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: Through a Nocturnal Veil
: Emerald Wolf June 12, 2011, 01:48:02 PM
So I've been meaning to post in my dreamjournal here since the start of the year but never got around to it until now and given the fragmentary nature of my previous journal timewise I thought it might be nice to start off with something new (and make better use of the tag feature this time as well).

With that in mind I'll be reserving this first post as a sort of summary or index page to keep track of current dream signs etc (I'll work on that later but if I don't post something now I might never get around to doing so).

Color Coding
-Black: Regular comments
-Blue: Normal dreams and fragments
-Red: Lucid dreams and fragments
-Teal: Comments about the dreams

Tags Used:
-Anxiety : Teeth / hair falling out or anything else that may cause a sense of panic
-Problem Solving : Anything that requires concentrated mental effort
-School : Being at school; attending lectures; meeting old school personae
-War : Anything in which use of force is a prominent feature driving DC behaviour
-Mall : Activities taking place in or near a Shopping Mall
-Nautical : Anything to do with the ocean or desert islands
-Family : Dreams involving family members
-Computer game : Dreams inspired by computer games / being played as a computer game
-Sci-fi : Dream scenarios with futuristic technology or set in space
-Fantasy : Elves, Goblins, Dragons, etc.
-RDC : Dreams with recurring dream characters (outside of family)
-TV people : Dreams involving T.V. personalities
-Objects : Dreams involving the search for or acquisition of intersting items
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: Sunshine June 12, 2011, 01:51:08 PM
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: Re: Through a Nocturnal Veil
: Emerald Wolf June 12, 2011, 02:09:33 PM
@Moonbeam: Its not the recall that was the problem, but finding time and the motivation to record the dreams (I blame not being able to get up early enough in the morning which interferes with any schedules I might try to set for myself)

Here's the first dream for the new journal. I feel a bit annoyed with dreams like these where perspective and logic progression don't behave themselves as it makes recording them feel like an awkward process.

Glue and Teeth
I am at home trying to fix a broken pair of scissors with green plastic handles using a stick of semi-solid glue. Finding it difficult to apply the glue to the broken part directly I bite off a small piece but this results in my now having a large mass of the stuff stuck to the back of my teeth. I also notice a warning on the label stating that it is not to be ingested which annoys me as I had assumed it would be non-toxic because of its child-friendly appearance.
I spend a frustrating amount of time scraping the glue from my mouth and throwing it in a conveniantly nearby toilet while trying not to swallow anything. As I am disposing of a glob I notice that some teeth are stuck to it and with a change of perception I realize I have been removing the glue from a dental cast of my teeth (complete with a cast of my skull) which, while looking into the toilet bowl,falls in as well.
In an attempt to retrieve them I pull on the lining of the toilet bowl which is made of material used for bed covers. Doing this only results in the teeth and skull slipping past the U-bend at the back of the bowl and disappearing into the sewer beyond.

I am sitting at home trying to solve a mathematical problem involving a binary AND operation on two numbers but keep losing my grasp on how the operation is performed and what the binary representation of the two numbers are. My continued failure pushes me into an aggrevated state of mind [After waking up the answer was a lot easier to calculate (namely 10 AND 3 = 2). Curiously I didn't know if binary operations were defined for anything larger than bits at the time]

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: Burned up June 13, 2011, 04:45:28 PM

I am sitting at home trying to solve a mathematical problem involving a binary AND operation on two numbers but keep losing my grasp on how the operation is performed and what the binary representation of the two numbers are. My continued failure pushes me into an aggrevated state of mind [After waking up the answer was a lot easier to calculate (namely 10 AND 3 = 2). Curiously I didn't know if binary operations were defined for anything larger than bits at the time]

Anyone able to do calculations in dreams is truly gifted.  The rules of mathematics are somewhat fluid, in my experience.
Funny to think that 10 AND 3 = 2.
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: Emerald Wolf June 14, 2011, 02:38:20 PM
Anyone able to do calculations in dreams is truly gifted.
Anyone able to reliably do maths more involved than simple arithmetic without using pen and paper in the waking world are gifted as well IMO (on account of having to keep track of all the various steps taken).

So anyway, yesterday had nothing I could recall which I find odd given that I finally put some effort into journaling again but today wasn't too bad.

1) I am in an unfamiliar room that is bright and fairly cosy. In it I find a book by Stephan King that is an analysis of a fame similar to checkers. It consists of four dirretent types of pieces: pawns, rooks, queens and dragons (which look similar to knights) which are arranged on alternating squares on the first three rows of each players side (with no apparent order). There is a board with pieces stored inside in the room as well and I set it up for a game.

