:14 AM
- I was a slave for the last family in our neighborhood to give up slavery. Our owners treated us well enough. Most of the other slaves were happy with their lives. A handful of us were not. We wanted to be freed. We wanted to be treated like people and not property. There came a point where the rest of the neighborhood rallied and demanded our owners set us free but our owners would not. Me and a couple of others just walked away.

- I saw my schoolmates eating lunch. I approached and then stopped because I had nothing to talk about. I turned to leave but GM called to me. I returned and sat with them. They ate their food straight out of cans. Their drinking cups were cans. When I remarked on this they told me that it was the new environmentally friendly fad.
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: Caradon July 12, 2019, 08:01:32 AM
Funny about the aliens planting us here to ripen theory. I actually watched an episode of Ancient Aliens  where they were talking about basically the same thing. The theory that our DNA is planted here by them, basically like a science project for them. And they are growing us, evolving us into something for their purposes. They even went as for as to start theorizing that we are to eventually merge our consciousness with technology and become basically cyborgs travelling the galaxies with our alien creators in our machine bodies... The show is fascinating sometime, but they get a bit too far out there sometimes, lol.
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: Wędajihs July 13, 2019, 10:40:15 AM
I was wondering if I'd heard a theory like that someplace before. Nothing came to mind but I probably did hear or read it somewhere. I like hearing about such things even if I don't believe them.

Dreams from the 12th

noting that I know I woke up from a couple of other dreams in the night, was sure I'd remember them so went back to sleep without writing them down. Big mistake because I couldn't remember them when I re-woke up later.

-In school I had to sit between two students I wasn't very fond of. One, I knew was abusive to his girlfriends. The other was always talking. I struggled to work on a research paper but these two kept interrupting. After I time, I was fed up. I stood and was about to give these two clowns a piece of my mind when one of my teachers appeared behind me. She put a hand on my shoulder and whispered into my ear. The words were in a different language. I could almost understand the words, they had a silky, calming effect on me. I sat back down and focused on what needed to be done.

-I fished in a muddy river. I had seen a video on bow fishing and wished I were doing that instead of lazily sitting around waiting for a fish to find my line. I don't know when or how, but I was in the river filming the fish. A fish with spikes down its spine caught my eye. It spun around to look at me. To my horror and disgust, it had a human hand, from the wrist down, dangling from it's mouth.

Dreams for the 13th

-Went on a cruise on which most of the people had to be quarantined to one side of the ship. There were three of us who didn't have to be, me, a guy who sort of resembled Will Smith, and a dog. We became bored quickly because all of the fun cruise stuff was on the other half of the ship. We mostly sat around and talked or played fetch with the dog.

Remember to reality check when not at home. I'm rarely ever home in dreams.

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: Wędajihs July 14, 2019, 08:30:20 AM
Reality checked a lot yesterday as I wasn't home. It paid off a smidgen. Also at a chunk of cheese before bed. I hardly ever eat cheese so was ready to welcome some crazy dreams. As it turns out, they weren't as crazy as I'd expected. Also had better recall.

-HI two horses stuck together at the tails, maybe their tails were knotted or braided together. They each tried to run in opposite directions.

-In a classroom where the teacher made us perform an OCD like ritual before entering. We had to walk into and back out of the room five times before entering. Then we had to walk the perimeter of the classroom before taking our seat. There was also something about a washboard which I can't recall.
(Can't believe I failed to reality check)

-My brother married an alien, a straight up grey alien with the buggy eyes. No one questioned this except me. He also became very arrogant. He acted like he was better than all the rest of humanity because he was the first one to legalize his interplanetary love.
(probably due to all the ridiculous 'Storm Area 51' posts I've seen on social media

-I had a grandson. He had blond hair and odd green eyes. They reminded me of the green of Ginger Ale soda bottles. He was perhaps about 3 or 4 years old. We walked together through a sweltering town. We were baking alive. I searched for water or ice cream to buy for him but there was none. We found a hill that sloped away from the sun, which meant it was in shadow. My grandson and I had toy cars. On hands and knees we raced our little cars up a dirt path. At the top of the hill was a bridge for no apparent reason. My grandson sat in the shade. I was too big to fit under. I sat atop the bridge and mentioned how hot it was. My grandkid popped out from under the bridge and blew air at me. Snowflake formed in his breath and sprinkled upon me. He danced around blowing his breath upward so that the snowflakes he created would drift down onto me.
(At a flea market I saw a large Elsa from Frozen doll. I remarked she was about as big as a small child)

-A fragment, a man who looked much like Abraham Lincoln. He was about 8 feet tall and had a fake, plastic like body, sort of like Gumby. Every time he opened his mouth bird songs came out. Everyone else understood him. I got caught up trying to identify which bird song he was speaking. Mostly he sounded like a robin in the springtime.
(Woke in early morning darkness and heard a lone robin singing outside, leaked into my dreams?)

 :ya: LUCIDITY! about me and lightning

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: Caradon July 15, 2019, 10:16:35 AM
Wow congrats on the lucidity, and with lightning... Must have been fascinating. I didn't know that cheese was supposed to enhance dreams.

Yeah it's always good to take notes on dreams whether you're  sure you will remember them or not. Sometimes you do sometimes you don't. And sometimes just the act of taking the notes is enough to make sure you do remember. I've done that too, failed to take notes sure I'd remember and then not remember it. And went, Gah! And I feel like the note taking also helps to wake up the mind a bit for more recall. Sort of Like a micro WBTB. Even during my off years I maintained the note taking/key word practice, most of the time. Because I still wanted to remember my dreams but didn't want to record in full. 

That fish with the human hand, yuck. That would have freaked me out too. Fish dreams can get weird. I think maybe like cave dreams. A dark mysterious place under water. And we know there are all manner of weird creatures existing underwater so can do weird things in dreams. 

When I have cave dreams they are particularly scary. Because in my dreams I always know that there are deadly mutant humanoid creatures living deep beneath the earth. No doubt thanks to movies like the "The Descent" permanently putting that into my dreaming mind lol. That's alright though, I enjoy the intensity of those dreams regardless of it being scary. 
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: Wędajihs July 15, 2019, 02:01:28 PM
Its very inspiring to not be the only one who enjoys scary and intense dreams.

Fragment - I dyed my hair but it turned white in large square shaped patches.

Fragment - I remember seeing a tall and very angry Samuel L Jackson

-Lost in an unfamiliar city, I refuse to ask the residents for directions. A person from my group wanders off and we have to leave her behind. But as a way to find my way back to where she is, or as a way for her to find her way to us, I open a bar of barbecue sauce I happen to have on me. I let it drip out as we walk along to create a trail we can use to find each other again.

-A family in a post apocalyptic world resides in a factory. They catch rats for food. They shake and bake them. They share with me. I eat it even though I don't like the taste of the rat. I know it's fuel my body needs. The teenage girl and I leave together. She meets a young man who picks her up in a giant rubbery wheel contraption and they drive away to a broken down carnival. The rides all defy the laws of physics. I think about reality checking but lose focus because I need to find the teenage girl again. Her male friend tries to graffiti a part of the park but the police, or people who claim they are police, give chase. Everyone splits up. The police find the graffiti guy and tell him his friend is dead. The look at me and tell me I am under arrest for the murder of Pogger Wogger, or Poggy Woggy? I can't recall the right name. I didn't kill anyone. I run.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon July 15, 2019, 09:08:09 PM
Funny, you killed poor Poggy  Woggy! 

Don't you hate that, when you are about to reality check, but then get distracted by something and forget all about doing it. I've done that a lot of times. Sometimes it's hard to just stop what you're in the middle of doing when there is a lot going on.     
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs July 16, 2019, 09:47:55 PM
I didn't kill Poggy Woggy, I'm almost certain of it. :paranoid:
And yes, I must learn how to manage distractions better. I'm rather horrible at that in waking life as well.

Fragment about school. I remember seeing my language teacher DL.

-My mother received a call from LB to tell us her girl was having a baby. LB wanted her former husband at the delivery and asked my mother to ask BG if he would be there. My mother found and asked BG if he wanted to go. He declined. My mother and I went in his stead. I don't recall if JB had a girl or a boy.

-Two of my friends were chatting about politics. I only listened. I don't like wasting my breath talking about such things. I went to the bathroom and when I returned one of my friends was attempting to hang a tribal looking sunburst necklace on a radio where I would find it. My other friend smirked when he saw me, went and grabbed the necklace and said, "Just give it over, like so," and handed the trinket to me. It was suddenly wrapped in layers of different sheets of metal that were bolted together. I attempted to unwrap the sun. When I did the trinket had become more of a star-shaped pendant with pointy black jewels arranged around the center diamond. I didn't know what to do with it.

