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: Contratonics' Dream Journal
: Contratonics December 19, 2019, 07:03:26 AM
Current Goals:
-Recall exercises
-Dreamsign updates
-Testing new RCs
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: Contratonics December 19, 2019, 07:37:48 AM

Two fragments.

First, I was one person among a group of friends who had recently suffered a loss. Several exotic plants were in need of new owners, and I was familiar with them enough to show the others the basics of taking care of them. We brought them into the kitchen of the Bu West house for that.

Each plant looked like a pile of thick moss in a shallow oblong pot about as long and wide as my forearm. The mosslike top layer of the plant could be partially peeled back, exposing dense cilia on the underside and a variety of different morphs beneath depending on the individual plant. One was bushlike with thin winding branches that would need regular trimming. Another was a cluster of pointy seed pods. A third, being handled by a co-worker from waking life, resembled thick violet dandelion flowers that broke apart and drifted in the air like a seed head.

She was quite understandably fascinated by it, but while she was separating the seeding heads from the rest of the plant she ended up letting some loose in the kitchen, a few found their way into a convection oven she was using to reheat something, and I remember thinking to myself that the flavor of her food would be affected.
Second, return to a recurring environment. An inverted dome structure mostly submerged with a walkway extending inward from the rim to a unit suspended at the center of the dome. Inside, automated processes count down to an uncertain time when the purpose of it all will be made clear. I and several others were inside the center unit for routine observations when a wall began to fall away, revealing a sign that read So Cal Bunnies.

A chamber behind the wall opened, and several small rabbits began exploring us and our equipment. Around the corner, another wall had moved to reveal a small office with a middle aged woman inside who was quite excited that she already had "customers."

Evidently the facility produced designer pets. Among the odder ones were hares spliced with pugs, hyenas and pangolins, and a pale reptilian pet with the face of a ball python, the texture of a snapping turtle and the general body proportions of a sloth. I was told that (breed?) made a good emotional support animal, but the individual I was handling had a defect in some cranial blood vessels that left it blind in its right eye and dramatically shortened its life expectancy.
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: Caradon December 19, 2019, 02:03:10 PM
Interesting dreams. Do yo do a lot of planting in waking life? The way you  describe it sounds like you have experience with plants. I used to when I was kid, I had out door gardens and a couple  indoor plants that I grew and took care of. But I've not done that since childhood. 
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: Contratonics December 19, 2019, 10:30:30 PM
I did when I was younger too. Both of my parents were groundskeepers when they met, and I helped my mother keep a garden at my childhood home for edible plants to help keep us fed when money was tight. She was (and for the most part still is) extremely knowledgeable not just about the plants themselves but also the tools and systems for maintaining them, she even designed and built her own drip system out of spare tubing and other assorted parts. These days she doesn't have the time for all that, but she does still give her houseplants lots of love.

I picked up quite a bit from her, but never had the same passion for plants myself. The idea of growing peppers or some other windowsill / balcony plant suitable for an apartment has been growing on me lately though, if you'll pardon the pun.
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: Wędajihs December 20, 2019, 01:59:07 AM
Very cool designer pets. I was trying to envision the reptile with the face of a python, texture of a snapping turtle and the body proportions of a sloth. I can't decide if what I'm seeing is cute or creepy. At any rate, I want one for an emotional support animal.
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: Contratonics December 20, 2019, 09:28:05 AM
It was about 50/50 creepy/cute, I'd say. Sort of a Neverending Story or Dark Crystal vibe. Very relaxed when being held and handled though, there's definitely an appeal there.



A single scene of refilling my water bottle at work. The lobby seemed smaller in the dream than waking life, now that I'm thinking back on it, but I don't remember thinking anything was out of the ordinary at the time.
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: Contratonics December 21, 2019, 07:17:28 AM

No recall. Last memory is double checking my alarm since I work earlier on Saturdays.
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: Contratonics December 22, 2019, 11:44:27 AM


3 people hunting paranormal. Dream starts in first person, I and two others are in MoJo house preparing some tools including recording devices, binoculars, modernized ritualistic self defense tools (choosing the right type of headphones was part of my strategy for staying safe, for example, though I don't remember exactly how or why each type was protective). On our way out, one says I should leave a note for MoJo. I said we didn't have time, but my friend insisted, saying MoJo was feeling alone in her own home with us quietly coming and going all the time without so much as a goodbye. I relented and left a brief note.

Interestingly, I signed it with my real name, but not two seconds later the dream shifts to 3rd person and I'm replaced as a character by an unfamiliar young man. The new pair leave to go investigate blurry visual distortions in the trees and suspicious patterns of leaf movement. When they enter the car, the young woman discovers the young man has been replaced with a shape shifting creature approximating human behavior. It tries to strap it's seatbelt into her lock, ECT. She gets there impression that it means no harm, it's just bad at mimicking humans but wants her help with something.

Meanwhile the real young man walks with a shape shifter in the form of the young woman to a new destination where person 3 finds them and notices off behavior. He can multiply his body, and the three get into a fight until the woman is able to get a solid hit on the original, dispersing the clones.
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: Wędajihs December 22, 2019, 04:43:09 PM
Do you do paranormal investigations? I could have used your team's help in my dream from last night. I searched for the source of a disembodied woman voice in my house. Even in dream I was trying to recall the tricks that the methods that ghost hunting shows use to communicate with spirits.
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: Caradon December 23, 2019, 05:53:35 AM

I found out recently that a lady I work with is a ghost hunter. The subject came up when I made a random silly comment about ghosts and hauntings and we started talking about it. And she eventually told me that she does real paranormal investigating and works with a local paranormal organization. I looked up their website and sure enough her picture is there with some brief info about some experiences she had as a kid that got her into investigating such things. She also told me that she knows the guys from the "Ghost Hunters" TV show.

When I told her I'd love to go with on a ghost hunt sometime she said she would take me if something comes up.  But I can't really do that right now because I'm not going to leave my little friend home alone any more than I absolutely have to.
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: Contratonics December 23, 2019, 11:04:06 AM
I've always been fascinated by ghost stories, but never put enough stock in them to actually go looking for anything. I have visited a couple of historic haunted locations around the USA like Eastern State Penetentiary, Harpers Ferry and San Juan Capistrano. The ambiance around places like that is cool to experience no matter what you believe about the paranormal.


Two Fragments

First, attending some sort of college class. I arrived late to see a student trying to give a presentation. Most of the rest of the class was occupied throwing little wrapped caramels at each other and not paying any attention. One of the caramels flew my way, and I caught it and held onto it. I like caramel. After a minute the rowdiness died down, but at that point the student's presentation was pretty much over. Another student approached me, and she instructed me to find a male friend I liked and then to meet her with him later. I ignored her, but she didn't much seem to care how I reacted, only that I'd received the instructions.

Second, I find myself in what might be a small club room. The blinds are down and I and several other students are working on 3d modeling projects on projected screens with smaller personal laptops for research and reference. The student from before enters the room, walks up to me, turns my chair around and puts her hands on my shoulders. She asks if I found anyone. I told her I hadn't, and she immediately turns around and leaves. A couple of other people in the room come up to my station and ask what that was about, but the conversation quickly turns to what I'm working on. I don't remember it specifically, but I remember describing some of the techniques I'm using to get certain features of the model to work with another student filling in some blanks when I'm being a bit vague.

My screen transitions into a first person view, and it changes from a 3d model to playing a sort of video game. It gives me a sort of legend of zelda vibe, but all I really remember is a feature mapped to directional buttons that change the character's weapons / stances. Cardinal directions are weapons, associated with seasons, and corners / diagonals are stances, associated with emotions or feelings. The screen in the game that you use to assign weapons and stances is arranged into a sort of a top-down stylized ziggurat design that reminds me of the interior of a recurring setting I used to call Sparring Axle where color-coded creatures representing ideologies and mindsets would hold formal sparring matches with each other with their followers. Neat little callback.
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: Wędajihs December 23, 2019, 09:20:16 PM
That student seems determined to distract you. Applauds that you managed to stay focused.
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: Caradon December 23, 2019, 11:04:56 PM
I'm kind of on the fence about the haunting thing. But I'd love to see something that convinced me it was real. :)

The whole conversation with her came up because I had randomly said something to her like. I know why hauntings can't be real. Because if you were a ghost, with no need of shelter, food, money, why would you just hang out in a house or building when you could be out exploring the planet, the bottom of the sea, maybe fly to another planet. You get the idea. Why would you just hang out in a house? I wouldn't I'd be wandering all over the world and beyond.
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: Contratonics December 24, 2019, 08:50:11 AM


Traveling from a nonspecific location in the USA to Delaware on foot using some sort of technology that allows extreme running speeds. At first I'm with someone else who is more familiar with this form of transportation, but eventually I before separated from him and end up at some sort of Arctic research station. After some adjustments, I'm able to meet back up with him somewhere in suburban Kansas, where he steals another piece of secret fast travel technology and uses it to teleport somewhere. He tries taunting me like a cheap comic book supervillain, until he realizes that the teleporter is biometrically locked and automatically sends unauthorised users to a sort of detainment center for the devices actual owner to interrogate. I wake up after he disappears.
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: Contratonics December 25, 2019, 12:07:07 PM


Brief image of two disembodied wolf heads. One white and one pink. Not gory, just emerging out of some kind of soft medium.

Possible Rally encounter, but colors aren't enough to go on with a memory that brief. Merry Christmas anyway, little hosts.
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: Wędajihs December 26, 2019, 02:12:15 PM
Hope you had a merry christmas. I don't celebrate it myself but have no ill will toward those who do. I tried celebrating Festivus one year and had a blast. This year I went for a hike on the 25th to immerse myself in nature. Had a wonderful walk through foggy, snow patchy woods. Was magical.  :)

I really like the ending of your extreme running speed dream. That's pretty slick, teleporting unauthorized users to a detainment center.
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: Contratonics December 27, 2019, 02:52:48 AM
I've heard Festivus is a wild ride, that one's on my bucket list. I don't live in a place that gets much fog anymore though, I miss it. Glad you were able to get out and appreciate some.


No dream recall. Last thing I do remember is moving a blanket off the bed after waking up in the night due to the heat.