2) I am in a movie theater with my father when we get up to leave. The movie may have had something to do with the launching of a space shuttle.

3) I am in an unspecified place surrounded by old school peers who are playing some sort of game. I try to find out what the rules and objective are but it doesn't make much sense to me.

4) I take part in a war (using WW2 era technology) in which we storm a section of seaside hotels occupied by Nazis. I feel noticeably vulnerable as I run towards one of the hotels while being shot at by soldiers in the windows above me. Once I make it into the foyeur I am too nervous to continue up the centeral stairwell.
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: Emerald Wolf June 15, 2011, 01:22:11 PM

Floating Fortress and a House on the Sea
I find myself on a floating structure made up of various woodeen ships. It is ingabited by a gang of piratees who are in the process of staging a mutiny against their previous leader (who would seem to have been the person behind the construction of this patchwork fortress). The mutineers have organized a rowdy party on this moonless night to get the captain drunk, allowing them to dismantle their base and escape in ships rebuilt out of its pieces.
When the morning arrives only the captain and I are left on a single seaworthy remnant of the structure with nothing but open sea and a cloudless sky visible around us in all directions. Seeing no point in staying in this spot I start to row in an arbitrary direction and soon come across a shallow strip of green land rising yp out of the water.
As I scan this new feature I see that it becomes wider and climbs up to a small cliff off to my righthand side (where I am sure there was only more ocean before). On top of the cliff is a mansion or small castle with some bright decorations on its exterior surface. I get an adventurous desire to explore it but wake up at this point.
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: Emerald Wolf June 16, 2011, 09:29:29 AM

An Odd Excuse
I am in a car with my mother, parked outside a building inside which is a group of people who are discussing a series of books [I think one of the DCs may have been my nexdoor neighbour]. I am supposed to go in there and ask for one of the books which I need for some reason. This makes me uncomfortable as I have a fear of interacting with people face-to-face and as a result I make up various excuses to avoid having to go in there. My mother insists that my excuses are meaningless and contniues to urge me on. At this point I sneeze and my hands are now covered in a gel-like substance so I point out that I can't possibly go anywhere in this state and thus avoid having to fetch the book.

I have a dream about Sheldon from "The Big Bang Theory" reacating in a surprized manner to Todd from "Scrubs" walking into his appartment and using a toilet that is standing in the center of the floor.
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: Emerald Wolf June 18, 2011, 10:57:29 AM
Forgot to post yesterday's dreams. Also my first lucid in two months (the last one was pretty short too, but every taste of lucidity is worth it)

System Shock
I am playing a fame of System Shock in which my surroundings are a a clausterphobic maze of sci-fi like passages and rooms that continue seemingly without end. At the moment I am not carrying any weapons, which makes me alert and uneasy about running into anything hostile.
Around one of the corners ahead I am spotted by a cyborg drone which starts to head in my general direction. There is a mine lying nearby so I pick it up, activate it, and throw it towards the cyborg. It misses and lands behind the cyborg but fortunatly for me it turns around and heads back, setting off the mine and killing itself.
I go over to the cyborg and am elated to find a pistol of some sort on its corpse but it is a short lived feeling as a hopping turret robot appears down the corridor behind me. I automatically react by firing the pistol at it, emptying the clip in the process. It crumples to the floor but another robot has taken its place so I run away praying that I will find more ammo lying around. Luck is on my side and I find another clip for my weapon, which I use to destroy the robot as it closes in on me.
I now have some time to take in my surroundings without feeling rushed. I notice that I am in a connecting bridge that overlooks a courtyard of sorts, which occupies an area of about three stories in height. Looking down at its ground level I spot a variety of robots (some looking like flying spheres) entering and exiting by the corridors branching off from the larger space. The overall level of activity makes me feel a little worried.

I am on a spaceship that is being evacuated, running towards its escape pods. I can feel that there are other people (or things) behind me running in the same direction as well. When I reach the escape pods I am confronted by a xenomorph which attacks me. I react quickly to the threat and kill it but sustain a wound to my shoulder in the process. I am relieved to still be alive but reflect that I won't be able to survive any additional hostile encounters.

Hovering over an Island
I am slowly rising up through the air at the top of a hill on a small island. It is located at the southern tip of the island a a path gradually decends along a notheasterly heading. I can not see all the detail of it's northern side and don't notice any vegetation but try to imagine what a topographical map of it would look like.
I suddenly get a strange feeling that I might be looking at someone elese's dreamscape and Mario's name pops into my mind.[This one technically counts as a nautical tag but the surrounding ocean didn't really imprint itself on my mind (I suffer from occasional pedantic tendancies :P)]

Lucid at Old Home
I am at the house where I previously lived, walking past the T.V room with our pet husky at my side. I remember that she is dead IWL and gain lucidity as a result. I notice my mother and younger sister sitting on the couch in the T.V room so I test my control over the dream by pointing at them and saying "Disapper". They disappear and I continue on my way out the front door intent on trying out a bit of flying. I take a small jump into the air but as I start to rise I wake up.
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: Emerald Wolf June 18, 2011, 11:05:42 AM
An underwhelming turnout for today but some recall is better than none.