-I sat on a back porch, one of my childhood homes, and enjoyed the scenery and wildlife. Atop a pine tree to the left, a mourning dove wove a nest. It was made of fine fibers and in the shape of a basket but with a little scoop coming off the handle to act as a roof. I was amazed by this and called others out to see. They didn't care. I spoke to the dove as it continued weaving its delicate nest.

-(28)Three women were kidnapped. They were trapped in the back of a car that had no door handles or way to roll down the windows. Sometimes I was one of the women and other times I watched the scene from outside the back window of the car. The car slowed at a corner, I ran to it and ripped the back door open. I grabbed a girl, the youngest, and pulled her to safety. The car sped away before the others could escape. I yelled at passersby to help the girl but was ignored. The girl and I tried to find a police station.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs July 17, 2019, 10:48:36 AM
A weird astral travel-like dream.

I had other non-lucid dreams but can't recall them at the moment. The lucid dream took over my memories this morning. If I can recall the others I will add them later. They're there. I can feel them. I just can't see them.
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: Oneironautical1 July 17, 2019, 07:18:17 PM
They're there. I can feel them. I just can't see them.

I swear, these sorts of feelings are quite profound.  Many people talk about psychedelics and how they end up with a sort of "new perspective" for however long it lasts.  For me, very vivid dreams lucid or not, have a similar effect leading to an ever evolving interpretation of my conscious existence.  Unfortunately, not a large number of people seem to experience this or don't have that same reaction.  It's really a gift.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs July 18, 2019, 11:35:24 AM
Never thought of it that way. Thank you for that. It's very illuminating.

Noting: had trouble staying asleep last night, little noises kept waking me. I should have reality checked each time I woke but I was too tired.

-I lived near the family from Married with Children. They were hoping to move to a nicer neighborhood so attempted to fix up their home. All kinds of mishaps occurred. The wife became fed up and left. She took the son with her. The daughter stayed with her father. I tried to help them fix their house but it just wasn't happening.

-Very hungry, I looked for a fast food restaurant that had semi-decent food to eat. After a very long time of walking into and inspecting several fast food joints, I went back to one that served salads instead of fries as a side dish. I waited and waited for a server to come. None did. I went to the counter and the workers just stood around chatting in the back. Someone else came in and used the mic at the cash register to order their food. Oh, so that's the way it works, I thought. But by then I was so disenchanted with the place that I prefered starving a little to filling myself with junk from restaurants. I left to find food at a grocery store.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs July 19, 2019, 04:49:23 PM
- Was at one of my childhood homes. I think I bought it and was trying to clean and fix it up. Night came along and the feeling that someone was watching me was very heavy. I thought it might be someone spying through the windows so plastered newspapers over them. The feeling persisted. Then I heard occasional jingling and thumping. I became irritated by it and yelled at the top of my lungs, "Get the F out of my house!". A cold breeze rushed past me and slammed into the front door, shattering it. The force of the slam also shook the house. Whatever the force was, it was powerful so I left. I ran across the field to the corner store and got a ride from one of the cashiers. As we drove past my house, all the lights were on, the papers ripped from the windows, and through the largest window, I saw a blue-hued being staring at me. I got dropped off at the church down the road, picked up some grave dirt, and put it in my pockets as protection from the demonic feeling creature that was in my house. I would wait until morning to go back.

-On a kayak trip with others, we found a camping spot and pulled out of the water. The others set up tents on the hill. I stayed down by the river shore. I could hear others talking about my uncle B. They weren't saying good things about him and I was going to give them a piece of my mind but remembered that the B they knew and the B I knew were probably two different people. I climbed up the hill and laid across the bridge that lead to the campground. When the people came up from the river I would ask them to tell me stories about B.

- Lucidity  :yahoo:
I returned to the house with the blue demon
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: Wędajihs July 22, 2019, 01:05:30 PM
When it rains, it pours. There was a very good thunderstorm a few days ago, well a few good thunderstorms all last week actually. It knocked out the electricity and with it went the wifi. It's still out today and it's Monday. I don't own a cell phone so yep, cut off from the world. AND a if being digitally cut off from the world was not enough, my laptop decided to kick the bucket. Files, research, projects, photos, video, all just... gone. Some is stored online but most is still on that hard drive. I had to use my vacation money to purchase another laptop. It's not so bad, I suppose. I'll  have to spend the next few days reinstalling and updating software on this new and still uncomfortable feeling laptop. I'll try to pop on when I'm near some wifi.

Keep dreaming!
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: Caradon July 24, 2019, 07:35:03 AM
Oh that sounds bad... We had a couple of good storms here last week too, even tornado warnings one night. But  that one turned out to be a dud thankfully. I enjoy a good storm, but of course don't want the house blown away by anything extreme.  We didn't lose power that I'm aware of anyways. I was at work during one of the storms.The building was shaking with the thunder a couple of times. I have  had problems with the internet recently too, but it's not gone down for a while thankfully.

That really sucks  about your computer. My previous laptop died that way too, after Microsoft forced a windows update on me that I kept refusing.  After the update my computer was fried, would open to an error page and that's it. I don't know if it's fixable or not, but ended up  just going out and getting a new laptop. Got a Lenovo for a decent price, pretty big screen that has been serving me pretty well. Would like to get something with a 4k screen for watching Netflix on, this Lenovo has pretty good picture quality and supposed to be 1080p. But doesn't seem to be as good picture as my 1080p TV has. The TV has much better, brighter colors.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs August 04, 2019, 11:38:37 AM
Back, sort of. I went on a 9 day kayak trip and am currently in recovery mode.
THe new laptop I bought sucks and I'm thinking of taking it back. Sent my old one in to see if it is fixable. I hope it is. Lots of stuff on that one.
Had two lucid dreams while on the trip and lots of fragmented dreams. Probably due to the exhaustion from paddling for hours every day. I hope to gt back to journal-ling and being on site again regularly. I'm missing out on so much.
Keep dreaming.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs August 17, 2019, 09:46:26 PM
If I were a 'the universe is trying to tell me something' kind of person, I'd believe that it was trying to tell me to stay offline. I've been through two laptops trying to get back to my online line. Both had different issues and had to be returned. I finally just grabbed a mac which I now use but as of yet am very uncomfortable with. To make things even more merry right now, the person I live with, who's responsibility is to pay for wifi, has not paid for wifi for over three months so it has been shut off at my home now for almost a month. I have to sit here in a cafe and use their wifi when I have time.

But I am not a 'universe is trying to tell me something' kind of person. I am more of a 'The universe doesn't give a crap about me, it's the people in my life making things hard at the moment' kind of person and am working towards not relying on said wifi payer anymore and getting familiar enough with my mac that I can get back online regularly soon.

I have had a couple of significant lucid dreams regarding a lucid goal of mine that I can't wait to get to sharing. I just wish there was someone in my nonol life who cared enough about dreaming to sit and chat with. Oh well. I'll be back in business online soon.

Hope you all are having amazing dreams, lucid or not. Keep dreaming.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs August 20, 2019, 01:53:56 PM
Finally back in the saddle again.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs August 21, 2019, 11:20:05 AM
I'm going back to the titling my dreams method of recall. My written dreams don't feel complete without titles. I suspect this is why my recall is not as robust as it used to be. Titling my dreams should give them a higher seat honor in subconscious. We shall soon see.

Bubble Lights
A pool party had its pool full of balloons. The scene shifted to us at a beach with the entire lake or ocean filled with bobbing balloons. People played happily in the water. I swam under it all and saw air bubbles about the size of the balloons on the surface. The bubbles had hearts of flickering little lights. I did not realize it in dream but I was breathing while under water. I swam deeper to discover the source of the bubble lights.

Crappy Hands (late day recall)
I was left in charge of little children. They were all very well behaved but not potty trained. I changed lots of diapers this night. At one point I realized I had baby crap all over my hands, up my arm, and under my fingernails. It wouldn't come off.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs August 22, 2019, 01:26:21 PM
Actually got to sleep in today. I woke up a few times, recalled dreams, and went back to sleep. All of these dreams are the ones I remembered upon my few awakenings.

My Sister's Mansion
My sister, who had a mansion close to the size of Buckingham Palace (she repeatedly reminded us of this fact) invited all of her sibling to live with her. She had the mansion divided into what I called apartments. I went through the place. I had been there before and tried to remember exactly when.