Not much sleep either, the past couple nights. I focused on getting some more detailed descriptions for older recurring DCs and getting back to familiarity with some of their symbols. Working with some of Ophi and Lune's tones helped keep me attentive at work against a bit of sleeplessness. It's no substitute for rest, but it got me through a busy day. I caught up some in the evening, and I'll be heading back to that now. Fingers crossed.
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: Contratonics December 27, 2019, 09:47:42 AM


Single image of reaching into a small [wooden?] birdcage with several small gemstones floating inside.
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: Contratonics December 28, 2019, 09:08:07 AM

Discovering, training with and eventually participating in a mock duel with several small magical and/or technological tools adapted for use as weapons.


first part of dream involved finding these. I remember a small underground sci-fi styled building that had become more cavelike over time due to mineral deposition coating the walls and floors with brittle stone. The place was roughly the size of a small apartment building, but with larger halls. Some of the machinery was working due to efforts by some group to restore the facility, which created obstacles to reaching the tool.

I was with DCs who represented two people from waking life, but I don't remember who now. Traveling through the building led us to a sort of looping series of rooms that were linking back recursively on each other, and we realized we must be in the facility where the palm-mounted weapon was made. We split up, allowing us to trigger different spatial anomalies and puzzle our way through the building.

At the top was a door hinge that had been expanded to comically large proportions over years and years of spatial distortion, but only when approached from a certain angle. The curved and irregular surface inside could only be navigated with some kind of skating maneuver I can't remember very well, but at the apex of the hinge were the palm mounted weapon. I presume escaping the place using their less dramatic but more reliable spatial distortions was simpler than breaking in, but I don't remember that bit.


Second part was a mock duel that consisted of two parts. First were several competitive tests of finesse, destructive ability and familiarity with the tools. First person to knock down a small pin hanging from a difficult to access object without breaking anything, first person to break a thing to judge's standards, the usual cliches. Then we relocated to a more open area for the actual face-to-face part, though I woke up on the way there.
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: Contratonics December 29, 2019, 01:27:17 PM

No dream recall. I remember turning over a couple of times in the night for a drink of water I keep on the nightstand.
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: Contratonics December 30, 2019, 05:02:42 AM

Fragment after some poor sleep.

Single image of a woman sitting on a bench indoors. Odd posture, both attentive and excruciatingly formal. She was looking off slightly to my left, not sure at what. No clear memory of the room or her exact appearance. Maybe wearing some kind of long coat?

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: Caradon December 30, 2019, 05:56:44 PM
Hope you have some better sleep soon. I've been struggling to remember much the last couple nights too, sucks. It helped getting a nap in today. Had some nap recall.   
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: Wędajihs December 31, 2019, 12:00:51 AM
Hope you get back to some sweet sleeping soon. As odd as it sounds, sleep yoga sometimes works for me when I'm desperate to sleep.
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: Contratonics December 31, 2019, 12:31:08 AM
It's a pain in the ass, but it happens. Thanks for the encouragement you two.

I only have a passing familiarity with yoga in general, but it doesn't sound all that odd. Brings to mind some mental body awareness exercises and gentle dream-related meditation drills that might pair well with a sleep yoga session. I'll try that tonight and report back, likely after work. Busy one tomorrow.
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: Contratonics December 31, 2019, 01:31:51 PM

No dream recall, but I did get a decent night's sleep.

I tried a dream yoga exercise after Wedijahs' suggestion, not surprisingly that's the last thing I remember from the night. It's been a while since I did anything like this, so I incorporated some easy to reach dream symbols to help simplify the process.

Started it by getting settled into bed with a small neck pillow and a larger one under my knees for comfort. I visualized an old comfortable scene from back home, paying special attention to the feelings of chill wind over my body and coarse ground under my feet. The soft sound of wingbeats over my head from local birds waking up in the early morning and the silhouettes of small trees and brush stretching off toward the horizon rounded it out.

I used those silhouettes to facilitate a scene transition the way I would in an LD, changing it from a waking life scene to the Manifestuary. The plant silhouettes were replaced by the dim glow of coral growths and the flat arid landscape replaced by grey shoreline and ink black ocean.

I reached my left hand out to one of the corals, drawing a pinpoint of tone into my hand, and using the faint vibration and luminescence associated with the stuff to perform a basic body awareness exercise. I moved the feeling of it up and down each finger, then each arm, then traced my back, stomach and legs, back up my neck and across my face and scalp.

Next time I'll probably start at my face or toes, I'm beginning to understand why most introductory guides on this sort of thing do that. I could feel myself making strained expressions and involuntarily flexing my feet when I reached tough spots. Focusing on relaxing those first seems like a smart choice.

Either way, once I spread the little tone echo through my body I focused on gathering it back into my hands and returning it to the coral.

It could have been a short and sweet session, but I ran into a couple of tough sensory areas that occupied most of the session and I probably compromised the relaxing intentions of it all by struggling through them until I was satisfied with the way the feeling traveled across them. Good practice, but not when I'm trying to fall asleep. Lessons learned.
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: Wędajihs January 01, 2020, 12:38:13 PM
That sounds like a wonderful session. The sleep yoga I was talking about isn't that deep though. It's just deep stretching in yoga poses, slowing one's breathing, and trying to keep the mind clear. I started off using videos off youtube but developed my own routine. I'll usually do it until my body stops crackling and popping and the stretches aren't uncomfortable anymore. By the end, while in corpse pose, I sometimes can feel myself drifting off and know I'll sleep well that night.

Happy New Year Contratonics.
Wishing you all the best and brightest dreams in the upcoming year, lucid and non lucid. Looking forward to reading what dreams may come you way.
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: Contratonics January 01, 2020, 02:13:29 PM
My introduction to a thing called "sleep yoga" was very different, apparently. That sounds much more manageable!

Happy New year to you too, dreams and all.


A bunch of Fragments

I'm traveling across a hilly, rocky area peppered with trees and small lakes. I'm carrying a sword and dream memory suggests I'm familiar with its use, but I am not a soldier or mercenary by trade. Instead I'm some sort of alchemist, collecting ingredients from rare creatures and environments to create potions, materials and other products with slight magical properties.

I settle in for a short time in a local town and meet another alchemist who specializes in metalwork. He and I take an apprentice who is was a soldier and is looking to find a trade. I and the metal worker eventually notice some nonspecific danger coming in the form of some kind of magical attack. While discussing amongst ourselves how to help the town and survive ourselves, the other alchemist is injured. I treat him but he will need time to be healed enough to fight without opening the wound. Our apprentice and I scout using tools of the trade.

2. Later in the same dream, I'm in third person watching crows gathering at a small ridge. Each is carrying a curved tooth. The teeth dissolve, and each crow becomes a fiery looking black and grey silhouette of a bird. They take flight again, and charge into local wildlife of their way to a town. Anything they touch dissolves and implodes with a rhythmic brush and thud.

3. Making a large luxurious bed with a waking life coworker in the middle of a slightly dome shaped room. Firm yet smooth sheets, thick blankets so fluffy they could almost be pillows themselves, dark rich burgundy and violet colors. I'd just gotten done talking with someone here, and I don't remember using the bed for anything, but my coworker and I were moving in what felt like very practiced motions turning this thing over.

4. Short scene of equipping some sort of science-fictiony set of equipment. I was wearing a sort of thin body armor with attachment sites for modular parts, choosing a "loadout" appropriate for some upcoming work, though I don't remember any of the details.

5. In Bu West house getting a cousin's dog ready to walk outside. I dress for snow while the juvenile golden retriever dances about in excitement. When I open the door, everything beyond the hill of the driveway seems to be a colorful, dense caricature of outer space with brightly colored galaxies, interstellar clouds, ect. There are several half-constructed lego sets strewn about, and I find myself able to take them apart to salvage real spacecraft and supplies by removing their toy equivalents from the set. The dog vanishes at some point during my scavenging.
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: Caradon January 02, 2020, 01:27:15 AM
Wow looks like recall is picking up. Those were fun dreams.  I love the fantasy theme going on. Are you a fan of the genre? Books, movies, shows, games?  I've always wanted to summon and fly on the back of a dragon in a lucid dream. So far never done it, though I did visit Krynn once while lucid. the world of The Dragon Lance saga. That was a wonderfully magical experience. I have the VR version of Skyrim. OMG, fighting dragons in VR on a life size scale, and when my character was still weak, I was in pure awe of it the first couple of times. 
: Re: Contratonics' Dream Journal
: Contratonics January 02, 2020, 11:26:43 AM
Fingers crossed on the recall. It'll wax and wane a bit, but things are getting on track faster than I expected.

Never been deep into fantasy, but I have gotten into a handful of series here and there and used to do a lot of tabletop RPGs as a player and gm, where fantasy in various forms is king in terms of popularity. That's where most of my familiarity with the genre comes from. I didn't know Dragonlance was a series, I've only heard of it as a D&D campaign setting. Literally walking into a fictional world does sound like a wild ride. If there's a thread for stuff like this I'd be glad to pick up on this convo more in depth there, could be good inspiration.

Edit: didn't see a general enough topic to Necro, so here's a fresh one



Short scene in what looked like a concrete room. I'm alone, looking through various roughly carved stone crates and loading their contents onto a sort of flattened shopping cart.
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: Wędajihs January 02, 2020, 08:51:10 PM
Great batch of dreams and recall there! Would love to experience an outerspace scene like the one you had.
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: Contratonics January 03, 2020, 12:10:18 PM
It was pretty rad. Fingers crossed for you on that one.



Biking a long way to work. At a shopping center I'm stopped by a cop who asks for my ID. As I'm fishing it out of my wallet, he says to turn it my way because I can't see the face. I say that's a dollar bill, my ID is still stuck in the pocket. I get my ID out, but he reaches into the wallet and retrieves what I thought was a dollar bill, but is in fact some kind of religious pamphlet made to look like one, roughly, with an unfamiliar man's face on it. The cop folds it out curiously and we both glance over it. He seems suspicious that I have it, asking where I got it. I suggest it was included as part of a tip from work, as I didn't know it was anything but money until this moment.

