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: My Castles in the Air
: Wędajihs May 14, 2019, 07:33:06 PM
A place I might put goals but mostly just starting this thread to move the spam off the site's landing page.
: Re: My Castles in the Air
: Caradon June 29, 2019, 08:20:25 PM
It's a good idea. My main goal once I get things going again is to get back into my in dream thought control experiments that I was just getting started on before I let things fall apart.  In between having other kinds of fun that is. I miss flying for one thing. That feeling when you are just rising up higher and higher over a beautiful dream city or landscape. And have to practicing honing my telekinesis skills a bit. Because it's the best super power there is and so many different ways to use it in dreams.
: Re: My Castles in the Air
: Wędajihs December 26, 2019, 07:06:04 PM
Updating here because I've sort of reached some goals. They are not concrete (or I guess easy) achievements and have varied from dream to dream, but they have been completed to more or lesser degrees.

One of my main goals was to be able to recite a full 'item' while lucid. DONE.
I want to be sure that said item is firmly stashed in my subconscious. I feel that is DONE.
I wanted to use said item to take a more thorough look at the dream scene. DONE.
I wanted to see what would happen, if anything, by reciting said item. DONE.
I wanted to see if something deep dreamy would happen during or after the recital. Still waiting for this one.

I will keep reciting when lucid. I will attempt first to say the long version and if I can not, I will say the shorter version. So far it's been a struggle saying either version smoothly. But when I wake from a lucid in which I said either version I feel an unexplainable sense of pride. I think I will have to start rating the ease with which I can recite while lucid and keep track of the situations in which I can speak with ease. I might hit a method that will help me to keep my lucid goals closer to the forefront of my mind while in mid dream.