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: 2019 Role Call
: Wędajihs August 22, 2019, 10:16:38 PM
Wondering how many mortals are still moving about within or upon the fringes of the mist.
Who is active?
Who is lurking?
Who is in the mood for a lucid dreaming revival?
: Re: 2019 Role Call
: Wintermute August 23, 2019, 11:25:41 AM
I'm actively lurking, I guess?
I have a bad habit of trying to get into things and then having it peter out... only to become interested in it again somewhere down the line.

At the moment I'm trying to decide which LD forum to focus my attention on. MM has a special place in my heart because its where I was the most active and the people were wonderful (plus I recorded my first lucid dream here too), but now they are mostly gone and the spam just makes it feel like a lost cause. DV is more active I think and was the other forum I spent time on but the ads are no better than spam. LD4ALL seems like a nice place though. I just wish I knew where most of the people I recognised have gone to. Are there any other forums worth mentioning?

: Re: 2019 Role Call
: Wędajihs September 03, 2019, 06:49:31 PM
Is the forum method of interacting with people way out of date or is there just not an interest in dreaming anymore?
I have not looked at other types of dreaming groups, I know there are some on facebook but I detest fb with a passion. Is there a more modern or better way to interact online with people who share interests?
: Re: 2019 Role Call
: Emerald Wolf September 04, 2019, 05:08:09 AM
Forums as a form of internet communication is definately not dead. The evolution of social media may have deprecated them in the eyes of some (likely newer generations) to a certain extent, but I know of at least some instances where they are still being used on a daily basis as a means of interaction for groups of people sharing interests.

The problem in Mortal Mist's case is likely more due to the fact that Lucid Dreaming is a fairly niche topic of interest, the fact that it has low visibilty among Lucid Dreaming forums and the large-scale abandonment of its long term members (the fact that no moderators are around to periodically remove the spam being a case in point). To be fair the other forums are also a lot more quite than they used to be but the state of disuse is more pronounced here.

For what its worth though I intend to stick around here as long as I can now that I have my account back... like I said this place still has a special place in my heart (and it doesn't hurt that I have a soft spot for bittersweet endings)
: Re: 2019 Role Call
: Wędajihs September 05, 2019, 11:44:02 AM
Hello Emerald Wolf. I hope the forum stays around. It would be a shame to lose all the dreaming information, discussions, and lucid experiences logged here. I had wondered if it was possible to transfer info from this forum to a new one? Is that legal? Would someone have to go article by article and get permission? Also, I don't know about running forums so I don't know if creating a new forum based on an old forum is even doable... or worth it. I was kind of thinking about the forum as an old, classic car. It can be moved, maybe gutted, reassembled, and made to look and work better than it ever has. Would something like that with the forum be possible? I know at the very least that starting a forum from absolute scratch is daunting. But if we had something to build off of, it might not be so painful. It was just a thought I had as i walked around a classic car show the other day.  :)

: Re: 2019 Role Call
: Caradon October 25, 2019, 12:47:42 PM
I'm still back, just slipped a bit. But I need to get things figured out. But still not sure how much I'll be able to type. My wrists have been good and I don't want  to mess it up.  But we'll see.

As far as activity I don't mind, even kind of like that it's a quiet forum since I don't have a lot of time anyways and I'm just trying to find motivation to even write dreams down and stay focused on them.

I'm just doing my own thing on a quiet corner of the internet. And if whoever is running it eventually shuts it down, I guess I'll  just figure something else out after that.     
: Re: 2019 Role Call
: Wędajihs December 16, 2019, 08:53:55 PM
Do people actually click on that stuff? lol
Feel free to delete this whole thread if you want Caradon, just to get that trashy post outta here.
: Re: 2019 Role Call
: Caradon January 06, 2020, 08:25:28 PM
Do people actually click on that stuff? lol
Feel free to delete this whole thread if you want Caradon, just to get that trashy post outta here.

I hope not.

I was browsing and just realized that spam was still here in this thread. I had forgotten about that one. No need to remove the entire thread I can just remove the post, and edited out the links as well. Except some links were in the signature I'm not sure how to get rid of. I'm going to check it out in the dumpster and see if I can get the links out of the sig too. Edited my previous post to pretend it wasn't here and I didn't comment on it.

Been doing somewhat better since I made that post.