An unfamiliar man approaches and warns me not to believe the contents of the pamphlet, saying the man who wrote it is a liar and only looking out for himself. I'm getting frustrated at this point, repeating that I don't know what it is and I'm not interested in its contents. The man hands a handwritten receipt to the cop, saying it's my receipt for the "soul gem." and reiterating that I should explain where I got it. The cop doesn't seem to recognize this man or put much faith in his claim that the scrawled note belongs to me, and I'm allowed to go about my business.


Several brief fragments of a dream about caring for a small alien animal with a DC friend I don't recognize from waking life. Earliest bit I remember is an image of the creature itself, kind of a tardigrade looking thing with a translucent white outer membrane and visible internal organs.

Later we lose it somehow, and I remember driving around a run-down suburban neighborhood in the snow looking for it. We come across an abandoned house and find it inside, going through some sort of metamorphosis. It's encased in a roughly thumbnail sized sac of pink bubbly flesh attached to a wall with little tendons. Memory skips over some kind of fight, possibly with the creature itself after emerging from the cocoon, but eventually I and the DC safely recover it.

It's smaller than before, but it appears more mature featuring grasping arms, a more expressive face and the ability to move around on its own. It hooks on to one of my fingers and hangs there like a bat. Needly little claws sting pretty bad, but it's not being aggressive, just curious and wants to stay attached to someone it recognizes. I try to get it off to wrap it in something, reasoning that it wouldn't survive the cold outside. It fusses and keeps trying to latch back onto our fingers.

We do eventually get it out safely, and once we're back at my place we find an instruction manual for its care on my DC friend's laptop. We learn that this metamorphosis is the first of two, and just before she opens her info on what to expect for the second change I wake up.
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: Caradon January 03, 2020, 02:35:00 PM
Religious pamphlet disguised as money that's kind of brilliant way to trick people into looking at them. Don't let the churches know about that idea. :chuckle:

That dream about the creature was really cool. Too bad you woke up before the second change. I wonder what would have happened next.

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: Wędajihs January 04, 2020, 01:36:26 AM
Lovin' all the dream creatures. You have a weird & wonderful menagerie in your mind.
: Re: Contratonics' Dream Journal
: Contratonics January 04, 2020, 10:15:32 AM
Discovering the weird creatures my dreams come up with is a joy for me too. I used to draw them when I was younger, but haven't put pencil to paper in a while. That may be something to get back to.


A little one-two punch of cannibalism in this dream, fair warning if that turns your stomach.

Return to the building with the luxurious bed from my dream on Jan 1. I go downstairs, and the place seems to be a single large room with a massive loft featuring The bed space. Most of the ground level is kitchen and a slightly depressed living room area with two couches and a couple of matching seats arranged around a large coffee table. Dim overhead light fixtures set a tranquil, homey sort of mood.

I go further downstairs into a basement area through what might be mistaken for an underground wine cellar. Small ceramic vessels line the smooth stone walls in racks. Then the basement opens up into a great big stone cavern with a single stone walkway crossing it. At the center of the walkway is a long stone coffin. I walk up to it and it slides open to reveal a pale athletic looking woman with platinum blonde hair wearing modern clothing.

She speaks to me as if we're strangers, dramatically revealing herself to be a vampire and detailing a twisted game of social politicking that resulted in her becoming what she is and getting one over on her backstabbing former associates. Dream memory insists I've probably done this more times than I can count with her, so I listen politely until she is finished and wait for her to invite me back upstairs for a "taste."

We make our way back up to the large kitchen, where we each pull up a stool at the bar. She takes my wrist and bites into it, delivering an unfortunately sharp pain followed by a merciful numbness. After a few moments, she lets go of my arm. It doesn't seem to need any bandaging. Then she reaches out toward me with her own wrist up. I distinctly remember feeling a sense of jaded frustration at this. Like a weary babysitter indulging an enthusiastic child. Dream memory says she does this every time, even though I'm not a vampire. I take her wrist and bite, firm enough to feel but not enough to actually break skin. I don't understand this ritual, but I feel a sort of responsibility to perform it. I have a brief vision of actually being a vampire and feeling blood in my fangs, but it passes and I'm back in the fancy kitchen gnawing uselessly on her wrist.

Regardless of how silly it seems to me, after a moment the vampire seems satisfied. She thanks me and goes about rummaging through the kitchen while I prepare some cookware for imminent use. I ask what she's interested in eating today, and as she mulls over the question the scene shifts.

I'm standing by a small concrete pool with a small group of people. I'm carving into the shoulders and arms of one man and feeding the raw meat to the rest of the group. Very graphic and detailed, but the man is in no pain and nobody involved is in any distress. He chats idly with the rest of us while I set bits of his muscle onto paper plates and hand them to others. The mood around the pool is one of casual bemusement. I have some as well, and it has the taste and texture of slightly over cooked unseasoned chicken breast.
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: Contratonics January 05, 2020, 01:47:38 PM

No dream recall. Getting some water from the nightstand is the last waking memory before sleep.
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: Caradon January 06, 2020, 02:23:23 PM
Wow, bizarre dream. Cool. I've been a vampire in dreams before and tried to suck blood out of people. It was an odd experience.   

I suddenly remember a long forgotten intense dream adventure where I was trying to escape a very tall tower full of powerful vampires that could fly.
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: Contratonics January 06, 2020, 10:41:35 PM
Odd seems to be the word for it. One of those moments that makes you wonder how the brain approximates sensations you've never felt before in waking life, yet convinces you that what you're feeling is a normal part of your body.


Single image of observing two people in third person. They're dressed for extreme cold and their faces are mostly obscured. One looks back at the other and I have the distinct impression he is smirking.
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: Contratonics January 07, 2020, 10:49:26 AM

No dream recall. There was something, but I slept through my first alarm and had to get ready for work in a hurry. Had to let it slip today.

Last waking memory is adjusting my sleeping position on the bed. It's getting old and the indentation in the middle sticks around no matter which way I flip it.
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: Contratonics January 08, 2020, 09:22:19 PM


Brief scene of a small pond, not much bigger than 20 meters across, surrounded by sparse clumps of tall grass and trees a bit farther back. Reminds me now of some of the areas winter runoff in the mountains can develop into relatively shallow permanent pools. I'm propped up against something solid I can't see, reclining on the dirt a little ways from the embankment, and I try to turn around to face another person I know is there. Moving feels stiff and strained, and I can't quite get them into view.
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: Contratonics January 09, 2020, 02:15:01 PM

No dream recall. Last waking memory is turning off a light in the kitchen I'd accidentally left on in the evening.
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: Contratonics January 10, 2020, 11:58:30 AM


I'm with a group of people from different time periods in my waking life. High school and college friends, a couple people from around the desert where I grew up, ect. All of them are getting together to go to some event, and ask if I'll be able to make it. I'm not sure if I'm in a place financially to make it work, but I tell them I'll try.

We visit the site where the event is going to happen. It's a very nice conference center off the beaten path. We have to take a narrow exit off a highway, through a tunnel and around what looks like some kind of ranch over a hill before it's visible. While together in one of the conference rooms we discuss plans.

At some point I'm with one of the others in a nearby convenience store. I try to pay for the travel food we pick up, but the register shows that I only have a little over 6 bucks in my account. I try not to look too disappointed that I somehow didn't know I'd spent all my money and wouldn't be able to attend the event later with everyone.


Refilling my water bottle earlier this morning triggered another memory

I'm in a small apartment or dorm room with another person. She is kneeling at the wall bedside the door, using a small laptop. I set wrapped gifts and baskets down on the bed, the only other observable furniture in the room. They seem to be for me or us.

She comments that she didn't expect so many offerings. I tell her I just wish I knew who they were all from so I could have a better understanding of what I did to deserve them. I pick up one, a metal water bottle similar to one I use in waking life, and feel it in the familiar way I would sense Tone. It gives me a texture and a vague sense of the person who it once belonged to. The texture reminds me of stroking a snake. The impressions are a sort of firm, decisive tunnel vision. A kind of clarity of purpose. They feel familiar to dream me. Like a word at the tip of my tongue.

Roommate hears me mulling over this out loud and reasons that it may be someone I've met or already know, but these Tones are a side of them I haven't seen before. I agree, and then hear movement outside the door. It passes quickly, and when I look out I see two more gifts laid on front of the door. I bring them back in to roommate's amusement, and I complain about how complicated this is getting.
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: Contratonics January 11, 2020, 10:33:20 AM

I drive in the middle of a night to a little neighborhood in the woods. In one of the houses I meet up with a group of people to sneak into a nearby amusement park. We walk there through the woods and find a back entrance to what looks like a warehouse (disapointed I didn't catch that massive dream flag, but here we are.) The door has no handle on the outside, but I recognize that it would respond to the right set of coded behaviors to unlock. I set my bag on the ground on my left side, unzip the largest pocket with my left hand and spread it open with my right, then stand up to face sideways and push the door open with my right hand. It opens, and as I walk through it begins automatically closing. I have to trust the rest of the group will be able to follow my lead.

some memory skips here, and instead of a park we're in a large outdoor shopping mall. It's daytime now, and the place is packed with visitors. We are looking for a famous movie theater, and after asking around I find out that it's next to a Ford dealership. My view shifts to third person, rising above the mall, and I get a bird's eye view of the layout of the place. The dealership is right in the middle, and the lot where all the cars are takes up a large chunk of the total mall space.

memory skips again, and now I'm jumping into a large fishtank display. The environment shifts as I enter to look like a shallow underwater lake bed. I find my way to a sort of large metal bar hanging down from the surface, and I'm attacked by some kind of beige-white giant eel. It doesn't seem to be very agile, and I'm able to position myself between it and the bar to stay out of its reach and fight it off. I encounter another type of eel, this one red with spiny segmented plates. These red eels maneuver much better, but seem less aggressive.

I find the remains of a dead red eel, and I use it and the metal bar to fashion a sort of serrated club by wrapping the eel tightly around one end of the bar and desiccating the eel's body (through means I don't quite remember, but it felt quite natural and practiced in the dream) to make it a more reasonable size. With the weapon, I swam up and out of the water, finding myself in a small rocky archipelago. From sea level most of the islets are just sheer cliff faces with a few canyon-like passages eroded into them. They create a maze-like environment.