DG Movies
Very vague recall about being back in class. I remember seeing GH, T, and GM. They discussed making videos for their youtube channel.

Basement Issues
The basement of my home was half finished. It was also infested with all shapes and sized of spiders. My little nieces played in the basement despite the spiders. Also a hippy looking guy was living down there but he was moving out. Whoever was with me begged me to bring an exterminator in to kill the spiders. No. The spiders were harmless and weren't actually bothering anyone. I was fascinated with the variety of them and spent a long time inspecting them hoping to find a new species.

Hungry Waves
My sister and I were at a beach. The scene flipped back and forth between the beach and a run down water park. Late afternoon arrived. The once packed beach quickly emptied. People out in boats hurried back to shore. Suddenly the waves picked up and surged in different directions after the boaters. The waves swallowed them under. The waves crashed to shore and picked off the remaining sun bathers.  My sister and I fled up a steep hill to safety. I watched in horror and fascination as the waves devoured people. The waves almost reached us a few times but by then I was no longer afraid. I almost wished they would take me just to see what would happen.

Mall Snatchers
Within a fancy mall young and nice looking people were going missing. I couldn't get out of the mall. I tried an elevator but it would't go to the bottom floor. The stairs were blocked off. Windows were unbreakable. I discovered that the not so young and not so good looking people were being killed, some kind of eugenics movement. I kept trying to escape, I didn't know which group I belonged to but didn't want to end up being sorted into either.

Lucidity: To do with portals, teleportation, and dream transitioning.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs August 23, 2019, 08:39:02 AM
Took melatonin about 10:30.

The Baby and the Shifting Hotel
Some of my family and I stayed at a hotel in a massive suite. I went outside to lock my truck. On the way I found a baby just sitting in the parking lot. I picked it up, carried it with me, and locked the truck. Then I remembered I had another truck. In that direction lighting bolts silently crawled across the sky. I felt I would be struck and so took the baby into the hotel. I tried to give her to someone at the desk but they wouldn't take him or her. I took the baby with me to find the suite and couldn't. The hotel had become a shifting contraption, like cabin in the woods. When I finally found the suite the family was packed up to leave. We departed the hotel and I had to bring the baby with me.

Invasions of my Childhood Home
There was a family gathering at one of my childhood homes. It went on into the night. I looked up into the night sky where illuminated triangles and arrows, like cursor arrows, floated along. They swerved and veered but always headed south. I pointed this out to everyone and most fled screaming, 'Alien invasion'. I didn't feel threatened by the shapes and thought about hoping into the truck to follow them. And then I thought, 'This is probably a dream...". Before I could reality check the police ripped into the driveway and ordered us all onto the ground. They came to me and asked, "Where is he, he lives here!" I told them he didn't. I somehow knew who they were talking about. They drew their weapons and pointed them at me. I kept insisting that he didn't live here, it was my house. The police reluctantly left. I was angry. We all went into the house. Soon a white care pulled in and I knew it was him, a guy who had threatened to drive by and shoot up my house before. Before I could grab a weapon and confront him he burst into the house, gun drawn. I pushed people to the floor, prepared to die as I charged fearlessly, or stupidly, at him. He fired but the shot missed. He tried to fire again but his clip was empty. I laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world, grabbed a carving knife off the kitchen counter, and charged at the guy. He begged me not to hurt him but I stabbed him repeatedly in what I hoped were major organs. He died. I left him where he died and my family were now afraid of me.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs September 03, 2019, 06:46:16 PM
Torrential rains came and all of my umbrellas were broken. My neighborhood flooded and the adults were inconvenienced by it all. The kids loved it and played in the streets.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Emerald Wolf September 04, 2019, 05:27:24 AM
I pushed people to the floor, prepared to die as I charged fearlessly, or stupidly, at him. He fired but the shot missed. He tried to fire again but his clip was empty.

This reminds me of a fictious quote in a game I used to play. Something along the lines of:

"This medal is issued for bravery, but I got mine because I was too stupid to die."
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs September 07, 2019, 10:31:43 AM
Yes, that would be me, too dumb to die.  :content:

Breaking the Bedroom Apart
I moved to a new apartment that looked remarkably like one of my first apartments, except the rooms were much bigger. It was already furnished as well. A lot of my family came to look at the place and I allowed them in although I'm not all that fond of any of them. S moved in and she broke apart all of the bedroom furniture and dragged it outside. This angered me and at first I yelled at her and then I shrugged it off and said, "Okay. Just know I'm not buying you anything else after this." She said, "Fine, I never asked for this anyway." And after she said that I realized she hadn't asked for it. I had assumed it was what she wanted. I helped her drag the furniture out of the house.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon November 11, 2019, 08:01:01 PM
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 15, 2019, 11:41:34 PM
Will get back to posting here regularly, very soon.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 16, 2019, 08:18:04 AM
Back to baring my innermost soul in a public dream journal on an open forum.

*note for my own purposes*
New job. New path in life. Renewed desire to focus on personal dream goals.

Club Parents, Drowning Kid
Was with a group of people who very apparently did not care for their children. They all left their children alone at home while we hit the clubs. Somehow, I ended up in the house of the parents who said they left their toddlers home in the bath tub. I barged into the bathroom and saw one little kid shivering on the floor outside the tub. The other was floating face down in the tub. The water overflowed and the tap still ran. I pulled the little kid out of the water, held her upside down and smacked her on the back until the water gushed from her lungs. I laid the coughing and crying child on the floor by her sister and called 911. I wrapped the kids in towels and sat on the floor with them. I told them stories and sang them songs. I don't recall rescue ever arriving.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon December 16, 2019, 01:56:04 PM
Wow sounds like a stressful dream. I'm not surprised the authorities never arrived. Calling for help on a phone in dreams never seems to work out very well.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 16, 2019, 08:34:37 PM
True. I'm surprised the phone even worked. Usually I can't even get the damned thing to work in dreams. Perhaps the working cell phone is a symbol of some kind of progress, little as it is.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 17, 2019, 08:37:48 AM
I boarded a train but its occupants talked very loudly and obnoxiously. Most of them talked jibberish. I walked through the entire train looking for a decent spot to sit and couldn't find one so climbed atop the train to ride it. The ceiling of the train was clear and I could see all the jabbery people below. They reminded me of chickens packed into a shipping crate. Atop the train, the world flew past, wind whipped through my hair, and I sang. Can't remember what songs but I belted them out like there was no tomorrow.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon December 17, 2019, 05:11:45 PM
Well that turned out to be a nice dream. After you got away from the annoying crowd and found the perfect seat atop the train. I can imagine the singing. I don't sing in waking life, but there has been times in dreams where I just had to break out into song. And it's pretty awesome to sing and shout in dreams. I think it's because of the power and emotion behind the sound that has a stunning effect on the dream.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 18, 2019, 08:26:48 AM
Singing in dreams really IS an amazing experience. Especially when there is no restraint while belting out the song. Lucid sining is like magic.

I can't recall what this dream was about. I only remember trying repeatedly to properly read and say this word. It reminds me of Ojibwe language. Might have seen it or heard it in my travels.

Round & Round the Store
Shopping dream. I can't believe a dream was wasted on this topic. Me and someone else roamed around and around in circles in a shopping mall. Maybe it is like PTSD dreams, getting flashbacks of traumatic times in my life... last minute christmas shopping.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon December 18, 2019, 12:35:15 PM
I like dream malls though they are usually pretty fascinating. And for some reason I often end up parkouring through them.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Contratonics December 19, 2019, 10:37:29 PM
Dreams featuring difficult, unexpected words are a wild ride. Not many of my dreams feature terminology or linguistics in that way, so when that sort of thing pops up I've learned to pay attention.

Do you notice them coming around for you more often? I'd be curious if you've found any meaning or importance to them yourself.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 20, 2019, 01:29:37 AM
I must try to remember to parkour thru a dream mall. That sounds like so much fun, Caradon.

Contratonics, I've studied some languages and strange words pop up from time to time. I don't know what this word might be but the message i took from it was practicing pronouncing the vowels in the ways of different languages I've studied. I still think about it, running through the different vowel sounds as I say it.

Dreams for Dec 19th

Torture Teacher
A teacher who looked like Ashley punished a kid by shoving a toothpick or pin under his nail. This didn't register as something horrible until someone else mentioned its wrongness. I clued in. We called the police. I vowed to testify against the teacher. They put her on paid suspension and just moved er to a different department. We protested the decision. Nothing happened.