I am with my elder sister and two other DCs on the trail of a conspiracy. We must drive to an important location and decide to split up into two groups. I join my sister in a car that is at the moment transformed into a stove and I am worried that someone seems to have left it on which risks it overheating.

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: Emerald Wolf June 19, 2011, 01:38:15 PM
More fragments, but at least my favorite T.V. personalities made an appearance

1) I watch as the Mythbusters Adam and Jamie test whether drinking alcohol and then exercising makes you more drunk than just drinking on its own by running a random circuit marked out by a set of poles with one of two coloured lights attached to the top (each Mythbuster having to follow one set of lights).

2) I am brushing my hair and notice that this produces a lot of dandruff, which might explain why my head itches so much.
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: Emerald Wolf June 22, 2011, 03:13:19 PM
Forgot to post two days in a row... hoping that doesn't become a habit.

Fragment (20 July)
I am with a group of D&D type adventurers in a medieval town discussing a quest with the local baron (who might be evil or corrupt). There is a scene transition and now I am in a level from the game "Blood" armed with sticks of dynamite.
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: Emerald Wolf June 22, 2011, 03:17:47 PM

Fragments (21 July)

I am dropped off at school by my mother and realize that I have to hand in an assignment today which I have not uet started with. I speculate that I will be able to finish and submit it in time if it is multiple choice but when I look at the questions I see that it is a written assignment on economics and that I don't understand the terminology being used.

I am in an exam hall taking a multiple question test. I am having some trouble filling in the administrative details on the computer mark sheet and am surprised when  the examination overseer tells me that there are only five minutes left of the exam. He seems to be angry that I have not started on teh questions yet but I tell him he has no reason to get upset as I am the one who is failing the test.

I am in a gypsey camp where I find a chest filled with magic items and props for a magic show.

The last dream was a lot more fun than the first two, wish I could recall more details about it.
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: Emerald Wolf June 22, 2011, 03:21:46 PM

1) I find myself in some sort of facility or complex built to cryogenically preserve people (possibly to wait out the fallout of nuclear war). It has the feeling of a self-contained community about it. I run into M at one point.

2) I meet an older woman while on a car trip somewhere with my mother. We are supposed to help the woman in some way. I talk to her a bit and then she gives me a kiss, but it feels cold and emotionless.

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: Emerald Wolf June 23, 2011, 03:01:25 PM
Dream recall seems to be picking up a bit. Also: zombies!  :content:

Free Police Coffee
I am a policeman looking after a teenaged boy under police protection. We  are sitting in a parked car when the boy tells me something that I must inform my commanding officer about. I get out of the car and do so, although he does not seem pleased with what I tell im. I ask how we should proceed and he replies that he will deal with it and that I should go and get him a cup of coffee.
There is a cafe nearby which I enter that seems to have a self-service coffee-bar that is free for police officers. I am concerned when I find that I do not have my badge with me but as I am in uniform I feel that I can do without it. I look for a clean styrofoam cup but the only ones I can see on the counter are broken or dirty. Some more police officers arrive and I recognize them as people I went to school with. They point out that the clean cups are stored in the cabinet underneath the counter. I open the cabinet and find stacks of clean cups but aslo notice plates of metal which can be attached to the bottem of the cups but their purpose seems unclear.

Thief and Feral Zombies
I am playing a game of Thief that takes place in and around a Hammerite temple. At the time I imagine that it is a level from the original campaign so that the unfamiliar surroundings means that I have discovered a previously unexplored area of the fame (As the dream progresses I lose track of the fact that it is a game though).
While I am still outside the temple I backtrack down the street running alongside it while keeping an eye on potential entry points. While doing this I find it difficult to remain unseen by the people walking by as there are a lot of well lit spaces and everyone seems to walk through all the shadowy sections that I try to hide in.
At some point I become aware of fast moving zombies that roam the streets on hands and feet like dogs. They don't appear to be hostile towards the other DCs but I do get chased by them a few times. Eventually I jump over a wall and end up in a flooded area filled with junk and floating boxes. Swimming over to the crates I start rummaging around to see what they contain.
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: Emerald Wolf June 24, 2011, 02:00:43 PM