There are two other people on the islet I emerge beside, guarding a small stone podium with a metal, rectangular object resting on top. They tell me there is someone here trying to steal it, and they can't leave it, but there is a device on an adjacent islet that helps keep this object safe that also needs to be guarded. I navigate to the device, and find it being shut down by a man in formal attire. He tries to fight his way past me to the first object, and I use my eel club to defend myself. It turns out to be a bit flimsy, but instead of outright breaking it instead becomes flexible at the head. I use it like a flail to beat back the man, and eventually he falls onto a rocky outgrowth, either unconscious or dead.

The two men who were defending the metal object approach him and carry him away. I talk with one of them about something, but I can't remember exactly what as I begin to wake up.
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: Wędajihs January 11, 2020, 12:26:54 PM
You have such elaborate and interesting dreams. Always a pleasure to read.
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: Contratonics January 12, 2020, 05:06:07 PM
They're a nice break from day to day life...even if they reflect it often enough in their own odd, abstract kind of way.


Fighting group of people in a sort of open arena setting. I start out on the outside of a volcanic island carrying some kind of tool that detects and physically interacts with certain kinds of technology.

I run down a slope into shallow water that leads into a cave entrance at the side of the volcano. My tool shows me there is compatible technology further in, so I keep going. Toward the far end of the entrance tunnel I see a small group making their way up an intimidating looking industrial installation set into the stone and magma. On my left are a couple of blast walls with stairs on the far side. They ascend to a metal tunnel that leads up into the facility proper. Most of the group goes up those but one of them stays behind to try and interact with the machinery down here. I single them out and start a fight.

They have some kind of four-bladed fan like weapon that resembles a long rotor fan or one of those big white windmills. Each blade is able to move independently after detaching from the central ring. Now that I'm awake it reminds me of one of the dueling weapons I found during the Dec. 28th dream. (

I try to use my tool's attraction function to disarm them, but it only seems to catch one or two of the blades at a time. Still, by limiting the number of blades they have in hand at any given time I limit their opportunities to attack and put them on the defensive for a moment. I'm able to catch two of their blades, then repel them from each other to mimic the spinning motion their weapon makes and temporarily use their own techniques against them. I fire both of the caught blades back at them, then rush in while they're trying to regain control and get a good punch in.

They use one of the blades to try and stab me. But I somehow bend the blade around my arm as they thrust. It feels as if the physical space around my arm is curved such that moving in a straight line appears more like a corkscrew motion. The blade passes harmlessly over my shoulder and I get another smack in. I use that chance to take control of the core ring of their weapon and repel it into their chest, knocking the wind out of them and dropping them on their back.

I run over to a rough ceramic box built into the stone by the large machine in the center of the cave, and I seem to recognize it. I open it and reach in to retrieve what looks like an oil well drill bit. It has three rotating toothed heads neatly embedded at the top of about four or five rotating rings with similar teeth along their sides. There's a long metal rod extending down from the base, presumably to attach it to a larger drill mechanism. Using my tool I am able to activate the bit without a larger mechanism allowing me to use it as an improvised weapon.

Another person in very heavy sci fi armor approaches a terminal in the center of the cave that's connected to a magma flow. I duck behind the box I found the drill bit in, and they don't see me. They approach the central mechanism and begin fiddling with it. I sneak up behind them, activate the drill and thrust it into their back. It grinds through their armor and then through them. The result is not very graphic. It feels video game like.

I pull the drill out and the terminal they were interacting with shuts down as I wake up.
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: Contratonics January 14, 2020, 10:52:00 AM


Walking through a ruined city in the early afternoon. Starts with 3rd person view of a large furred feline or rodent monster leaping into a nearby bay Godzilla style - though it is not a Godzilla size at all. I arrive at the bay and just wander the empty city for a while.


No dream recall. Last waking memory is checking on the status of a package I'm waiting on.
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: Caradon January 14, 2020, 03:50:19 PM
Fun dream! You're a bad ass dream warrior.  :)
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: Contratonics January 15, 2020, 12:18:30 PM
I'm not sure what's up with all the violence in my dreams, it's not like I've gotten into tons of fights in waking life. Something something tabletop gaming something something theater of the mind maybe.


Visiting family out of state. I have arrived a day early, and I'm spending time in a large elaborate resort hotel complex. My room key is a small beige pocket device with a speaker that occasionally tunes in to a local news broadcast for updates on resort events. I wander around a bit, eventually finding a restaurant with a warm, cozy atmosphere. I find a small dog sitting on a big wooden throne-like chair and try to hold my hand out to get it comfortable enough to pet, but its body language starts to border on aggressive, so I back off and leave the restaurant to explore somewhere else. I get an announcement on my room key saying some park is opening now, so I decide to head over that way and check it out.

On the way I take a look at my work schedule and notice that I'm scheduled to work today. Dream memory tells me I had let work know I'd be away months ahead of time and I shouldn't have any appointments, so I start trying to call them to let them know I'm not going to be able to make it in. I get distracted once I reach the park that just opened. It's basically a botanical garden made out of  interconnected narrow stone walkways built around small ponds in a honeycomb pattern. In the middle of each pond is a stone flower sculpture that is rigged to slowly spin and dip its petals up and down. All of the stonework, including the animated sculptures, are covered in vines, flowers and other various plants.

I meet a jogger along one of the paths next to a small stone wall, and he discovers a hidden button next to a carved face in the stone that causes water to run across the face when pressed. He playfully squeezes the spout and sprays a bit of water in my direction before jogging off. Finally I manage to make the call to work, but it's redirected to an unfamiliar personal number with a custom call tone and my phone displays a screen that shows my position in the call waitlist. I stay on the line until my call goes through and an unfamiliar voice answers. I ask if I'm connected to the right place and she confirms this. I recognize her after a moment as a new hire who I ran into in waking life just a couple days ago and we catch up for a moment before I explain the situation. She says she'll be able to take care of my schedule issue.

While I'm on the line a bird flies over and lands on my face. It seems to be trying to steal some of my hair for nesting or something. I switch my phone to camera mode as the bird scrambles around my head and through the camera I see it's a very large blue jay. I snap a photo, and after my phone screen refreshes the jay has been joined by a small great horned owl chasing it around my head. The owl snatches up the blue jay and flaps down to the ground at my feet, and I notice that it has a little dog leash caught on one of its talons.

I try to get the leash off without getting too close to the owl, but it's pulling away and digging its talon deeper into the fabric. It looks at me like I'm at fault here, then starts waddling away. I follow it through a hotel lobby, still holding the leash and waiting for an opportunity to free the poor thing, but as we pass through the threshold into the lobby, it transforms into a little terrier. Same size and color of the owl, just a dog now. I realize at that moment that I'm probably dreaming, and try a nose plug RC out of habit.

It works. I'd forgotten how jarring the transition to lucidity can be after being so utterly unquestioningly convinced that what's happening around me is waking life. Knowing that this is a dream, I decide to let the terrier go about its business and turn my attention to stretching some mental muscles. To my left is a pair of large glass double doors that exit the hotel lobby. I jump toward them and try to phase though them, which I manage fairly easily. The familiar feeling of glass and metal passing through my body settles me down a bit. There are a couple of metal traffic guard posts outside the doors. I place one hand on each and phase my hands into them a couple inches deep, then raise them back out.

With some of the easy stuff coming back to me, I decide to try something I've historically been less skilled at. I look up at the sky, cloudy and grey as usual, and I twirl my hands in slow spinning motions, trying to make a tornado. The clouds respond by slowly forming into a small funnel and rotating gently in place. Not as dramatic as I intended, but not bad considering how tough manipulating anything other than my own body usually is. Satisfied, I look down at the ground. The sidewalk is a sort of bricklike or cobblestone texture, and I decide to try my old scene transition trick. I let myself fall backwards and phase through the ground, and on the other side I find myself in a busy pool hall / bar.

Feeling emboldened, I try to float up through the ceiling to go deeper, and run into my old nemesis - flight. I'm able to hover a bit, but can't quite will myself past a certain height. After a few moments of experimenting, I decide to just climb up. I grab on to a light fixture and try to pull myself higher, but the lights start to pull away from the ceiling under my weight. I draw on Tone sensations in my left hand and lightly smack the light fixture with my palm, steadying it in space long enough to pull myself up and reach into the ceiling. My hand phases through the ceiling and I try to pull myself up from the other end of it, but my weight starts to cave in the material under it as well. I feel around for a bit and find a nice sturdy metal pipe inside, and finally use that to pull myself up another level.

Here I find myself in a crowded hospital treatment room with several inpatients in beds and seats. I try to climb up another level, this time starting with a security camera bolted to the ceiling, but it snaps off immediately. A nurse comes into the room with a snack for one of the patients, and he has a friendly chat with her while helping her eat. It's a sweet scene, so I point the security camera at him and give a thumbs up gesture in front of it before continuing to try and climb. Next I try one of the fluorescent lights, but it also breaks away before I can stabilize it like the last one. The nurse notices me and tells me to get down, taking the security camera and raising it like a weapon. I take the little fluorescent lightbulb and flood it with Tone, causing it to flicker on and release a puff of mist like a little fog machine. He reaches for my lightbulb to try and take it from me, but I spin it around his hand and flick it back at the camera he's holding, disarming him instead.

While he goes to retrieve the camera I walk over to the window to check out the view from up / down here, but from another room several other nurses rush in with a cart and an AED machine. I worry for a moment that they're backup to try and subdue me, but then I notice that they're gathering around one of the patients whose heart has apparently stopped. I sit on the windowsill and watch them for a moment before the scene transitions on its own and I lose lucidity.

I'm now in third person looking at myself and two other people I don't recognize in a dramatically cartoony style, sitting on the edge of one of the stone walkways in the botanical garden from earlier. My appearance has changed to reflect the alien conversion that I underwent in an old dream, looking more like an awkward combination between a bird and an insect than a human. I turn to one of the others I'm sitting with and ask her where I left off, as if the lucid dream I was just experiencing was a story I was sharing. She says that obviously cats know all about dreams so I should ask my cat where I should pick up the story. From offscreen to the right a giant armored forepaw enters my view, and a cat roughly 7 feet tall on all fours wearing bronze armor plates approaches me. It cat-chatters at the people I'm sitting with, and I approach it. I ask it if it wants a treat and if it can remind me what the rest of the dream was about. It meows loudly at me and walks offscreen to the right. The three of us follow, and as we walk offscreen I wake up.