Inner Mountain
Climbed up the steep walls of the inside of a mountain. Passed through many caverns. Some had theatre seats, some levels had interior waterfalls. We got to the top of the inner mountain and immediately had to climb back down. It was tricker on the way down. Danny Devito was with us from time to time.

Unidentified Blocky Object
In a truck, driving in a desolate area, bright lights shone on the horizon. I joked it was UFO. The lights came straight for us. It WAS was a UFO. It looked sort of like a tipped over apartment building, large and angular with chunky parts jutting out of it. The driver sped up to escape but the craft caught up and hovered over us. The car almost shut off, the radio screen glitched. I immediately asked, “Are we missing time? Are we missing TIME!?" But we didn’t know. Our clock had reset. We sped home to check our bodies for strange marks that might signify we were abducted.

Pushing into the Past
We worked at finding a way to get back to the past. The closest we came was being able to ‘walk’ into the past but the world was like a hologram. The people of the past couldn’t see us. A guy with us was in love with a woman from the past. We found her but then could do nothing but watch as she was carried out of her castle and killed in public.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon December 20, 2019, 11:58:41 PM
Wow, cool dreams. Especially climbing the inner mountain. And Danny DeVito was there. :)

And more aliens... Did you read in the news recently, about the Navy admitting publicly about UFO encounters they were having? I wasn't sure what to think about that. 
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 21, 2019, 09:58:27 AM
Yeah! I heard about the UFO admission. Maybe it triggered some of the recent alien and UFO dreams. I think the alien dreams will always be with me. They started before I even knew what aliens were so they must represent something else. Or maybe I've been an abductee all my life.  :paranoid:

No recall yesterday.

The Hike
Hiked an unfamiliar forest alone. Picked up friends along the way somehow. We ended up outside a large prison yard. A person tried to escape but got caught hanging upside down on the barbed wire. She was shot once they found her. We just moved on. We were suddenly in snowy territory. I sat and rested by a frozen pond and watched a ferret try to catch birds. It dove under the crystal clear ice and tried to catch a rabbit hopping around on the bottom of the pond.

Strange Sister
I walked down the street with one of my co workers looking for a particular shop. We passed by a little blue station wagon that had the back hatch open. A black box sat on it, it flashed red, digitized numbers. It reminded me of a cops speed trap gun. Someone hid behind the box, it was my long lost (whos not actually long lost) sister. I called to her but she hid. We continued on, me thinking that I'd made a mistake. But a few minutes later she ran up behind me and talked with a strange accent. She offered me sunflower shaped cookies that were laced with weed oil. I bought one and asked where she had been. She didn't answer but pointed to markings on her face, like henna designs that stretched from her bottom lip down her neck and chest and disappeared behind her shirt. She walked away like that answered everything.

Shitty Time
I babysat a little kid who needed a diaper change. I took him back to the bedroom. Friends came with me and we chatted as I tried to change the child. As soon as I opened his diaper he began crapping. It didn't stop. It filled the diaper, I asked my friends to pass me the wipes and a new diaper but they just watched with amusement as I tried to contain the shitstorm. It got all over the kid, the bed, and me. At one point I almost puked. The entire rest of the dream all I did was clean up the crap and try to bathe it off the kid.

I can't believe I didn't reality check through any of that. :morecry:

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 22, 2019, 09:31:15 AM
Winter Solstice Dreams

Hotel Hopping
Went to several different hotels trying to hide from people who were following and trying to kill me. There were several hiding spaces and secret escape hatches, which was good for me. When the killers did catch up to me I stabbed them manically. The first two people I stabbed, I felt bad about. But after that I was angry and frustrated and stabbed my stalkers profusely.

Kayak Walk
Kayaked toward the land from the interior of a lake. The waves were massive, like in the scene from Rise of Skywalker. We got past them and onto a very calm, very clear river full of all shapes and sizes of fish. Sometimes we were walking, other times we were still kayaking. It was EJ I walked/kayaked with and we talked deeply.

Voice in my Enlarged House
I was awakened in the middle of the night by a voice. It yelled something but I can't remember what. I got up and crept around the house looking for the source of the yelling. I began calling out to the voice, asking who was with me and what they wanted. My house in this dream was my house but somehow a few stories high. There were a lot of places a ghost could hide.

*Note: This dream kind of echoed what happened just before bed. I was about to lay down and I heard a woman's voice in the other room. There was not supposed to be anyone else in the house. I crept out of bed and listened. Then I heard light clinking, like someone tapping on a cup. I crept to the kitchen, tapped my nail on the cups on the cupboard but they weren't the same sound. I went back to bed and as I lay there I saw a shadow zip out of view from the corner of my right eye. I was scared for a split second and then said, "I really need to sleep. If someone is here with me, just tell me now." Nothing happened.
*Post Note: I woke up with a bloody left eye today.  :um:

**Post Post Note: Someone told me, as soon as I ran into them, that he had a dream in which people were trying to shoot me. In his dream it ended up being a case of mistaken identity.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon December 23, 2019, 06:50:06 AM
Wow. That's weird and freaky...

For some reason the hotel dream reminded me of a documentary series I watched last year about a psychopath serial killer from back during the same time period of Jack The Ripper. The guy had literally built a hotel of death traps and secret passageways in Chicago.  I forget what his name was. It was like something out of some freaky horror movie.  And he would sometimes sell the bodies of his victims to science during a time when they didn't ask too many questions about where they were getting the bodies from.

In the documentary series they were trying to figure out and prove that he was or wasn't the same person as Jack The Ripper, just traveling to different locations as many people suspected.  But I didn't see the entire series so I'm not sure what the result of the investigation was.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 23, 2019, 08:22:40 AM
I watched that documentary. Also that was the same hotel that one in an American Horror Story season was based on. And I think that's the same hotel that a young woman went missing in. The last footage of her was an elevator video. She looked panicked and out of sorts. She just vanished without a trace. They finally found her in a water tank on top of the hotel. (I think, not 100% sure)

Work Wandering (first official new job dream)
I had to look for people and offices in the huge building that I worked in. I didn't know who most of the people were or where their offices were located so I mostly wandered around until i bumped into someone who I could ask for guidance.

There are other dreams. Hoping they will come back to me throughout the day.

Only recalled fragments.
-my toenails were really long and disgusting looking
-singing way out of tune at work

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon December 23, 2019, 11:22:51 PM
Cool you saw that, that was bizarre I had never heard of that before... The woman in the water tank I remember that.  I saw a supernatural horror movie that was based off of that too, I think. I think it was called "Dark water."

Cool the new work place dream. I'm hoping I get lucid in a work dream. I'm working at a different place than I used to as well. And I've not had a full blow lucid at the new place yet. ( I've been there a little over three years now.) I have a good working dreamsign though that I hope I can learn to catch. There is equipment with digital timers and every so often the power randomly goes out on them. And you look at the timer and it's blank and you go gah!... So of course, during stressful work dream moments, this is going to happen and has... So I'm always trying to remember to do a reality check when it happens in reality in hopes I might catch it in a dream sometime.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 24, 2019, 08:22:35 AM
Hope to have my first lucid work dream soon. I am very curious to see what will come at me. I didn't even think to reality check at work. Today's the day to start, it seems.

Old Apartment
Lived in one of my old apartments. It was clean, quiet, and dark. Kids were suddenly there snooping into everything. I opened the front door to tell the nieghbor to get her kids but eve more kids ran in. One kid grabbed a present and ripped it open. I don't even know where the present came from. Another little kid did nothing but swear. I sat in the kitchen and just watched a perpetual motion bird perched on a glass, dipping its beak in and out of the water. It reminded me of my deceased uncle. When I was very young he would take me for walks and we always stopped at a doughnut shop where one of those birds was on a shelf behind the counter. It always fascinated me. I miss my uncle.

Obscene Areosmith
A car full of us rode around at night. I explained to them a song that I liked by Areosmith. Someone scanned through the radio stations and on a faint, staticy one we could hear an Areosmith song. The scanner managed to tune in the song but it switched right away to another A song. It was sickeningly obscene, so disgusting that I swore I'd never listen to that band again. Later we tried to change the channel but it wouldn't. It wouldn't turn off either. We had to listen to the same horrible song over and over as we rode around. I forced myself to create another song, in my head, that was based on the lyrics of the repeating song so I didn't have to actually listen to the offending music.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 25, 2019, 11:23:47 AM
Good night of dreaming. Notes for now.