Deus Ex Snooping
I am in a garden courtyard that appears to be divided into at least four sections by walls of hedges. I try to make my way around it in an anticlockwise direction without being spotted by any of the toops that are patrolling the area by have some difficulty whenever Agent Hermann or Agent Navvara pass nearby [These are characters from the game "Deus Ex"] and I have to resort to using my cloaking augmentation to remain unseen (which is a significant drain on my bioelectic reserves).
Eventually I reach the other side of the courtyard where I find a stone building (possibly a mausoleum) at its centre. Entering I find a small room with two long stone slabs, one of which is moved slightly out of place to reveal a staicase underneath it. I quickly push it further out of the way and descend down the stairs before anyone find me in here.
The bottem of the staircase opens out onto a set of corridors that form a square with doors leading off from the outer edges. The corridors are dim and fairly long but also narrow so that sneaking down them still makes me feel a little tense. In the corridor corridor on the opposite side from where I entered I open a wooden door and see a room that looks vaguely like a mixture between a girl's room and a storage room.
In the corner on my left there is a cardboard box containing old CDs and wax cylinders [Which were used for recording before records were invented] that I search through. The CDs look like they belong to my younger sister but I have no idea how they ended up in this room. It occurs to me that I can not safely explore this room and should find a hiding place in case someone show up. I try out a few likely spots but they don't feel good enough for me so I take a quick look down the corridor outside.
It seems that someone was expecting me as I can see a large group of troopers heading my way down the the corridor to my right. I dash off in the other direction certain that someone would have notived me doing so but confident that if I can find a nice dark spot they will not be able to track me down.

I am looking into a closet with a few objects on the floor thinking of a neat way to arrange them in the available space. One of the items is a soft plastic penguin that is also an alarm clock that starts a countdown timer if you squeeze its belly. The body lights up like a nightlight when the alarm goes off.
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: Emerald Wolf June 26, 2011, 04:40:36 PM
Edit: Hooray for page two with almost continual recall (next step: eliminating fragements)

(25 July)
Crooked Accountant

I am sitting down at a diningroom table watching Natalie from the T.V show "Monk" doing a trial balance of her finances while a french accountant checks her work. Everything seems to balance at the end but then she discovers that they left out one piece of information meaning that they must have made a mistake somewhere else as taking it into account would result in an imbalance.
The french guy take on a more sinister character and is now threatening me into signing a lot of blank cheques. At first I pretend to do as he says while making intentional mistakes to render the signature invalid but when I get the chance I lunge at hime and start beating him senseless.

Pirate Marbles
I am on a pirate ship that is being run by two other pirates and their captain. We discuss whether or not the captain is hiding something from us. Sneaking into his room I find a chest filled with gold and jewels but leave it where it is to see if the captain will tell us about it later on.
Later we are on share somewhere and I ask the captain if we will be looking for any treasure sometime soon but he suggests we play a game of marbles instead. The marbles are very shiny colours of blue, white and red but I can't tell if they are made from any precious stones.
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: Emerald Wolf June 26, 2011, 04:44:40 PM
Of course without adhering to a more rigid sleep cycle fragments will happen.

1) I am in a dim, sandy mine with mazelike passages. After some exploration I eventually discover a childrens' playroom and ask the people in charge of it why they would have such a room this deep in the mine where it is difficult to reach.

2) I am in the kitchen of my previous home where there are strange, bright neon pillars in segments of red, green and blue next to the stove. I spend some time rearranging them. My mother is also in the kitchen.
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: Emerald Wolf June 27, 2011, 02:05:12 PM

I have come into the possession of an impressive sportscar and race it down various stretches of road, some of them dusty tracks of dirt and some containing ramps that cause the car to jump.
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: Emerald Wolf June 29, 2011, 04:09:14 PM
Still here... still posting. Need to get out of my own thread again sometime though.

Fragment (28 July)
I am in the auditorium of my old school which is flooded a bit so that it feels like a bath house and divided into separate sections by office partitions. The reason for my being here is to complete a series of mathematical workbooks, as are the other people whose implied presence I find evidence of. It feels like I have been in the venue for a number of days.
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: Emerald Wolf June 29, 2011, 04:11:42 PM
Maybe I should do fragments in a different colour. Wonder what would work with the blue and red scheme though?

1) I am at a British prisoner-of-war camp sometime during the first World War. There are two Germans digging holes despondantly while two British offices look on. I talk to the officers for a bit

2) I am at some kind of resort or guest lodge where I run around in an energetic manner, making a fool of myself. M and M2 are staying there as well

3) I am at home (though not a WL version) standing around outside when M2 shows up. The surroundings are quite nice (there is a distinct feeling of autumn trees around) and I start a pleasant conversation with her.
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: Emerald Wolf July 02, 2011, 02:11:09 PM
I can't recall ever noticing hypnogogic imagery but on occasion I will find myself hearing very vivid and responsive music playing in my mind as I lay in bed. Its kind of disappointing not being able to induce this at will though.