Just woke up with this one in memory and it is still Wednesday in my time zone, so here's a quick add on

At Bu West house where a somebody has taken over the building and is violently repelling anyone who tries to enter. I'm with a group of DCs, all of us appear to be young teenagers, and according to dream memory we're all close friends. I open the garage door, which hasn't been barred from the inside, and find it full of wooden mock weapons. I dig through a wicker basket and retrieve a pair of beaked clubs with tightly wrapped wool around the handles. Dream memory tells me I've had them for ages and they're very familiar in my hands.

I show the others where they can find different kinds of weapons among the racks and baskets, and we enter the house through the garage. Inside we find a large, non intimidating man facing us. We pile onto him, but he fends us off easily and runs off to another room. The layout of the house is impossible and confusing, but we manage to catch up. This time he has an adult hostage. Dream memory thinks of her as family, and he seems to be having trouble keeping hold of her, but he has set up an elaborate trap that will electrocute her if he catches us trying to rescue her.

As he explains the trap to us, I sneak around through another room and find the extension cord powering the ordinary household devices he used to rig the trap. I unplug it and he drops the woman, running away. We pursue him outside, but he drives away on a black sedan and I notice flashing police car lights approaching from around a corner.

Instead of holding up the vehicle, a pair of officers cover themselves behind their car doors and draw their weapons, telling me to put my belongings down and get on the ground. I comply, and the dream skips ahead to one of the officers instructing me and a different group of kids to help repair a patch of odd sidewalk in the city that looks to be made of some kind of resin. Dream memory says I know this particular officer and have interacted with him casually for a while, so as frustrated as I am with the situation I don't take it out on him and try to do my best to get this little community service task out of the way while leaving the home intruder to the police.

He drives us to the location we're going to do our work, but on the way the breaks go out in his vehicle and we fall off a small ridge, down about 15 or 20 feet. It's a hard fall, but we're about to collect ourselves and safely exit the vehicle. We're a bit bloody and bruised and check on each other for injuries. We're in a lot of pain but nothing seems broken, though there's no sign of my officer pal. I notice there is another house here at the bottom of the hill, and the man I was just fighting is breaking into the building. All of us immediately disregard the situation we just survived and enter the house to confront the man.

This time the setup is much more elaborate with a series of physically impossible trials. He manifests floating geometrical shapes in one room that we most dodge in order to reach the next, he physically defends another room using a sort of metal block that he can throw to ricochet around and home in on us before returning to his hands.

After a few trials, I'm the only one left. The dream is vague about whether the other kids are dead or not. Either way I nearly fail another challenge that relates to bears somehow before retreating to catch my breath. I explore the impossible space of the house a bit, until I stumble across the man lying down in front of a laptop muttering to himself about how he can make the next challenge tougher for me. I barge in and kick him in the head, and he scoots away backwards yelling at me about breaking the rules and complaining that I most not have read his "fair play" guidelines
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: Contratonics January 17, 2020, 11:32:34 AM

No dream recall, but I do remember a general familiar kind of vibe as I was waking up. Like looking at a photo from ages ago and suddenly remembering that moment after not thinking about it for years.


Brief scene of driving on a highway. Something goes wrong on the road and I need to pull to the shoulder. I look around my dashboard for a button or switch that will do something - now that I'm awake I forget what I was trying to get my car to do exactly - and a voice comes up from the bluetooth audio in my car trying to help me find the thing.
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: Caradon January 18, 2020, 06:26:19 PM
Wow That was a good night, Congrats on the lucid. It was a good one you got to try a lot of different things. Cool idea trying to form a tornado rotating your hands. And falling  through the ground backwards  to change dreams. I've done a lot of free falling backwards of of high places. But never tried to fall through the ground like that. I'll have to remember to try that sometime. 
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: Contratonics January 18, 2020, 06:58:37 PM
Thanks, it helped make the work I've been doing to get back into all this really feel worth it. Here's to no more nights waking up knowing I'd been lucid but remembering nothing about the LD. I highly recommend the falling backwards thing too, pretty sure I stumbled across it in some other dreamer's forum journal ages ago and fell in love with it right away.


I am a traveler walking into an unfamiliar town. Buildings are made from a reddish brown clay material in rounded, organic looking shapes. Everything is organized across three or four different elevations, and footpaths around town wind up and down and around in non-intuitive patterns, making navigation difficult. As I'm getting my bearings a man in metal armor approaches me surreptitiously, quietly informing me that some hostile group or another is watching me. He gestures for me to follow him, and dream memory makes me familiar with the fact that this area is unfriendly to outsiders with secretive organizations often targeting people like me.

I follow the armored man to a building under a clay archway. He enters, but closes and locks the door before I can walk inside. The ground floods up to about waist height and a large assortment of fish swim up to me. Some are curious, some are fleeing predatory fish and others are looking to take a bite out of me. I fend them off fairly casually, not feeling particularly threatened, until the door I'm waiting in front of opens and the armored man invites me inside.

As he does, a robed person wearing red face paint appears in a puff of steam behind him and stabs him with a knife or dagger. I run back toward a more open part of town, but find several more robed figures there attacking other people in the street. Many of them are positioned on an upper level firing some sort of magic spell down at whoever they can. Fist-sized rocks fly out of their hands, exploding on contact.

I take cover and analyze the spell, then decide to try it for myself. I don't remember any particular chant or gesture associated with it, I simply raise a hand at the spellcasters and intention does the rest. I'm able to mostly recreate the spell, but I find it very difficult to aim, and rather than a single large stone I fling a volley of smaller stones with smaller explosions. I don't seem to cause much damage to the robed figures, but they do turn their focus to me and find cover of their own in response to my attack.

During this exchange I wake up.
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: Contratonics January 19, 2020, 09:51:06 PM


Using my palms to trace wide circles against the side of a huge soft-furred animal. My only memory of it is close up at its flank, so I can't really describe the thing. Just a big comfy wall of fur.

Brief image of a paused youtube video. It's paused at about 9 hours in with 2 hours remaining, and on screen are five or six people seated in comfortable chairs side by side on some sort of stage. If you've ever seen a World Science Festival panel it would have looked pretty familiar.
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: Contratonics January 20, 2020, 11:41:05 AM


Image of speaking to a shorter man in a big white coat. We appear to be in a subway station. I don't remember the exact conversation, but from the snapshot I do remember we had just both discovered something supernatural in common between us. Neither of us expected to meet anyone else with this thing in common and were both apprehensive, curious and terribly excited.

Image of swinging my right arm out in a sideways arc, like throwing a frisbee forehand.

Image of an aqueduct seen from above as if on a bridge or overpass.
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: Contratonics January 21, 2020, 02:07:52 PM

Visiting a wealthy man dream memory says is an old friend. Resembled the man in the white coat from yesterday's dream. He explains he will be away soon and wants to introduce me to a small magical creature menagerie so I can eventually care for it when he takes his business trips. Unfortunately I don't remember any of the creatures themselves, but faded bits of memory do include going through the motions of handling various animals and the sensations of scales and feathers.
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: Caradon January 21, 2020, 04:39:48 PM
Babysitter for a rich guys weird creature pets, how cool. I hope he was going to pay you a lot!  :)
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: Contratonics January 22, 2020, 06:21:14 PM
Maybe someday I'll try re-entering that dream and ask him.


ND and Fragments

Driving through a suburban community on my way to a meetup with some old WL friends. The weather is icy and it's made me a bit late. When I arrive at the place we agreed to meet, they seem to have already left. I know where they all planned to go after gathering, so I drive there instead. I find myself in a visiting room at what dream memory tells me is a psychiatric inpatient care facility. Inside I meet a young teenager, the son of a friend of the family, who is living here by court order and has been making progress.

We greet each other and catch up, it's been a while since I visited. He seems to be getting a lot of visits lately from people he hasn't seen in a while, now that he's getting closer to being released. Outside I see two vans pull up - the people I was originally going to meet to come here. I go outside and greet them and most of them are surprised I was able to make it at all.


I'm in my old apartment. Two roomate DCs are living with me. I walk from one of the bedrooms into the office room, and find one roommate walking out with a delivery pizza. He heads into the kitchen and starts doing dishes, complaining about our other roommate not doing their share.


I'm standing on the edge of the ridge at BuWest house, looking over the hill and down to the ocean. I'm in my Presage alien form speaking with another similar creature about a person approaching in a spade-shaped flying craft. My counterpart seems to believe the person will struggle and fail at whatever they're trying to accomplish here. I'm more curious than anything. As the ship flies closer to our ridge I decide to follow it, jumping off the cliff and gliding onto the ship's hull.

It carries me into a city, where a train is careening through the streets and smashing buildings in its path. The ship I'm stowing away on opens at the bottom and drops a handful of sleek armored figures to stop the train. I enter the ship and take control of a gunner position, and the dream becomes rather like a Star Fox boss fight as I aim at highlighted target points along the train while all of us try to stop it. Eventually we do, and I exit the ship taking a human form like the ones I'd just fought alongside.

On the ground, we seem to have lost our ship. We have to find our way to a safe meeting point on foot. While navigating, we spot a hostile group crossing an intersection ahead. We drop prone and still, and the group starts to pass by until one does a quick visual scan in our direction and seems to notice something off. We hold as they approach, since we're a bit more spread out and can surprise them from all sides if they're close enough. The dust and smoke from the wrecked city obscure us long enough to get them close enough, and we start firing. Most of them go down quick, but one somehow finds a civillian to use as a human shield. An ally to my right panics and just starts unloading into both of them, at which point I notice neither of them are being hurt.