-Turquoise Owl
-Yarn dolls
-Cosplay restaurant
-Rape play
-Family trip to hotel
-TV & spontaneous orgasm
-Short lucid: Fox run
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 26, 2019, 12:46:00 PM
Drag Race
I was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race. I sneakily tried to sabotage the other contestants outfits or ideas.

I walked down a country road with a wagon full of thickly buttered bread slices. I stopped and poured course grain salt all over them and stirred them up. It was too much so I stood by the roadside scraping as much butter and salt as I could off of the bread. I eventually literally 'ditched' all the bread and moved on without them.

Two Apartment Apartment
Moved into a new apartment that I half hated. My door was connected the an apartment next door and it didn't lock fully. I walked into the closet by the front door, expecting a coat closet but instead it was the basement on the same level as the first floor. It looked like a straight up dungeon and it was haunted by a little girl to boot. I could see and talk with the little girl but no one else could. I told the girl she could stay in teh basement, even go outside but was not allowed into the main part of the house. I put salt down across the door to that closet basement. I went upstairs to discover another entire apartment which was brighter and lighter than the bottom one. It was still full of items from its last occupants. I decided to clean out the top and live there and maybe let one of my siblings live downstairs.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 27, 2019, 08:50:36 AM
Double Trailer Trip
My sister convinced me to go on a roadtrip southward with her family. They had two trailers that where hooked together in which to travel. The trailers were also rounded and looked more like liquid shipping trailers than live in trailers. We drove for while then stopped for gas. I climbed out of the top of the trailer and down the ladder on the side of it and headed for the bathroom. The trailers suddenly pulled out and left me standing there like a fool.

I didn't have a cell to call my sister. I went to a diner to use a phone but they didn't have one. I saw a phone booth down the street so went to that. I picked up the receiver and my cousin was already on the other end.  I asked her to text my sister to tell her I was abandoned at the gas station. She asked where I was. When I told her I didn't know, a guy who had been eavesdropping said, "You're in Hercule Oklahoma. You're amongst Herckies now." He seemed friendly enough, as did everyone else, but something felt wrong. I hung up and went to the diner to wait for my sister, reasoning that I would have to find a hotel and a room as a plan b.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 28, 2019, 10:26:33 AM
Band Battle
One of my favorite bands was being beaten out on air as well as in concert by a younger band that sounded exactly like them.

First House
I returned to my first childhood home. It was haunted back then. I just wanted to go back inside and see if it felt the same. The home renter let me in but the rooms had been switched around. It didn't feel the same as I remember it feeling. I ended up taking care of her baby that would't stop crying.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 29, 2019, 03:31:52 PM
Barely slept last night. Worried about a young family member.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 30, 2019, 08:19:14 AM
Old Neighbourhood
Walked around the neighborhood of a city I used to live in. There was a lot of snow which made walking sluggish. I saw my cousin cut through an alley and hop a fence as a short cut. I was about to do the same but she got threatened by a home owner. I walked all the way around and at the corner house there was a short but sprawling tree. I saw a geocache in the tree so signed it. Two guys came out let me use a pen to sign the second geocache there, then they put the geocache back.
I left, suddenly was walking with Shay. We went around the corner to where my first childhood home was. Instead of a little two story house there was a two story white house with four pillars out front. I wanted to go around to the side and into the back yard but Shay told me we shouldn't. Instead we looked for another geocache that was in the area. We found it. It looked like a test tube. The logbook was at the bottom and the rest of the tube was stuffed with sleeping bees. I took a photo and put the cache back. We continued walking around the town, visiting places I remembered from my childhood.

Biking Across the US
Joined a biking group to ride from coast to coast. I was more often driving through fields than on the roads.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon December 30, 2019, 05:51:54 PM
That would be a long bike ride. Sometimes I think that if there was a paved  bike trail all the way to my cabin I'd ride my bike there sometimes. Probably have to stop to camp along the way. It takes three hours by car.

I was thinking about you in a dream during my nap, it helped me to get lucid for a second I think. But I woke up before anything could come of it.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs December 30, 2019, 11:55:10 PM
I've considered riding cross country a few years ago. To ride across with a group of other bikers it was about 3000 dollars if I remember correctly. I think it's a desire that is still in me but I'm not a bike rider. To ride bikes in dreams is so nice, no effort, just rolling along like the wind.

Next time you dream about me, I'll jab you with my antlers and say, "You're dreaming, get with the program."  >:D

Got a late recall today. Was walking home and passed a pharmacy. A guy come out who looked sort of familiar. I didn't realize who it was until he called out in different language, "HELLO". We'd been in class together before. I yelled 'hello' back, then laughed because the dream came back to me,  Dream: me and that same guy ran into each other at a gathering. He came running over to me to say hello and I clothes lined him playfully. Is there is such a thing as a playful clothesline? He got up again and we started chatting in our language together.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 01, 2020, 10:51:52 AM
First dreams of the new decade(ish)! (notes)

New Old Home
Bought the old library building to change it into a business but then decided to turn it into apartments. The building changed into the old mansion apartment building I used to live in. Me and Shay tried to decide how to split it into bigger apartments. Shay wanted to live in the entire attic space. I wanted the entire top floor to myself because it had a big balcony. The rest of the house would be apartments. The first floor looked much like a courtroom and we decided to turn that area into an acting school and theatre.

The Carnival & Johnny Carson
Street Carnival/Sale. We walked down the busy street from tent to tent looking at the things being sold inside. Many of the tents sold wiccan items. Ended up at an abandoned building chatting with a group of strangers about old television shows. Johnny Carson came out of the building and shoo-ed us away. Most of the people didn't know who Johnny Carson was.

Hate House Party
At a house party and felt out of place because there was a lot of gossip and hateful speech. I couldn't figure out how I had gotten there... or why. I sat alone in a bedroom and practiced saying g to keep my mind in a good place. When my 'friend' finally came back in I started crying (lol) like a lost little kid who had finally found their parent. I told him I didn't want to be friends anymore and was done with humanity... then stormed out and walked home.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon January 02, 2020, 01:05:59 AM
You get the oddest people showing up in your dreams Danny DeVito now Johnny Carson. lol.

I've done a lot of all day biking.  But only on two occasions I went on over night trips with all the camping gear strapped to the bike. Once on a school trip as a teen. Another time it was just me, I didn't even know where I was going. I just had a map to where a place was that I was supposed to be able to camp out. A wilderness park way out somewhere. I rode most of the day trying to find it. Found it though I needed to call a park ranger to help me find the actual camp spot because it was pretty obscure. But that was the beauty of it. I guess I could have just camped anywhere at that point no one would have noticed but I wanted to be legal about it and camp in the designated place for it.

If you have a good bike they ride pretty well without a lot of effort. Well you can ride hard or casual, but they roll well.(Granted it's not windy and riding against the wind that always sucks...)  My bike  is kind of a mid range bike, I think. I've had it since like 1994 and had it rebuilt a couple of times. Same bike I've  taken  the dog riding with me on so many adventures. 
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 02, 2020, 08:43:33 PM
I don't even know why those two popped up in dreams. I haven't thought about them or even heard about them recently. Wonder who will be next?

I should nab a decent bike while I have a little extra money. I had a few years ago but it was a nightmare to pedal so I got rid of it and never biked again. I thought about trying my hand at skateboarding again tho. lol

Today, there was dream recall but I got up late and didn't write anything down. By the time I was at work the dreams were gone. Hoping maybe something will trigger a memory today. If so, I'll add it here later.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 03, 2020, 08:06:41 AM
Another 'New' House
I bought another large house. I liked the house a lot but it was in a bad neighborhood. I spent the first few days in the place with no furniture but a mattress on the floor. At night I would peep out the windows at all the stuff going on outside. E moved in with me at some point and took a room upstairs. I had a feeling the upstairs was haunted but I refused to be afraid.

Evil Board
I went to a board meeting where one of the women asked me to speak the opening. I started to and some of them started laughing at a mistake I made. I laughed at first but eventually got tired of them them focussing on my one little mistake. I got into a heated discussion with them about lateral violence and they had an elderly lady recite bible passages to try keep me quiet. (I think they were trying to exorcise me)

Lucid Dream: The Elements (1st LD of the New Year)
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 04, 2020, 11:42:11 AM
Cooking With Kit
A nutritionist was giving lessons on how to cook pre contact foods. She kept putting butter into the recipes and I kept objecting that butter was not a traditional food. No one cared so I went and did dishes instead.

Trees Down
Picked up some young cousins from an old friend of mine's house. Every little while on the road a tree had fallen across. Most were small enough to drive over but we came to one that must have been hundreds of years old. It was immovable and we couldn't drive over it. We abandoned our truck and climbed over the tree to continue on our way.