Fragments (30 June)
1) I am partially awake and experiance hypnogogic music. It is a beautifuly light melody similar in style to music performed on harps.

2) I am in an unfamiliar house with some of my family aw well as a few of their friends celebrating Christmass. We are handing out presents from under the tree and I admire the beauty of one which turns out to be a box / incense holder combination.

[No recall for 1 July]
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: Emerald Wolf July 02, 2011, 02:13:25 PM

Religious Reaction?
I am at my younger sister's Christian oriented dance and music course [She's taking the year off before studying to do this]. It feels like being at university with various buildings separated by open lawns. There are some sprinklers on as I am walking around and with hand gestures I will them to stop or alter their behaviour. I wonder to myself if these religious people will be outraged over my ability to do godlike things and find myself getting angry over how hypocritical they tend to be.
I now have a desire to leave this place and enter a nearby open doorway. Inside everything is covered with frost and further progress seems to be in a downward direction.

1) I am flying around an enclosed courtyard firing an alien weapon at monsters that seem to have come from the "Half-life" series of games. I find that being airborn makes it easier to avoid enemy fire but also makes aiming at things harder for me as well.

2) I am with my elder sister near a large body of water and I show off my new shoes that let me run on water.

3)I am in a fairly slow roller coaster that follows a path leading over a resturant and it feels like the tracks are suspended in midair.
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: Emerald Wolf July 08, 2011, 02:30:41 PM

Fragments (3 July)
1) I am sitting down at a table with my elder sister, celebrating her birthday. Some of my old school friends are there including M. I introduce M by saying that she used to be my friend which results in a negative emotional reaction for me. [Kinda stupid of me. If I had approached the situation with a more optimistic expectation things would probably have gone better]

2) I am stuck in a circular room, possibly at the top of a tower where I have become trapped by the demonic hounds that have been chasing me. In the morning my aunt W finds me and asks me about some of the doglike carcasses she has found lying around, which suggests that I managed to kill some of them during the night.

3) I am in the lobby of a hotel at night with some other people where creepy paranormal things are happening. At some point an evil Japanese girl attacks us with a knife and at first I try to hide before attempting to escape the hotel.
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: Emerald Wolf July 08, 2011, 02:35:42 PM
Drop in recall for the next few days can be attributed to zealous overgaming in a desire to complete Ultima Underworld before my holidays ended (An addiction I admit... but at least it was fun).

Fragments (4 July)
1) Flying through tunnels / spaces that have child-themed patterns
2) Trying to play something on a gameboy-like device

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: Emerald Wolf July 08, 2011, 02:38:26 PM

Fragment (5 July)
Someone finds the skull of a murder victim filled with popcorn. The skull is chared.

6 July: No recall.
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: Emerald Wolf July 08, 2011, 02:42:55 PM

Fragment (7 July)
I am alone with my mother at home during the night reading about the history of movies in an encyclopedia type book. There is an entr which suggests that the first clip was a cartoon of a dinosaur done in a line drawing style. Later we walk through the house checking that all the doors are locked and the dog starts barking so we urge her to stay quite.
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: Emerald Wolf July 08, 2011, 03:08:04 PM

Old Hat
I am walking down a street when I spot K (an old school associate) lying unconscious on the ground at the end of it. I go over to her out of concern and realize that M is with me as well. Lifting K up, I put her in a nearby box thinking that this will help her in some way, but the box is a little cramped and contorts her body in an unpleasant looking way. M seems to question the use of what I am doing. I notice that K is wearing a beat up old tophat which excites my sense of curiosity, so putting it on I discover that it is a partially sentient object that has the ability to magically collect money that is lying around nearby.
There is a scene transition and I am now walking along some shady downtown area with my new hat. I walk past a shop where there is a lot of money lying around on a counter and it occurs to me that the hat could get me into trouble if people start to notice their money disappearing all of a sudden.
There is another scene transition in which the hat flys me to a temple-like place hidden up in the sky (there is a general sense of blueness in its architecture). The temple contains puzzles guarding scrolls which are part of some quest that is connected to the hat in some way, although I soon discover that someone else is trying to solve it before me as some of the scrolls are missing. I get the impression that opponent wants the hat for themself and I consider giving it to them so that they can leave me in peace but then I remember that if I do so I will be stuck up here with no way to get down again.

