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: LD Resurrection
: Wędajihs December 26, 2019, 07:39:38 PM
Just a ploy to get us remembering and talking more about our lucid dreams... from ages past.
How does this work? It's simple:
1. Read the last posted dream in this thread.
2. If it triggers a memory of one of your past lucid dreams, share it here.

That's it. Let us see how many dreams we can resurrect with this thread.
: Re: LD Resurrection
: Caradon December 27, 2019, 05:31:09 AM
At some point I'm going to go through my old DV journal and post the lucids I have recorded there to my journal here and read over them all again. Also, to put them in another safe place for storage. I just have not wanted to take the time to start doing it yet. Also dig through the MM junk yard for the ones I thought I had deleted but are still there. I've found a couple of them in there already I just have not pulled them out yet. 

How about the memory of first learning how to fly.

I remember back before I was any good at flying I was already good at using telekinesis. One day after a lucid dream where I was trying to fly and I was struggling with it. And I was trying to flap my arms in my dream like a bird.

After the dream I was sitting there thinking about it. And I was thinking about how stupid it is to try and flap my arms like a bird to fly in a dream. I mean really, flap my arms like a bird... First of all, there is no gravity in a dream... Secondly, if there was gravity what the hell good is flapping my arms going to really do for me... The flapping of arms is a completely pointless waste of effort. 

So, I was sitting there thinking about that and like a lightbulb coming on. I had been using telekinesis so much all the time to levitate other objects all around me and it had not yet occurred to me to use telekinesis on myself and move myself through the air the same way that I move everything else around. So for my next lucid dream I set the goal to try and TK myself around and see if it works. So I tried it, it worked perfectly. I'll never forget that first moment of using the TK on myself for the first time. And I had perfect control. But after a while of course, flying became as natural as walking or breathing and I just started doing it without thinking about how.
: Re: LD Resurrection
: Wędajihs December 27, 2019, 05:41:04 PM
The arm flapping to fly is too funny.

I remember becoming lucid a long time ago. I was not the best flyer (still am not actually) but was competent enough to feel like I could teach dream characters to fly with me. At first I tried to convince my dream residents that we were in a dream. The did not believe me. At all. To prove it to them, I took lengthening running steps and leaped into the air. I could not stay up very high but was confident enough to call others to join me. A few tried to jump up into the air and fly but couldn't. So I told them to flap their arms and imagine they are birds. One person had his hands tucked up under his armpits flapping like mad and he took wobbly flight. I started laughing at him and couldn't stop because of how awkward and jerky his movements were. I laughed so hard that I laughed myself right out of the sky and couldn't fly again. All around me flapped and squawked dream characters in wibbly wobbly flight. For some I think it would be the stuff of nightmares. I just thought it was funny as hell. Brings a smile to my face just remembering it. :D

: Re: LD Resurrection
: Caradon December 29, 2019, 05:01:33 AM
That does sound hilarious. I love when ridiculous things happen. Which just reminded me of a work dream I was having once and Twoshadows forum member was randomly at my job. I ended up doing a reality check, I think, and becoming lucid. Then telling her we were in a dream. Then I think it was Twoshadows  that just randomly took her cloths off after she knew it was  a dream. Then all of a sudden everyone at my job knew it was a dream and everyone started taking their cloths off and went outside to party naked in the parking lot. I'll se if I can find that one and post it here.

I love getting lucid during work dreams. Especially since we don't get paid for the work we are doing in our dreams. It's better to realize it's a dream instead and do something else. One time after getting lucid during a work dream I said just that. I stopped, looked around, said out loud. "I'm not even getting paid for this shit!"  :yahoo: 
: Re: LD Resurrection
: Wędajihs January 10, 2020, 12:05:06 AM
'I'm not even getting paid for this shit,'  :lmao:  I should make that my signature.

Speaking of nakedness, in a few lucid dreams a while back nakedness equated effortless flight. I'd become lucid, strip down to the ol' birthday suit, then run and leap into the air. I'd fly like an expert. I really should try that again in a future lucid dream to see if it still works. Strip. Strip. And away!