Dream memory "reminds" me that this is all a sophisticated training exercise, and some of the mock hostiles we shot down start trying to coach us. We eventually clear the scenario and press on, navigating to a warehouse building with an old keypad lock. It resembles a door at a place I used to work in waking life a while ago, and while one of my teammates takes out some kind of wiring kit I punch in a five digit code and the door swings open. Once we all get inside we get an augmented reality notification that we've completed the exercise.
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: Contratonics January 23, 2020, 11:23:53 AM

No dream recall. Not much sleep. I tried winding down with some idle sketching for a while, that's the last memory I have before waking.
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: Contratonics January 24, 2020, 10:37:16 AM

Brief image of conversing with Vig over a table with what looked like a series of blueprints and floorplans. I'm holding a wooden wedge that looks like it was cut out of a single patterned block made from several thin strips of different woods adhered together. The impression in the dream was that we were planning some kind of raid, and this patterned wood was going to be a key part of the plan.

Brief scene in a department store. I seem to be working there, sitting on a wide u-boat dolly I'd just used to stock aisles. A couple of the friends from waking life that showed up in the dream from the 22nd approach and we chat for a bit.
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: Contratonics January 25, 2020, 09:55:02 AM

Brief image of standing in my apartment hall with someone criticizing my choice of toothpaste.
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: Contratonics January 26, 2020, 01:35:03 PM

Two similar fragments

First is a short scene of me in Presage alien form and Thiix sorting through documents. We're removing them from old disorganized file cabinets and arranging them by subject on a small table. This one alternates between first person and third person, and I remember my big dumb fluffy neck filaments taking up a huge portion of my view in the third person segments.

Second is a short scene with a handful of aliens with a similar appearance to Vig. I'm human in this one, and we're rotating a small stock of ceramic bottles to place newer product behind the older ones on wooden shelves.
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: Contratonics January 27, 2020, 06:32:48 PM
Several Fragments

Scene of weeding outside a very small house in the mountains. I'm using a hooked linoleum knife to dig roots out of the soil. As I pass a window, my mother gets my attention and says we have a $3,000 job from a regular client. Dream memory fills in the blanks and tells me I'm familiar with the cind of work we're contracted out for, but now that I'm awake I don't actually know the nature of that work. She asks me to call him back to get the details.

Scene of acting as a chauffeur for someone who keeps trying to get me to look at a funny video on his phone. Not sure if these two scenes are connected.

Scene of working in a well lit concrete warehouse with a handful of other people. We're all just going about our business, not really interacting.

Scene of unwinding and cleaning the neck filaments of a Presage alien. They look like little pennate, feather like fiber optic wires when separated and faint light pulses through them with a heartbeat rhythm. Each individual filament is animate and I need to take special care while cleaning to avoid triggering a reflexive flinch while handling them.
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: Contratonics January 28, 2020, 10:44:14 AM

No recall for no sleep.
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: Contratonics January 29, 2020, 11:51:15 AM

Walking through a mall parking lot. Suddenly from a small squat building a sniper opens fire on an oil truck nearby. Her shots behave oddly, denting the metal oil tank and shoving the vehicle a foot or two with each impact, but not piercing it. I take cover behind an SUV and someone else in the area shouts at her, starting an argument back and forth about why she's firing her weapon in public in the first place. There's a couple of stray dogs panicking nearby, and I get them into cover with me while watching the scene.

I notice that the sniper isn't actually trying to injure anyone, and instead seems to be taking showy trick shots. One person holds a coin over their head, which she shoots out of their hand cleanly. I step out from behind the SUV and join the argument, mostly critiquing her attempt to make a flashy explosion with the oil truck. We argue about how gasoline works for a moment until I give up and lead the strays away to a nearby restaurant.

The place is pretty bland on the inside, it looks closed, but there's a wide stylish staircase leading downstairs to some kind of night club. One more floor down is a large, upscale looking Thai restaurant. I sit down at the bar, order an appetizer and make small talk with some of the other people hanging around.

The only part about my order that I remember is a pretty good sized whole scorpion with a tea bag tied to the base of its tail. I pick it up to look it over, and it turns out the thing is still alive. It stings my left hand, so I pinch it by the tail in my right. My left hand starts to feel slightly rigid and numb. At this point I rapidly fade back and forth between this restaurant scene and a false awakening scene of sitting on a stool in the kitchen of my apartment. My left hand is cramping in this scene as if to explain the sensations of stiffness and numbness in the restaurant scene.

I finally settle back in to the restaurant scene, where time has passed. The lights are out and the place is closed down. I look for my phone, but there's quite a few similar ones scattered around the tables. After checking enough of them I eventually find it in my coat pocket.

I start to walk out of the building just as staff come back in to open for the day. They ignore me on my way out. I leave through the back and out to a footpath between businesses. A man walks by complaining to himself about losing something, walking into a tiny police station next door to the restaurant. As I keep walking, the path shifts into an amusement park midway with well kept planters and water features.

One of them is an outdoor kitchen in the style of a car dashboard. A steering wheel shaped electric stove top, the handbrake is the handle of a deep fryer basket, ect. Beside it is a little carnival game that uses pressurized air to shoot tiny plastic balls into targets. I get a modest score and the machine deposits a keychain-sized stuffed animal into a metal slot at the bottom. There's a couple of others in the slot left over from other players who seem to have just left without taking their prizes.

Next to the machine is a narrow tunnel with larger stuffed animals on display. These have magnets inside, and are stuck to the wall of the tunnel. They change when their magnets are activated. One in particular is a tiger whose stripes glow when it's stuck to a magnetic surface. Another is a cute looking shark that opens up and turns inside out, changing into a small school of fish. While I'm messing with this shark plush the fish start talking to each other. They change back into the shark and it goes off on a monologue about becoming whole again.

As it does this, one side of the tunnel slides open and reveals an office. Two people in cheap costumes sit behind desks there, looking like old power rangers villains. Dream memory tells me I've triggered some sort of park event, bringing me and two other people in the tunnel into a sort of interactive show. The actors give us a selection of toy wrist-mounted devices that relate to different power rangers characters. I know nothing about any of this and pick one at random.

It turns out to be quite complicated, with several switches and levers that all activate different real functions on the toy. One extends a single large wheel that I can skate around on, and one of the other guests explains to me that it's one of the main features of the character this device belongs to in the show.

Eventually the villain actors lead us to a large cabin that's closed off to the rest of the park to continue with the event. There's four of us in total participating, and they're getting us oriented in a room with a large variety of costume pieces modeled after various power rangers shows. Patterned jumpsuits, plastic armor pieces, complicated helmets made out of several different interlocking pieces, ect. The others seem to know what they're doing, so I get some help from them getting my costume together.

Everyone is doing a pretty good job staying in character, so I play along, but while I'm getting my costume on little things keep interfering. Finally we realize that there's no jumpsuit that matches the character I assigned myself. We just go through a bunch of red ranger jumpsuits with one of the other guests giving me commentary about the characters they correspond to. It's not particularly helpful, but it is interesting to hear him describe something he clearly cares a lot about.

At one point when I try on one of the visor parts for a helmet and look at the guy, I see a different costumed character through the visor. When I pull the visor away from my face things are back to normal. The two of us look through some of the boots and shoes in the costume pieces and notice many of them are worn or damaged, suggesting that this event has been run through many times. I wonder to myself just how clean all these costumes really are.

We take a break to chat in character and the four of us head out to the balcony. We're interrupted by a trio of actors in their own monster costumes, and the other guests come up with an in-character reason why I can't help fight since I don't have a costume ready yet. They make a big show of guarding me from the monsters and sending me back inside.

While I'm there, a costumed actor acting as if she's invisible and spying on us starts surreptitiously helping me with completing my outfit. I end up looking nothing like a red ranger with a wintery grey-blue hooded costume, but at least it's done. I am able to get things sorted just in time for another actor coming in to try fighting me using a green dress shirt like he's a bullfighter. I play act some martial arts back and forth with him, and he seems pretty experienced with sparring like this, it's easy to move with him and we're even able to safely make contact a few times.

He runs off after a brief exchange, and I look myself over in a mirror. A man's head emerges beside mine from outside of the chest plate briefly, then vanishes. I rationalize this in the dream as the character this jumpsuit was modeled after having possessed armor or something like that.

Dream memory reminds me the I and the other guests will be allowed to keep the costumes we make after the event is over, and as I'm looking them over for damage I wake up.
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: Contratonics January 31, 2020, 12:21:10 AM

Not transcribing the whole thing here, strained my hands at work recently. Avoiding lots of typing

Gist is speeding through a series of just slightly wrong roads that I can't navigate successfully, jumping barriers and crashing into mail boxes. Arrive at a carnival, exploring maintenance hall behind a building.
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: Contratonics February 03, 2020, 07:57:44 AM
Hands are feeling better, and with a slow work day yesterday / a day off today I should be able to let them rest more. Gonna run through some of the backlog here.


I'm interviewing a young man who dream memory tells me is the last student of an old form of parkour that's been misinterpreted in modern times by exaggerated legends and popular folk tales. We meet in front of a small dilapidated manor made mostly of flagstone. He climbs up one of the collapsed walls. He shows off one of the techniques his school was famous for, a jump that gives the illusion of changing direction midair. He describes it to me as a lightning strike that branches off from itself and then returnstogether as it strikes the ground.

After some discussion and demonstrations that the dream glosses over he invites me inside for dinner, and I wake up as we're walking indoors.



Brief image of filling a small double-chambered capsule with a pale tan liquid. It's very light, even less viscous than water, and seems a bit volatile with some fumes spilling out before I'm able to cap it off.



Walking through a large department store with aisles arranged in nonsensical patterns carrying odd goods. One I remember looking through was stocked entirely with Gatorade in various alcohol flavors like wine, several brands of beer, ect. Out in another aisle is a plastic mesh cage filled with returned and damaged items, and several cardboard boxes packed with a mystery assortment of stuff at a reduced price. I watch some other customers picking out furniture, toys and the like.



I'm in a dense jungle, travelling away to a place I know as Titan Lands. Dream memory tells me I'm part of a group of people who hunt large mythical creatures, and the people in the titan lands are the old leaders who originally settled these lands. The dream never goes into my motivations, but I know that going to the titan lands is generally frowned upon for some reason.

I and others like me are mostly humanoid, a little hunched and animalistic looking with four arms and leathery grey-blue skin with scutes underneath, sort of like a turtle or a gator. Maybe imagine the neanderthal version of one of those aliens from Avatar. All of the animals in this world seem to be other members of this species, as shapeshifting seems to be a sort of defining trait. I'm accompanied by another who scouts ahead as a hawk.