Duke Nukem
I am playing a game of "Duke Nukem 3d" in which a bunch of Pigs Cops are hunting me down. I find that using a shotgun takes too long to kill them with but that rockets and grenades work very well. This is unfortunate for me as I don't have that many rounds of explosives to spare so I try to blow them up in groups which requires me to heard them into confined spaces.
Eventually I defeat all the Pigs in the nearby area at which point I notice analien ship hovering overhead. Its shape is similar to that of the Enterprise from Star Trek, although spheres are a prominent feature in its design. I try to think of a way to board the vessel but it takes off before I do.
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: Emerald Wolf July 10, 2011, 01:03:27 PM

(9 July) Tough Zombies
I am in an area in which there are oaths boarded bt tall hedges that form closed off sections. Given the amount of zombies roaming about it seems likely to be a graveyard. I am armed with a double barreled shotgun with which I try to destroy the undead that fet in my way, but I soon find out that the number of shots it takes to eliminate one is more than I can handle before more show up and close in on me.
I decide to run for it in order to stay out of their reach but everywhere I go there are more zombies. I jump onto the hedge and run along its top for a while when I spot a rather large, mean looking zombie following me with an alarming look of determination evident in its body language. I drop down to confront it with the intention of blowing it away with both barrels at point blank range but it is unnervingly fast for a zombie and starts throwing me around as if it was a bouncer while alive and holding some sort of a grudge against me.

1) I am in a classroom at my old school which is mostly empty although M2 is there. I'm not quite sure what sort of a lesson we are meant to be having but I find myself singing Rummstein songs which psychs me up and I get a sense of all my pent-up frustrations being released.

2) I sit down at my computer to find that I have been logged on to MM the entire time I was away. The chat window is open and as I scan through it I notice that Mu has said something about me although I can't make out what at a glance. I try to scroll to that particular part again but can't seem to find it.
: Re: Through a Nocturnal Veil
: Emerald Wolf July 10, 2011, 01:04:58 PM

Online Thief Interface
I am playing a game of "thief" in which the website from which Fan Missions can be downloaded is itself in the form of a Fan Mission. All the downloadable files are represented by closed doors lined up in rows like hotel rooms. While exploring I stumble upon a hidden passageway that leads to where unfinished and beta-version levels are stored.
Upon entering one of the roomns I am confronted by three of four blue trolls sitting down at a wooden table. One by one they get up to grab me and I knock each of them out with my blackjack as they do so. I notice that they are all different in size and wonder if they are a family. The room itself has additional exits to my left and right while a fireplace burns with a low orange glow ahead of me. Mounted to the wall on the left of the fireplace is a cylindrical closet (also wooden) which contains the partially destroyed remains of what I suppose is a time bomb made of bottles and glass balls of chemicals.

Chemistry Experiment
I am at school doing a chemistry experiment in which adding iron to a solution containing an orange powder allow you to separate the orange substance from the rest of the solution by bringing a magnet closer to the top of the container. I intone "That is not dead which can enternal lie" as I hold the magnet over the surface of the solution because the orange powder rises up like a small island reminding me of the story "Dagon" by H.P. Lovecraft.
M2 is also in the class and she asks me how much iron is necessary to induce the separation effect and I admit that I just threw a lot of it in because I did not realize that the quantity was something we were supposed to be paying attention to (which makes me feel a little silly).

1) I am on a roadtrip with my elder sister comparing possible routes on a GPS system which overlays them on the display
2) I am being trained as a soldier and nearly get hit by a helicopter that is trying to land behind me (I feel uncomfortable getting back up with the rotor blades spinning above my head.)
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: Emerald Wolf September 10, 2019, 06:18:48 AM
At a standard of 15 posts per page this should conclude page 2.
So let's skip a 7-year lacuna of dream recall and move on to page 3  :gladiator:
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: Emerald Wolf September 10, 2019, 06:22:00 AM

1) I am outside in an open marketplace with my aunt shopping for gear (of the RPG variety). The store I am inspecting displays its wares in a grid of boxes as might be expected from a computer game. Focusing my attention on the items lets me see what their stats are. Some of them seem to have slots that can hold gem inserts to make them more powerful. I try to find one that will work well with the gems I have with me.

2) I am outside a house where there seems to be a party on, intending to steal an item of some importance. It turns out to be a book with a wood and leather hardcover. I seem to know that it allows whatever one writes in it to actualize in their dreams and that my cousin has been using it to live out some sick fantasies. Later I fight him by casting fire and lightning spells from my hands.