Track Pix
I took action photos of a bunch of little race cars on a raised and muddy race track. It was a mess but I got some amazing shots.

Mini RC Toys
Found a box of mini remote control transformer like vehicles. I tried one, a sent a dump truck driving across the floor, it lifted off the ground and changed into a little airplane/helicopter. I gathered up as many of the toys as I could and went for a walk, leaving them around town for others to find and keep.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 05, 2020, 10:24:46 AM

Strange City & Storm
Me and some family stayed in a hotel. The place was strange, doorways high up on walls where they couldn't be reached. We had to use a staircase that became narrower and eventually ended which made us have to press against the wall and stretch our foot across to the ledge where our door was, and pull ourselves across. I tired of this and found a different but longer way to our floor. Went outside at some point and saw a storm brewing. A woman and I watched the clouds sink and a column of cloud slowly reached down and enveloped a building. I thought it was a tornado at first but it didn't rotate, just slowly swallowed the building. It rain came and the woman laid on the ground and closed her eyes. I remembered I was supposed to learn the water song, if I knew it I might be able to stop this odd storm. I ran back inside to see if anyone could teach it to me.
-Reality check during storms-

Renovation at my Grandmother's
At my grandmothers little old house I cleaned the inside while two guys fixed up the outside. Think I was going to move in because in my mind I was making plans to plant a small garden and a food forest for generations to come.

Birthday Drinks
Was at a bar and people kept buying me drinks and singing happy birthday though it wasn't my birthday. I sipped on the first drink, it tasted like fruit infused water so I finished it off. I refused to drink the others and handed them out, singing happy birthday to whoever accepted the drink.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 06, 2020, 07:40:05 AM
Note: Took melatonin to ensure I got a good night sleep prior to work

School & Laundry
Gave someone a ride to school in a different city. Halfway to the city I remembered that I was supposed to get up and do laundry at 6am. The driver was going to turn around so I could go back but I told them no, it's okay. I'd figure something out. I woke up shortly after, it was 5:36 and laundry was on my mind. So I got up and did it.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon January 06, 2020, 02:13:52 PM
Yes always RC during storms or if you see freaky looking  clouds in the sky. I usually forget that in dreams too. I have gotten lucid during storm dreams but it's been pretty rare for me.

I've done laundry in dreams because of having it on my mind before...
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 07, 2020, 08:45:22 AM
Laundry was on my brain that night but I was too lazy to do it. I should have had better things on my mind.

Supernatural Con
Went to a convention based on the Supernatural show. Each character had his or her own booth. Don't know why but I was hanging out by Misha's (Castiel) booth the most. At another point I caught Jared (Sam) carrying pizzas into the building so helped him.

Aunt's Movie
There was a lot of getting onto and off of busses that kept taking me to the same place, a narrow street at the foot of a hill. I got out and noticed my aunt was filming a movie. Down the street was a parade that seemed to be a Star Wars & Pride Parade combined.

note: I fell alseep very early last night. I didn't want to but thought that if I was so tired I might be able to pull off a WILD. Didn't work.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 09, 2020, 08:20:24 AM
Lucid Dream the night before: Rey & the Babies

Last night:

Booklet Production
I designed a booklet full of info about where I work. I had hoped to hand it out at events but my supervisor didn't think the booklets were a good idea, and they were also a waste of paper. I told them I would create a digital version instead

Dino Dance
Part of a crowded dance class that had confusing and frustrating dance moves. I didn't understand why I was there. The ending of the dance had me dancing with an inflatable dinosaur.

Electric Spots & Wonky Clock
Random spots would erupt with little threads of what looked like lightning. I think something was trying to come through, something from a different time. I noticed too that the clock was odd. It was a slice of tree trunk. The arm would fold oodly somewhere between 10 and 12 and there were less than 30 seconds in a minute. This made me wonder if there were less than 60 minutes in an hour as well. If there were, that meant we were telling time all wrong, which was the main reason we can't time travel.

Language App
People in my class all had a language app and I couldn't download it because my ipod was too old.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 10, 2020, 08:03:03 AM
I talked to someone about certain sections of the speech I recite. They asked what certain words meant and I couldn't recall some of them.
note: tried to remember exactly what some of those words meant but couldn't break them down properly. Must start studying again.

Cops Called
A guy wanted me to call the police on him so he could turn himself in. I called and they sent a swarm of police who beat up the guy, and about three others who were in the vicinity. I couldn't tell if the guy had been shot or tazered but he wasn't moving on the ground. I was angered and yelled at the police but they didn't care about what I had to say

RDJ & Two Ways
Hiking at night we came to a tall cliffside. At the top was a guy who came leaping down cliff like a mountain goat, on barely there ledges. It was Robert Downey Jr. We were all headed to the same place and he asked us to accompany him but we didn't. We went opposite ways, to meet somewhere later.

Bear Tent
A giant bear erected a tent to hibernate in over winter. it reminded me that winter is supposed to be a time of rest and regeneration. I tried to think of ways I could hibernate in a human way.

Kit Talk
Ran into Kitty who had become a child care assistant. We talked for a long time about the importance of food as medicine until people interrupted us, seemingly trying to keep us from conversing. I left.

Fragment about doing something at work, in a meeting discussing things.

New Forum
I stared an online forum. Can't remember what the topic was. It wasn't about dreaming though, is what I do know. It kept getting locked by an organization that used the eagle symbol of the United States. I had to keep answering questions to reopen the forum. I hated that they were using the eagle symbol, a symbol that was stolen from an important historical story of the Native Americans/First Nations of the Americas, to oppress me.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 11, 2020, 12:25:05 PM
-A guy who cooked good catfish was selling catfish nuggets and fries happy meal style
-riding a snow mobile through the woods

Note to me. 4:30 this morning a niece showed up at my door, soaking wet and shivering. She said her sister had kicked her out of their father's house. I let her in, gave her a blanket, told her to warm up and try get some sleep on the couch. We'd figure stuff out in the morning. I didn't get to sleep until after my 6am alarm went off. This affected my eventual dream.

Father Hunting
A couple of my nieces, they were younger in dream than they are in actuality, and I drove around searing for their father. I was angry with him and ready to punch him the eff out if I had to. We stopped at many different places trying  to find him. I mentioned to the girls (who had been adopted by a nice lady when they were babies) that they should go back to their real home and patch things up with their adoptive mom instead of choosing to stay with their abusive biological father. Family are the people who care about and help you, not the ones who hinder and hurt you. We talked for a long time and I eventually drove the girls to their adoptive mother's house. She was so happy to see them. I still wanted to punch their dad out and would if he started with me but decided to not let him have that power over me any further. If his daughters could step away from him, so would I. I refused to complicate things with my anger.

I think this dream was me working out my feelings about the girl, her biological family, and even about myself because I never knew my father. I also had to take a huge step away from most of my biological family because they are hurtful and try to hinder me, as well as each other, as much as possible. I think it was a reminder to myself that family is a concept that goes beyond biology.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 16, 2020, 02:06:09 AM
Jan 15th: Lucid Dream!!! Giant, Storm, & Star Search
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 18, 2020, 11:29:23 AM
Jan 16 & 17, fragmented recall.


Sneaking into a Baseball Game
I lost track of two kids I was baby sitting. I saw a baseball game nearby so went over and asked if anyone had seen the two kids. People had seen them inside so I sneaked into the game by way of the kitchen and then into the stadium. The game ended as I started looking around.

Family Photos
Someone was trying to arrange family photos but couldn't round up everyone into one location for the pictures.

Studying Language
I'd let my language study slip so began devoting 2 hours a day after work to studying the grammar portions.

City Shooter
I went to a city I used to live in. A shooter walked down the sidewalk shooting anyone. I ducked into an inlet that led into a store but the door was locked. It was too late to move so readied myself for a fight when the shooter came by. But someone unlocked the shop doors to let me in. We hid inside but the shooter, himself now looking for shelter, tried to shoot and bust his way into the shop to hide. Me and the shop owner took an dumbwaiter to the next floor and there discovered two girls tied to a bed. We untied them, gave them out jackets for cover, and went up to the next level. On the third floor the others watched as the cops and the shooter had a shoot out. I called the police to tell them we were in the building, and also we had found two battered girls who had been tied up in a dungeon. We waited for the authorities to find us.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon January 18, 2020, 05:54:31 PM
I've had those shooter dreams before. That sounded kind of scary.