Eventually the jungle opens up into hilly plains, and at the edge I find a pile of bodies that look like me. Most are damaged or mutated in some way or another, and dream memory identifies it as a dump for "failed experiments." A handful of them are alive and seem to be living around the pile. I try to greet one by shaking his hand, but as I do his whole arm rapidly decays and melts off of his body. He looks at it with a disappointed expression and turns to walk away.

I meet another, smaller person whose skin is apparently highly toxic. Just being near them damages one of my hands, which shrivels and eventually mutates into two different hands at the end of the same arm. With the extra hand I am able to pass through easier, as I look like I fit in with the experiments. I eventually leave the pile behind.

As I approach nearer to the hills I find several travelling elk who I walk with for a while. One of them shifts into his four-armed form and he is much more human in appearance than me. He asks why I came here, and I tell him that's a strange question to ask given he's a titan himself. He still seems confused about my interest, describing this place as a retirement home for titans and that they're not all as interesting as the stories people tell about them.

As an example, he explains that his job during the campaign to settle the continent as a "traffic dancer." Neither he or dream memory fill me in on what that means, but I am suitably disillusioned.

We eventually approach a few scattered houses in the hills, some of which have signs in front of them advertising rooms for rent. A large humanoid approaches us as we look at one of the houses, looking more like my titan travelling companion than me, and she corners us inside the house. I try to escape through a window, punching through the glass and cutting open the screen on the other side with a small knife, but before I can get through I turn around to stab at her, just a couple inches away from grabbing me.

My knife embeds itself into her hand all the way to the hilt, but she doesn't seem to be in any pain. She casually asks if I was too slow to get away before gathering up me and a couple of others like me who she's trapped. She says she'll have us compete with each other for our freedom. First is a falconry test. My hawk-shaped friend and I decide to go along with her, but the other two don't have any raptors. The titan woman tasks me with finding some for them to compete with, and as she leads me outside to supervise I wake up.
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: Caradon February 04, 2020, 06:28:35 PM
Wow wild dream. Congrats on the recall. And you dreamed of parkour, yay. I'm glad to hear your hands are doing better! Whatever happened...
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: Contratonics February 06, 2020, 04:51:07 AM
My job can be hard on my hands if I'm not careful. Nothing out of the ordinary. It just makes typing and sketching a literal pain sometimes, so I can't always do those as often as I'd like.

The parkour dream was neat, looks like some day residue from you all is starting to show up. Always a good sign.

No recall


I'm with a group of three or four people exploring a run down looking city environment. All of us start out as little Pokemon looking creatures, but at some point the dream just transitions us to humans. We come across a pair of toy robots that appear to be sapient, but are barely functioning. We take them back to our home - a small studio apartment that dream memory says were squatting in - and try to fix them together. They are made of mismatched parts that look scavenged from the environment, and they are able to give us vague instructions on the sorts of materials they require.

The pink robot sort of "imprints" on me as it's being repaired, while the green one does the same with two of the others with us, a brother and sister as dream memory reminds me. The robots are relatively compliant to those they've imprinted on, and act on their own initiative to assist them with responsibilities, provide resources and otherwise be of service. They disobey instructions at their own discretion, including one request by the siblings to cook us all a four course meal and a request I make to the pink robot to sing a song with me while I worked, so they aren't completely subservient. Just very helpful.

The dream skips several years ahead in time, and at some point in the interim the group has gone their separate ways and lost track of the green robot. I and the pink robot track it down and retrieve it from the den of some sort of shadow creature that dream memory says is common in the older parts of the city.

We return it to the siblings it imprinted on. There's a moment where they seem afraid it will have forgotten them over time, but it reintroduces itself happily and they reunite like old friends. After that we realize that the shadow creature has followed us. We all try to fight it off together, but it injures me during the fight and I lose consciousness.

The dream transitions to me walking to a school campus with a head bandage, just returning to normal life after a brief hospitalization. Dream memory reminds me of some dietary and physical exertion restrictions I've been given while I heal. I meet up with the rest of my class in a hallway just in time to be taken on some kind of group work study trip. My classmates are an eclectic collection of humanoids, certainly not a normal waking life environment.

An intimidating man and woman approach us to take us to our destination. The man fumbles a bit with his introduction, and I crack a little joke about it that I don't remember now - something related to cats. The man tries to hold back a little laugh, and the intimidating atmosphere fades a bit.

The woman opens a for in the school that leads to a wide open desert area made of floating rocks and sand dunes, and we're given the impression that this is some sort of power she has. I and the rest of the class follow them across the alien landscape until some of us get separated. I meet up with one of the teachers from my school and Darth Vader who also seems lost here, and we decide to look for some of the rest of the class at a strip mall built out of one of the floating islands.

We enter one of the businesses to ask if they have seen any of the other students, and a shifty looking man in sky blue scrubs comes out to greet is. He takes us back through a hallway and inside we find several of my classmates unconscious in several treatment rooms. The man explains that he is changing their appearances to make them look more human, and shows us several mock-ups of what we might look like if we underwent the same procedure.

The images seem to have some sort of hypnotic effect on us, and I see visions of the events that made me inhuman - something the dream seems to be introducing at this point, as most of the dream I've been human. I see myself as a child being attacked by one of the city shadow creatures, causing severe injuries. Much of my body is replaced by mismatched mechanical parts and the rest is twisted and mutated, looking like something out of Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

I'm put to work in a dingy, isolated concrete room performing dangerous tasks that a normal human wouldn't be able to without specialized equipment. I remember one instance using some kind of space compression device to fold wireframe cubes into themselves to make smaller, denser cubes, and another where I'm harvesting acid glands from a feathery fishlike creature. The dream implies to me that many years pass like this until eventually my workspace is invaded by a robed figure that dream memory says I recognize from my childhood. He fights me, cryptically suggesting that he's here to free me. During this fight I wake up.


I'm at Bu West, living there with one of my cousins and a former waking life roommate. We're hosting a group of scientists who are here to interview the roommate for a university research position, but some of their irreverent, casual behavior is getting on roommate's nerves. Cousin takes him aside and seems to be taking a sort of big sister role, helping him work up the nerve to try and set a more serious tone that he's more comfortable working in.

There's a brief scene where I'm talking with the scientists in the dining room area next to the kitchen / bar, then my cousin approaches me and tells me she and roommate are "ready to go." Dream memory reminds me we were planning to go somewhere, so I get to the car with them.

The dream transitions to me driving around a sort of nascar track, speaking over a radio to someone else. He's in a car in front of me and he's giving me instructions on how to keep up with him, but my car isn't able to take the hard turns and accelerations he's trying to get me to do. After one particularly rough turn one of my tires blows, and with his help I find an offramp to a service area.

As I drive across the threshold between the racing track and the service road the scene transitions again and I'm walking my bike through the double glass doors into what looks like a small airport. There's a coin operated bike pump right beside the door, and I feel ripped off about paying a quarter to refill my bike tire but I bite the bullet and do it anyway. While I'm waiting for the tire to inflate my phone rings. My ringtone in the dream was a song from some show or movie I don't remember now. Someone else entering the building recognizing the song I set on it and we discuss music for a moment before his phone rings and plays a different song. I recognize it and we sing it together.
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: Contratonics February 08, 2020, 07:13:34 AM

I'm sitting on the balcony of a slightly worn looking wooden building in a small town built into a waterfront, all piers and stilts rising out of a massive river. The canals between buildings seem to be the main way of getting around. Most of the buildings seem to be built at least two stories high, with balconies like the one I'm on that double as walkways at higher water levels. There's some tables and chairs set out up here, and I have the impression that it's an inn I'm visiting.

A little kid walks up to me and starts just talking to me about whatever random stuff comes to mind. He doesn't seem lost, so we just chat for a bit while I make observations about the area. Some guy at water level gets splashed by a passing boat, and he starts a fight with someone else before running off. Dream memory gives me the impression that this behavior is unusual, and his anger was provoked by some unseen force somehow, so I start packing my miscellaneous tools away and get up to follow him.

The kid keeps distracting me while I'm packing up and walking out, asking me about what I consider canon in works of fiction that have been adapted. He insists that whatever is most recent is all that matters, so if a show changes something from a book it's based on, the show is more canon than the book.

He ropes a few passerby into the conversation while I'm tailing the angry man, who mostly agree with him. The conversation just sort of follows me for a minute until at some point I end up walking a circle around the piers and end up back at the inn, only now it seems very run down and deserted. There's a thick layer of dust covering everything and tattered cloths / rotten wood furniture lying around.

I go upstairs to the rooms, and seem to know that I'll find someone I'm looking for in one of the rooms. At some point the kid has shifted into Thiix, who seems to think there's some sort of danger here and quietly watches our backs while I look for the right room. She takes a small capsule out of my bag and throws it downstairs, releasing a fine powder that floats in the air.

I get the right vibe from one of the doors on the left and walk up to it, raising a hand to knock. Just before I do I wake up.


No recall. Last waking memory is a shower before bed.
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: Contratonics February 09, 2020, 01:14:12 PM

First a brief sequence of sleeping in and being unbelievably late for work.

Second a conversation in a small warmly lit room between myself in third person, Thiix and a man I don't remember now that I'm awake, but I had the impression in the dream that the three of us were familiar with each other. I remember holding something round, but details have escaped me.

Third, an image of a swampy wooded area at night with fresh mushrooms. The feeling of walking on soaked, muddy grass with water seeping into my shoes is especially salient.
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: Wędajihs February 14, 2020, 02:15:43 AM
That kid from the one dream made me think of how I was when I was young. I would just talk and ask questions about anything that popped into my head. As I read, I unintentionally envisioned myself tagging along behind my uncle asking questions. I'm very glad to hear you took a little time to talk with the kid.
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: Contratonics February 18, 2020, 12:34:48 PM
It was distracting but he was just trying to figure stuff out. I really liked how random passers by chimed in too, it seemed to be a totally normal thing to the people in that town.

Been killer at work lately, and we're short staffed, so I haven't been doing much but work and sleep. Not been taking time to record much. Now that the Valentine's day season is winding down I ought to be able to get back to it, so here's a bunch of fragments from over the past week in no particular order.