3) I am at school with some friends talking about dungeon crawling and how things work in some game world (this dreamworld?). As we are walking about I hear my name being mentioned and turn to see a girl and her friends chatting. I have an apprehension that my friends and her friends are trying to get us to talk to each other. I think she looks like a fairly nice person so when we walk up to them I say hi to her and she replies similarly. She seems shy at the moment and I can't think of anything else to say so I smile, say bye and walk away. She repeats what I said.
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: Emerald Wolf September 11, 2019, 08:18:03 AM

1) I am following a black man whose surname is Trump. He tells me he enjoys the confusion it causes when people listen in to conversations about him, expecting it to be about Donald Trump instead. We get on to a bus with some other people for a while and later the two of us get off at some actor's house. The two seem to know each other but what interests me more are all the quarters that have been pushed into the soil of his front yard (as if to mark where things have been planted or buried). I get a desire to take one of the quarters with me but each time I pick one up I see that it is a comemorative issue coin with some important historical figure's face on it, and the actor tells me I can't have it for that reason. I continue trying to find a normal quarter.

2) I am part of some Jedi training temple being run by someone I suspect might be a Sith Lord. There is a dumpster filled with wrapped bundles of what might be bombs that are occasionaly found around the area (the dumpster is mean to neutralize the threat somehow). I'm confused as to why we can't just open the bundles to see what they contain.
Later I join some people running around a maze of stone walls filled with traps looking to collect gems that are lying all over the place. I find myself looking through a low opening into a corridor running into a dead-end "T". Someone else is trying to make their way down the long corridor section towards my position, but keeps setting off a trap that makes the walls smash into each other so that they can't advance. At the intersection close to the hole is a pile of gems, which I figure is what the trap is meant to be guarding. Sterching my arm through the hole allows me to collect the gems without setting anything else off. On closer inspection the gems remind me of dice.

Mixed Safari
I am ouside a lodge in a game reserve standing around waiting for someone. I watch as an orange sportscar drives down the road leading from the lodge as stops next to me. The car is being driven by an old man, but I take over as I get into it and set off back up the road. At first I wonder if the car is too low on the ground for this sort of terrain but the handling is smooth even with all the dips and bumps in the road.
At one point there is a small, muddy watering hole that has formed in the middle of the road with a dirt ramp immediately before it leading to an area of higher elevation on the other side. I increase speed as we approach to ensure we clear the gap and just before launching into the air I spot a hippopotamus standing up from the its bath. We manage to make the jump to the other side but I think to myself that this setup is a rather negligent one, being dangerous to both people and animals.
By this time I've become quite impressed at the speed of the car and wonder if the combination of this and it aerodynamic form could cause it to become momentarily airborn, at which point it lifts away from the ground and I find myself able to control it like an airplane. spotting an area up ahead that is marked as off limits to vistors I decide to go exploring with this new freedom of movement.
The area is something between a gorge and a cave system, filled with a crystal clear lagoon. In it I spot an octopus with rainbow coloured markings running across parts of its body as well as other striking forms of tropical sealife. As I am wondering why people are being denied seeing this amazing oasis I start to notice windows cut into the cave wall, looking in on office spaces. I recognize the interior of one as being a denist's office and reason that this must be part of a private hospital complex.

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: Emerald Wolf September 12, 2019, 07:23:37 AM

There is a field with an underground system of bunkers that are joined together. At some points in the field low drum-like exit points jut out of the ground with a slit in them to serve as observation posts as well. At some point a few people escape from the bunkers (which are being invaded) and take shelter at an old hotel that feels like it belongs in a WW2 movie.
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: Emerald Wolf September 13, 2019, 06:14:44 AM

Annoying Beggars
I am standing in a parking lot next to my car, about to go home when four beggars show up. They seem to expect me to give them money (possibly for "guarding" my car, ie: not doing any damage to it themselves). On the one hand I don't really want to give them anything since that would only be encouraging them, but on the other hand it would get rid of them for now if I do. I open my wallet and give them R10 each (three notes and some coins). They take the money but are indignant that I am only giving such a small amount. This pisses me off and I start ranting about how rightfully I don't have to give them anything, they are the one's who are bullying me with their expectant and ungrateful behaviour. Thankfully they leave shortly after this.
As I am getting into the front seat I notice that one of the rear doors is still open and, as I get back out to close it, that one of the beggars is standing inbetween it and the car. I ask him to move out of the way so that I can close it (I also notice that it has started to rain at this point). He seems to take this as a que to ask me for a lift and I tell him I don't think I'm going his way as I'm going to <my city>. He doesn't take the hint and asks me what direction that is in at which point I snap. I take a machine gun from somewhere and empty a number of rounds into his body, watching as he falls onto the back seat of my car... waking up with my teeth clenched and arms shaking.
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: Emerald Wolf September 17, 2019, 07:50:16 AM

Fragment (15 September)
I am playing a top-down scrolling game that involves escaping from a sci-fi base. At one point there is a command centre room with a number of circles that need to be lit up in order to proceed.

