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: Adventurers?
: Wędajihs August 22, 2019, 01:59:26 PM
Does anyone out there want to try make it to a dream meeting place sometime soon? We could choose an already listed place or figure out a new one. I'd like to start on the new moon, August 30th. I was told by elders that the best time to start growing anything is during a new moon, be it seeds in planting season, ideas or goals, and some even say its the best time to conceive a baby, or even something as simple as trimming hair at a new moon will make it grow faster. I don't know if any of it is true but many cultures have moon ceremonies for one reason or another. Perhaps it's time for dreamers to have their own? I'm ready to set off on the new moon towards a new or common dream goal. If you want to join in, or suggest a place, let me know. We've got a few days to plot potential courses.

I just saw on the Psiber Dreaming Conference site that a Harvard psychologist is holding a new moon dreaming workshop based on the same beliefs as tribal cultures, some of which I mentioned above. Serendipity?
: Re: Adventurers?
: Caradon October 28, 2019, 06:53:46 AM
Between focusing on DV tasks of the month and Deep Dreaming tasks I got more than burnt out and fed up with always having some kind of forum task to perform. For me it takes away from the spontaneous freedom of dreams that I love so much. So I don't have a lot of interest in that kind of thing anymore.  But having said that if I ever get things back on track again to the point of frequency of lucidity I'll consider trying sometime if it feels right in the moment.     
: Re: Adventurers?
: Caradon November 08, 2019, 02:27:01 PM
I was looking at places/photos in China wondering if I ran away and went there if the monks of some remote temple would take me in.

Some amazing and beautiful places. Maybe trying to visit some remote Chinese temple in a lucid dream would be a good one. Maybe even visit with the monks there.
: Re: Adventurers?
: Wędajihs December 14, 2019, 02:26:37 PM
Been away for a bit, yeah, but jumping back into it online soon.
I agree, all the different tasks and challenges from different groups can get overwhelming.

But this one would be more than just a challenge or task. It would flow with the dance of the solar system, the universe, instead of being dictated by a calendar. Something deeper, ceremonial, even sacred. The goal wouldn't necessarily have to be a particular location but rather experiencing some form of enlightenment via dreaming. I have traditional cultural techniques I've been experimenting in my own dreams and have had interesting results. I mean to buckle down and get some 'real' dreaming done soon in the hopes of compiling my experiences into something that might be useful for other dreamers looking for cultural type experiences, maybe as a springboard into more meaningful dream experiences and potential healing (I'm Native American/First Nations/Indigenous) just fyi. If anyone has cultural dream aspirations of their own maybe we could team up and see where our respective paths lead us.

I may change the name of the thread to something more meaningful soon.