Do you baby sit a lot in reality? It seems a theme in your dreams.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 19, 2020, 09:55:48 AM
I hate shooter dreams. They're not quite nightmares but they're up there. I should have reality checked during that. I'm supposed to reality check when I'm fearful.
I used to baby sit a lot, not so much anymore. They're so defiant and picky now. I'm all for a kid speaking her or his mind and using 'I' statements but they usually do it in the most disrespectful ways.
I actually did watch a baby that night tho, my nephew. Think he's 6 months old. I come from a big family and have 25 nieces and nephews so far so yep, babysat a LOT in the past.
But on another note, I think the dream kids are typically me trying to keep an eye on my bratty inner child, most of the dreams are this:
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 19, 2020, 10:07:46 AM
Note: Day 3 of JM on LS

Craft Class
Was in a class trying to put together crafty stuff but they kept falling apart. I was first angry that I couldn't do it. Then I was ashamed for being angry. And at one point I just cried. People tried to console me but I told them to please leave me alone.

Plane Working
Was on an airplane with some family. In flight I tried to work on a project but the volume on my laptop wouldn't turn down which annoyed others on the plane. No matter what I did I couldn't get the volume to lessen. (device fail, should have reality checked)

Boiling Over
In a kitchen there was a giant stove full of cooking food. Most of the pots were boiling over. I watched as someone continually tried to put covers on all the pots but they kept getting boiled off the pots again. I yelled, "Turn the heat down!" several times and was ignored.

Cheesy Adventure TV Show
Watched a show about these people on worldwide adventures trying to act like they were out in the middle of nowhere all the time. You could see hints of civilization in the background of some of the shots, cars passing in the background through what was supposed to be impenetrable jungle, stuff like that. I thought if this dumb show can get picked up, I should be able to create something just 'as good' to be picked up by some production company.

Lucid: I remember successfully reality checking several times in a dream but I can't remember the dream. Hoping it will come back to me at some point today.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 20, 2020, 08:17:34 AM
Interdimensional Travel with Bill Nye
A very long and strange dream where I was shown to different dimensions by Bill Nye. I didn't think to reality check once but maybe that's for the better. I think the crazy dream was simply a much needed escape from all the stress lately.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 21, 2020, 08:53:15 AM
2nd Line House
Was at my a place we used to visit on 2nd Line (its not there anymore). GH and DH moved in. D had an outdooor workout space which he didn't use. I tried talking to him but ended up running off with a bunch of kids who were running about. I think I changed into a child

Exploding Acorns
Found a tree with giant acorns. One of them had split at the bottom and a bunch of seeds popped out. My mother touched the seeds and the whole acorn popped open, spraying milkweed like seeds everywhere. I touched an acorn and it did the same thing. It was magical like being surrounded in a cloud of shimmering seed fluffs.

Pups Came Back
The pups we just sold off ended up back at my house. Their mom was so happy to see them I didn't have the heart to separate them again. But I also couldn't afford to take care of all four of them. later I noted taht every time they ate, they threw it up again.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon January 21, 2020, 04:32:11 PM
I often still feel like a kid in my dreams or at least a teen. But then I don't feel like my age in waking life either. Still just the same kid I've always been, more or less.
Except being more of a homebody than wanting to go hang out and party with friends all the time like I used to.   
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 22, 2020, 08:24:47 AM
I don't think I'm ever my waking age in dreams either. I never stop to check but I'm pretty sure of it. I wonder if age checks in dreams could be used for something.

Flooded School
My school flooded but we were given the option to go home or stay. I was determined to make my teacher work and was going to stay but overheard him on the phone talking to his kids. I went out to catch the bus, missed it, and had to find a ride home. There was coffee in the bathroom. And some girl trying to bully me. I just laughed at her and kept telling her to try kick my ass if she was going to.

Roof Pets
I had a kitten and puppy. The kitten climbed a tree which bent backward and flung the cat onto the roof. The dog jumped until it ended up on the roof too. I called someone to come get them down. I think the trees in my dream were aware and alive. (should have reality checked, could have gotten my convo with a tree dream goal accomplished)

Started with me in a group of people. I saw a guy I used to hang out with in high school. For some reason we hated each other. The guy's dad kept trying to patch things up between us. I joined a parade with a lacrosse team. When they ran, I tried to run faster to show my ex friend that I was still in tip top shape. I don't think he cared. The parade turned into a protest march. I felt most were just there to get on the news. I started an instagram page to document all the protest pix and vids I was taking lately.

Crystal Heart House
I bought a new house. The upper level made no sense lay out wise. There was a steep hill in the room which I tried to figure out how to turn into a bedroom. The walls were riddled with ant holes. The ceiling had disappeared and all the bared beams lead to the center of the room There was a platform there. I jumped up and saw a big pulsating crystal that I knew was the heart of the house. I couldn't tell if it was evil or neutral or something good.

Alarm Won't Shut Up
I think this is a continuation of the above dream. My ipod alarm was going off. I try everything to shut if off but it won't. 'I should reality check,' I tell my companion. "That's a good idea," she said. I reality checked, but only half heartedly because I knew that if I was dreaming i was hearing my wake up alarm, which means I'd have to wake up.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 24, 2020, 09:24:52 AM
Jan 23

Recalled dreams when waking at 6. DIdn't write them down and lost them.
Do remember an HI of a claymation looking jaguar.

Jan 24
Crumbling Mountain & Filth
Me and some kid walked along in a clear stream and climbed up a waterfall on a crumbling mountain. We came to the cave from which the water came from, walked through it and on the other side was a city. We had hoped for more wilderness, and I realized the waterfall was probably city water run off being redrected into the pristine wilderness from which we had just come. We left through the cave again with the intention of blocking the, now filthy, waterfall. We couldn't climb back down, the mountain had become too crumbled. It tipped over and we both fell into a large pool of sewage. We climbed out and I found many others were struggling to get out of the filth. I helped some. I found a thin baby just laying on the ground. I picked her up and carried her to a shower station (which had suddenly appeared) and washed her off.

Bus & Cathy Bates
On a bus full of rowdy international students. I got off the bus and went to a hoardery looking house in which cathy bates lived. I climbed on a ladder against a tree and waited for her to come out. I brushed my hair, 30 times on each side, while waiting. A dog peed on the ladder leg and the ladder began disintegrating. I climbed down and rummaged through the junk around the house. Cathy eventually came out, miserable looking. "Good Morning Sunshine!" I yelled at her. She gave me the finger and told me I was lucky she was out of ammo. She went back inside. I started cleaning up her yard.

The struggling and filth dreams speaks to me. I feel like I'm stuck there at that sewage pool pointlessly trying to help people who could be saved if only they just reached out for me to lift them out a little bit.

Also, the confusion and clutter and chaos of the bus and the house speak loudly. I remembered being atop the ladder brushing my hair, upon waking. Brushing of the hair is symbolic in my culture, brushing out the mess of the mind. I think my subconscious is telling me I need to slow down and tend myself. Also feel like CB represents my sister and all her hoarded emotional baggage that she refuses to part with. I can be as supportive and as positive as I want but its not going to even begin to put a dent in cleaning out and cleaning up the horror stories of her life. It makes me think maybe I should suggest a cultural approach, even though neither of us are particularly religious or cultural.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 24, 2020, 10:52:41 PM
Just making a note that the recent near tragedies in my life have thrown off my dreaming focus. Today, as I listened to a lunch and learn about the winter ceremonies, I realized just how far I'd fallen off track. I think the talk came along just in time because it reminded me how important the winter ceremonies are, our 'new year', and how everything lines up on earth and in the heavens. Now is a very sacred time for being thankful for all that creation has given to us and to ask that all of creation continues to provide for us. It is also the time of the dreaming ceremony which is rarely practiced anymore. I intend to put extra focus on dreaming over the next few weeks, especially tonight, the night of the new moon, the best time to plant seeds, ideas, dreams.
Happy New Year! May this new cycle of life bring with it dreams of weirdness, wonder, and wisdom.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 25, 2020, 11:57:52 PM
I could not sleep so sat up devising a plan of action for my dreaming in the next few days. I recited. I meditated. I visualized. I attempted to WILD. No success with the WILD but I felt very confident falling asleep that I will achieve my goals.

My first goal is to hunt. I am in search of sustenance either in the form of food or knowledge.
I did not have a hunting dream last night but had this.

I watched a kitten. It was light grey with lighter grey stripes. It was stalking and I remember thinking I should mimic the way it stalks, the low crouch, the quick move and freeze and watch, move and freeze and watch. I didn't see what the kitten was stalking because I was too busy trying to mimic it. There was more to the dream before this but I can not recall it now.