Fragments (16 September)
1) I buy a small bag of oranges and then remember that I already more at home.

2) I am with some friends (or friends of my family) at an outdoor table of some fairly fancy resturant. I talk to them about a horror story (or game) which involves a creepy child that appears and suffocates people.

1) I am with my elder sister in the front passenger seat of a car while she is driving. We are trying to reach a certain place using google-maps for directions, but it keeps giving convoluted routes that clearly end up in incorrect locations. I ask her what the name of our destination is and try to figure out why the app would be glitching like this. At one point I consider that the destination sounds like the name of an anime show and that the app might be trying to draw data from an anime database instead of using geographical data to compile the route.

2) I am with two of my boardgaming friends at what first feels like a bookstore, but on closer examination of the shelves around me I see a lot of boardgames. J pulls one off the shelf and opens it up. It appears to be a colourful but cheap squad-based war game of some sort. I was hoping to go through the available selection some more but as he is setting it up I guess that this is what we will be playing.

3) I am playing a game (or observing from an overhead perspective) where a car drives into terrorists armed with AK-47s. The people don't get run over so much as being pushed along until they have suffered lethal damage, at which point they fall over.
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: Emerald Wolf September 19, 2019, 06:26:35 AM

Fragments (18 September)
1) I find myself at my old home, wearing black robelike clothes (I was talking to a samurai beforehand). I move down the passages by jumping forward and gliding along without touching the floor. At intersections I push off of the walls to change my direction.

2) I am outside my old home by the pool, helping my mother who is removing the fruit from a palm-like tree. On closer inspection the fruit seem to be bunched together like bananas, but are a bit gooey inside when cut open. My friend K shows up and informs me that he is going to undergo surgery. As my mother is a nurse she chats with him about it for a bit.

L5R Game with T
I am sitting at a low table sorting through a bunch of L5R cards (from a new set?) preparing for a game with my old school friend T. My mother is off to the side and hands me a tube of chips (pringles?) which I open. The top portion inside is filled with cardboard, reducing the amount of chips included. Upon closer inspection the cardboard turns out to be puzzle pieces, which I hand back to my mother.
Turning my attention back to the game I see that T has opened a new box of cards. The box has an interesting design of a mask or creature totem with a portion cut out for its mouth. I ask T if he wants to keep it to which he replies no, so I take it for myself.
Looking back at my cards I notice that the protective sleeves they are in are starting to split on the upper edges and I wonder if I should replace them. I think to myself that if I mash-shuffle them starting with the bottom corners pointing towards each other that this would not accelerate the deterioration much, so maybe they are fine as is.
When I come across a hero card I recognize (female Mantis clan sailor / samurai), I talk to him a bit about how the mechanics have changed since earlier sets, finding an older version of the card to show him the differences.

Classroom Tower
I am alone in what feels like a classroom (desks; chairs) waiting for some lecture to start. I seem to recall that we will be evaluated on our ability to maintain relationships (spending extended time with others?). Looking outside I spot K from school sitting in a ticket booth, so I go over to her and ask if she wants to join me (while doing so I notice we are at the top of a square tower-like structure with a void black sky surrounding it). She says she can't because she is not taking part in the lecture. She is filling some administrative role instead.
At this point M and M show up (I wake up but continue to play out the scene in my drowsy state of mind). I know they would rather not have anything to do with me, but I wonder if there is anything I can do that will alter their reaction towards me. I can't find anything that works, so I abandon the scene instead, feeling a bit down.
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: Emerald Wolf September 20, 2019, 08:17:29 AM

Crashing Waves
I am at the beach amid some boulders, talking to someone who is putting on a set of chainmail armor to demonstrate the appearance of historical attire. They then put on rubber and neoprene boots (that are typicaly paired with wetsuits) and, not noticing that this is anachronistic, I point out that they are great for walking over the rocky areas one can find in these sort of locations.
I then climb up onto a nearby boulder to get a better view of the area (noticing as I do so that some members of my family are here as well). From here I can see that the force of the waves is increasing. They build up in a large swell before crashing down onto the beach, which has a bit of a tunnel-like shape here on account of the boulders. The first wave reaches to the bottom of my feet and I can see that the next one will reach even higher as it breaks before the previous one has receeded. I brace for the impact, though it is not as bad as I feared and doesn't dislodge me from my spot. It does however knock off my father's glasses as he was sitting lower and closer to the sea and I think that someone should get them before they are washed away.
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: Caradon November 11, 2019, 07:59:18 PM