Several scenes in Bu West, including one dream where a bunch of extended family members got together to show off superpowers to each other. Reminded me of the casual talent shows we always do at reunions.

A couple of warehouse work fragments, one with another Thiix appearance. Most of them were in the usual stale concrete environment. Thiix was in more of a supervisor position in hers, organizing me and a couple of other workers moving delicate equipment for an upcoming expedition.

A driving fragment that turned my chill waking life commute into a crazy stressful obstacle course.

One not-quite sex dream centered on really awkward foreplay and a lot of goofy jokes made at each other's expense. More heartwarming than steamy.

A fragment of me sitting on a bench built into an old growth forest canopy. A woman with lizard like features zooms by carrying some kind of fruit. She notices me looking at it and offers it to me, then gathers two more and sits on the bench next to me while we eat. It's got the texture and rough structure of a tomato, but tastes like something between a strawberry and a raspberry.
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: Caradon February 19, 2020, 11:58:44 AM
I had a real life reality check experience last summer. When I got lost on a labyrinth of back roads trying to get to work. There was nearby road work and they had the roads blocked off to get to the main road. And I couldn't figure out how to get out of my neighborhood. It was both amusing and annoying. 
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: Contratonics February 20, 2020, 01:21:56 PM
That sounds a lot like the commuting dreams I have, minus a "fall through a giant 50 foot deep hole in the road and miraculously survive completely unscathed" scene. Definitely a RC moment.


Viciously violent dream involving helping someone get revenge on someone who had harmed them in the past and gone on to live without any consequences. We were just visiting some sort of shops downtown when we spotted him casually walking around and sprung on him, using whatever objects in the stores we could get our hands on to assault him in broad daylight. Eventually we subdue him with a particularly gruesome scene of literally bashing his skull open, and the dream skips ahead in time where we're visiting him in the hospital. He's barely aware of his surroundings or identity and needs 24 hour care just to survive. The cold, decisive feeling of retribution is gone in this last scene, replaced by pity and shame. Ironically, we don't seem to suffer any consequences for our actions.


Another Thiix dream, this time focused on riding in some sort of wagon through a rocky desert environment. The sun was still just rising and it was extremely windy and chilly. The two of us were working together to make a sort of paste that looked like a sugar scrub. Applying it to the skin was supposed to make it release warmth to help us fight off the cold.
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: Contratonics February 21, 2020, 05:36:54 PM

A scene of digging through some of the stone crates that show up in warehouse dreams, and picking out various tools and devices for some nonspecific fieldwork. One I remember is a blocky ring shaped device with a thin cable running around the outside.

A scene of using some kind of handheld computer or small tablet to simulate a physics problem. I remember going back and forth between the simulation display and a menu, tweaking settings and environment elements to test different outcomes.

Scene of walking down a wide concrete footpath lined with small bushes on either side.
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: Contratonics February 23, 2020, 01:53:06 PM

A short scene of playing some sort of video game. It's a combination of super smash brothers and something like devil may cry with characters running around pulling off wild stylish moves left and right. I'm playing with someone else, but they are looking at the same screen as me, which is focused on my character.

Brief image of a reptilian creature with a huge grin, showing off lots of sharp teeth. I have the impression this was part of a conversation.


Didn't record until after I got to work, so I lost a bit of it.

I'm with another person in a small, comfortable room with expensive looking furnishings. We're debating a couple of approaches for some plan that we've been roped into not really against our will, but not one we're particularly happy to be involved in. Each time one of us brings up another tool to center the plan around or strategy to approach the dream briefly transitions to that scenario playing out until something goes wrong and switches back to the discussion where we re-evaluate our approach. It's all rather cinematic, but I don't remember much other than the plans felt fairly mundane compared to my usual sci-fi / fantasy impossible scenarios.

After we come up with nothing for a while I go outside to take a walk and get some fresh air. It's night time in what looks like a downtown area of a small city. Lots of dark building shapes, light sources and a relatively busy main street.
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: Contratonics February 25, 2020, 12:15:48 PM
No recall

Last waking memory is taking some recycling out.


I'm in a bright, fancy restaurant meeting with someone dream memory tells me is a shady figure that I'm tentatively acquainted with. We seem to be picking up in media res in some kind of mystery / espionage plotline. I have a recently deceased sister in the dream, and he explains to me that even though she was key to whatever plans he's brewing he isn't out of luck. He waives someone into the room and a clone of my sister dressed like him walks in, takes a seat and drinks from a glass set out on the table. I'm completely unsurprised by this, and tell him I was expecting something like this to happen before standing up and walking away. A list of options appears at the bottom of my view, though I struggle to understand the symbols. Time slows down and my view switches to third person, where another well dressed person is looming behind me with some sort of handheld device. I select an option at random and try to turn around, but he presses the device against my neck and my vision goes dark before waking up.
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: Caradon March 02, 2020, 09:10:10 PM
That's a strange dream. Fun except for the deceased sister part.
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: Contratonics March 03, 2020, 11:32:22 AM
It was a very different feel to a lot of my other dreams. A lot of them involve picking up in the middle of events with a goal and some obstacles, but not so many feel like I'm watching a scene from a story the way that one did.


Not a lot to report recently, been taking care of other time-sensitive waking life stuff for a bit. It's not really through yet but I'd rather not drop my LD practice altogether. Just one more habit to break.

Handful of fragments from over the past week:

A scene with a small portable stage in the middle of an alleyway lined by forest. Sort of like a map of a city with a park in miniature. I'm standing on the stage with a small deer. Someone pulls a partly decayed adult deer out of a pile of trash bags nearby and sets it down under the stage. It is alive, but disoriented and only partially aware of what's going on around it. The other person tries to hand it a script and give it stage directions while I hold what dream memory tells me is its baby. I'm confused and annoyed that the other person is behaving as if this deer is able to respond at all to their urging.

Brief image of several alien looking people arranged on a grid, sort of a Hollywood Squares vibe. A cursor scrolls over each of them in turn, but they don't seem to respond to it, instead talking amongst themselves.

Short work-related scene involving a consultation with a feathered alien humanoid. Kind of a taller version of what Thiix often looks like. We're discussing creative ways to work around his feathers, and make other species-specific accommodations for certain sound sensitivities.

Image of climbing a dark stone wall with geometric indentations on its surface. I'm attached by a dimly glowing orange cord at my hip to another person climbing just below me. They're wearing some sort of modern body armor that obscures most of their features.
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: Contratonics March 04, 2020, 03:42:48 PM

Scene of practicing with some sort of soft weapon, a shallow hook at the end of a wire. Combined gestures with the held portion of the wire allowed me to move the hooked end in otherwise impossible patterns, tensing the wire at odd angles. When one of these gestures was used, the hook at the end sparked with a kind of pale orange light that dream memory told me extended the effective range of the weapon slightly. I was using it on moving airborne targets.

Scene of moving quickly through a cave or tunnel. My view is in third person, shifting from the side to diagonally. I seem to be sliding or gliding along the ground and trying to navigate through winding tunnels and service access halls.
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: Contratonics March 11, 2020, 11:31:48 AM

Brief image of standing in a crowd of very tall people, walking toward some location I can't see but I know I'm going the right way because dream memory says everyone else is going the same place.

Brief image of fixing the sheets on a bed. There's a bunch of little flakes of something underneath the fitted sheet that dissolve when I touch them.


No dream recall. Last waking memory is my desktop background.


Helping Rally with some of their Host-instinct activities in a public park. Starts out in a grassy clearing with a bunch of people practicing with their dogs throwing frisbees for an upcoming park event. Rally approach one of them with a bunch of huskies who reminds me of a high school teacher of mine (who did raise and train dogs for shows, incidentally) and offer to help work with the dogs so she doesn't have to do it one at a time. We mix up our throws and the dream shifts into an ultimate frisbee match that is just wrapping up.

A couple of people thank us for filling in for some missing team mates and we move on to a concrete-floored picnic area. There's a group practicing some acrobatics there and Rally approach them before I wake up.


A couple of disjointed scenes of playing a tabletop game with my old group from college. We're either playing as Garou or Kindred, I forget exactly which. Perspective switched between sitting around the table, acting as the characters and a sort of in-between LARPing kind of angle acting things out in costume. No action in this one that I remember. There's gaps in my memory between these fragments, so I'm calling them separate ones instead of one fragment.


Sparring with someone dream memory says is an old friend. Starts off simple hand to hand stuff and gradually escalates to cartoonish superpower levels of action.


Traveling alone through a run down shopping center tracking down some kind of creature using a small device that looks like a high-tech dowsing rod. It's evening, and everything is washed in a sort of orange-yellow glow. I follow it around back to the service area with a handful of truck bays and dumpsters, and start climbing up a caged ladder up to the roof of the building. The creature - sort of a fuzzy, chitinous moth-like thing - appears at the top of the ladder and shoots a thread down toward me. I grab the thread and it pulls me up the side of the building onto the roof, and I wake up then.


Short scene of watching a friend from high school play an action game. I called it Bayonetta in the dream, but now that I'm awake I don't think it looked anything like Bayo at all. In the dream he's demonstrating some of the tricks and techniques in the game to me that make the combat in it deeper, but I don't remember any specifics now.
: Re: Contratonics' Dream Journal
: Contratonics March 12, 2020, 11:40:22 PM

I'm driving along a straight highway until I run into a traffic jam. Tons of people are out of their cars walking around on the shoulder, looking for what is causing the issue. I take a walk too and discover an accident a good ways up that gets cleared just as I approach it. Suddenly I'm the only person out of my car, and I try to rush back. I find the whole jam cleared, and my car nowhere to be found.

I continue down the highway on foot, and the dream shifts to repeating scenes of driving through the same offramp / business road several times for different reasons. First I'm racing another vehicle and speeding through lights, then I loop around looking for a shopping center, after that I spill something in my car and pull through a third time to walk into a shop and ask for napkins.

: Re: Contratonics' Dream Journal
: Caradon March 19, 2020, 12:58:53 AM
Oh the driving dreams... So often something weird going on, with the roads or the vehicle or both.

I hope you are getting by alright, with the shit going on.