: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 26, 2020, 09:48:57 AM
Super Force
Was a member of Super Force (like Justice League I guess). I had this a 'super power' to about a dozen invisible arrows (kind of like Yondu's arrow from Guardians of the Galaxy). They were always with me and I couldn't even see them but I knew they were there. I controlled them with my mind so I had to work hard to keep my thoughts under control. At some point Aquaman annoyed me and I shot an arrow through his shoulder which flew him backward and pinned him to the wall. He couldn't pull the arrow out. Only I was able to pull the arrow out. The rest of the Super Force applauded that Aquaman was stuck. I got up and left.

Hide & Seek with the Gods
May be attached to the above dream. I was on Mount Olympus and I could not remember the Gods' names', except for Posiedon. Instead of saying their names I would motion with my hand to catch their attention during a meeting. When I left the meeting I was followed by two other gods who were all serious talk until a beautiful dark haired woman happened by. They got into a conversation about how she was the epitome of womanliness. I carried on. I came to the ocean where Posiedon (a child) and other godlings were playing hide and seek. They invited me to join. I did.

Delivering Words
I was part of a team making a presentation on cultural stuff for a non Native crowd. They weren't interested in what we were saying and it was just plain pissing me off. I had to keep reminding myself that I had to keep my temper under control, I was representing an organization. At the end, I thought everyone would walk out but they stayed. I sat on a rotating round platform and continued to talk. Then I went to each person one by one and delivered a word to each, and explained what it meant.

Delivering Food
I was a restaurant delivery driver and had a hard time finding a particular address. The food I had was getting cold and I was getting upset that I couldn't find the address. I stopped to visit my cousin and at some point the guys there stole the food delivery. I chased them down and tried to get the food back and then thought, "I'll just buy some more. This is too much hassle for a box of fries." I hopped in my car and began the long journey home.

And had a lucid dream: The Red Truck & The Long Road (Bear & Two Foxes)
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 27, 2020, 06:49:10 PM
Woke up late and lost my dreams. I do have fleeting recall of cats and something about singing.
I shall get myself to be on time tonight and shut off all devices half an hour before I venture into dreams.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs January 29, 2020, 11:05:53 PM
Jan 28th

Barely recall. I do remember a portion of a dream, think I was at church.  The man sitting next to me had a massive clump of dog crap stuck to his shoe.

Jan 29th

Another night of spotty recall. I think it's due to me sleeping in a place that I don't normally sleep. I remember fragments
-Birds singing, starlings I believe, and sounding like musical instruments
-At my grandmother's house, don't remember what I did but recall the scent of lilacs was powerful.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs February 01, 2020, 09:55:38 AM
30th no good recall. On top of other things our cat is in heat and waking me up every little while meowing like she's dying.  :dead:


An afternoon nap dream
Me and someone else made plans to travel outside of the 'known' territory or something. Everyone told us not to go, it was dangerous, we don't know what's on the other side, etc. We went anyway. We left the town and drove along until sunset. I had a feeling we had to go south east-ish so we went. We came to a dark patch of stormy sky. Tornados formed all around. I thought to RC but was too busy keeping an eye on the sky. As the storm thinned out we we passed under a rainbow and into a paradise like sunny land. To the left of us was a wide blue river and on the other side of that was a cliff along which a dazzling array of waterfalls spilled over into the river. When we turned and looked back at where we had come through, it was still dark and gloomy. We debated on moving on into the light filled world but I felt obligated to drag people out of the gloom, against their will if need be, to catch a glimpse of the paradise we found.

I have been tired and distracted lately, struggling daily to find the silver linings in life. It seems like everyone around me has settled for the apparent gloom and misery that they live in. I'm not the happy go luckiest person in the world my own self but I am trying to move forward. This dream reminded me of that. Do I keep moving forward even without them or do I keep going back and trying to save them.

Feb 1st

Cat kept waking me up again. I could not even sleep in this morning, about every half an hour she yowls through the house till I get up and chase her to the other side of the house. Result, sketchy dream recall became lost dreams. I did get lucid though many times but at a low level.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs February 02, 2020, 10:33:58 AM
Work Home or Home Work?
My job and my childhood home were mixed into one. All the supervisors lived and worked in the livingroom. The rest of us worked in the bedroms or the dining room. I was suddenly sick, coughing and sneezing up the most wretched coloured green I had ever beheld. I thought to go home because the I didn't want to get the older workers sick. But I couldn't afford to leave, so i tried to hide it.

Movie Reviewing
A bunch of us sat around reviewing movies we'd made. I was standing at one point, instensely interested in the movie but then it turned into bible talk and I sat back down to ignore it.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Caradon February 04, 2020, 07:22:19 PM
Interesting how locations get blended together like that. It happens to me sometimes too. Funny about the bible talk movie.
: Re: Wedajihs: From Dusk till Dawn
: Wędajihs February 12, 2020, 05:39:21 PM
It's interesting but I'd rather them stay separate.

Been journalling, just haven't had the time to add them all here. No lucid dreams to report yet this week. HOping to update that journal before the weekend is over.

Will add last night's dreams.

Falling Curtains
It was night, I kept trying to hang curtains but they kept falling or were just not wide enough to cover the entire window. I was trying to make it look like I wasn't home.

Face Worms
People broke out in a rash that turned into puffy honeycomb shapes. Long thin white worms would come out of the honeycombs.

Med Students
I was

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: Wędajihs February 14, 2020, 01:52:18 AM
UFO Drops
Saw an H shaped UFO at night. Scene abruptly changed to bright daylight. Many of us were caught up in a house that was like a maze. The house had no roof. The UFOs were materializing objects over our heads to drop on and kills us. If we saw electrical sparks above someone's head we knew something was about to materialize and drop. It was a random batch of items too, fridges, stoves, chairs, cups, tires, parts of walls, sometimes swarms of knives would appear and drop onto the person below them. Once, a person did not move quick enough and about 15 sharp knives of various sizes rained onto her. She fell to the ground screaming. I could do nothing for her and I hated those UFOs. But there was nothing we could do. If we stood our ground we would die. And we were too busy being kept in a panic to formulate any kind of counter attack.

Can not believe that I didn't reality check once throughout the above dream. Was too frantic and trying to save people to think to reality check. Next time. UFO=RCImmediately!

Mini Baby
At a family gathering with lots of children there. Someone asked when I would have children. I told them never. I could never bring a child into this effed up world. My mother had a bunch of babies with her. She conveniently left one behind that I had to care for. He was very tiny, like a doll. He also didn't look quite human. I can't explain how he wasn't human, I just knew he wasn't. I took care of hims as best I could.
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: Wędajihs February 14, 2020, 11:09:26 PM
Hot Day & Dogs
Walking around in the neighbourhood, I was sweating and miserable. I mentioned to a passing by guy about the heat. He stopped and complained about it with me. I continued on and was attacked by a dog every few houses. Ran into a large three legged dog which I punched out when it lunged at me. Then I felt bad. I hurried home.

Shots Down the Street
Living in my old childhood ghetto-y neighbourhood. Shots were fired down the street. I quickly closed the curtains and locked the doors. I was certain the shooter was going to burst into my house so I armed myself and waited.

Fragment: I was very ill and made myself some fresh ginger tea with honey.

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: Wędajihs February 15, 2020, 11:53:56 AM
Finding the Stage
With a group, had to find a stage where we were to do a presentation. We could not find stage entrance, it was hidden. Finally got there and the stage and seats were old and falling apart. I didn't understand why we had to present in this place. Will Smith and other 90s celebrities were there as well.

UFO Detector
I created a UFO Detector but it also picked up drones. When I finally worked out how to exclude drone detection, I found a small UFO that lured me into a dead end alley and kept flying over me, scanning me.

One Radio Station
At my grandmothers with some co-workers. Most left. The one that stayed made herself at home and at some point I fell asleep on the couch. I awoke and my co worker was already awake. I realized I had been a horrible host, no room, bed, or blanket to sleep on. She seemed irritated by the music on the radio so I tried to change it. There was only one radio station spread across all the channels. I pulled the radio apart trying to figure out why.

Lucid Dream: Planets, Trains, Automatic Singing
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: Caradon February 19, 2020, 12:03:35 PM
Yesterday I was watching kind of a dumb badly done movie about an alien invasion. Someone in the movie said something about drones which brought back some recall of a dream I had forgotten all about. there was a random drone flying around me outside of my house in the dream. Cool that you had a UFO detector.