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: Seeing Time?
: DrTechnical November 26, 2014, 02:12:06 PM
Can we see time? Well, the answer is most definitely yes. But what does that mean and what are the implications to lucid dreaming and exploration?

But to the core question. Can we see time? Yes. Relative to your point of reference we can see time. When we stand outside at night and look over to the patio table, we see events that happened maybe a pico second ago. When we look up at the stars we see events that happened many many years ago. The light and event is just catching up now. So our view of time becomes more and more delayed as the object(s) we are observing are father and farther away. So in effect we see time over a continuum, from near to far objects.

Is dreaming putting us in a physical reality of some kind? Well I think we would all soundly agree no. It's not physical in the sense that our waking reality is physical. But what is it? OK, we can call it mind space, or non physical reality. But regardless one would have to argue it's a projection of ones mind. This does not make it less real or important. But we project it via information we are receiving at the time plus the projection of our expectations, experiences and familiarity with the information being received/processed.

What is the core information being received? I would argue emotions.

How is that information filtered, interpreted and broadcast around us? Via metaphors that capture the essence and meaning of the emotion.

So yes, metaphors communicate meaning to us in dreams. And as I have pointed out before, if one wanted to talk to the dreamspace, to non physical matter reality perhaps it would be a good idea to speak in the native tongue, to communicate to the dreamspace via metaphors.

Now, given our minds are somewhat slaved to physical matter reality and the rules and properties thereof, how does one create a metaphor in the dream space in order to eliminate time - to collapse the dreamspace to a single point, collapsing time and reducing ones perspective to a single point of consciousness that defies time? Reducing it to a non-dimension? With intent and desire and recognition between the parallels between PMR and NPMR you could pull the entire dreamspace in on itself.

Without the barrier of the perception of time, what might we accomplish?

: Re: Seeing Time?
: Z0rb November 26, 2014, 06:30:05 PM
I liked this thread. With more time I will read more about yours others posts here in the forum.

Delite time in the world of dreams, I don't know if relly it's possible. In fact, I believe that this is not possible. When we awake in the dream world, we are closely connected to the world of human beings, within our consciousness inhabits the feelings, thoughts, conceptions of space and time and beliefs about our own existence. We are educated in a chronology of time, where the past, present and future are part of human understanding of the universe and nature. We called Human Evolution. We can create an abstract principle which can not involve the concept of time, from a mental activity in our dream, but that's about it. It's just a "creation" of fun than reality itself.
: Re: Seeing Time?
: DrTechnical November 27, 2014, 09:41:19 AM
Einstein was once quoted as saying (I will have this more or less correct):

"Time is nothing more than an illusion. Albeit a very persistent one."

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I tend to agree that the dreamspace occurs at a hierarchical layer of reality wherein we are all more interconnected. Thanks for sharing.

I figured I would post this at MM to see if we could stir the pot and provoke a little out of the box thinking like we used to. I have some very specific goals in mind with my ideas above, but we'll see how that plays out. I'm more interested to know what people think about some of these concepts and what they are doing at present to challenge themselves  :).
: Re: Seeing Time?
: howitzer November 29, 2014, 09:37:12 AM
Time has always been a fascinating topic.  Especially when time is the subject of our dreaming.
I've found myself watching "though the wormhole, narrated by Morgan Freeman. This had givin me the idea of traveling into a wormhole when I become lucid. I have previously found myself aimlessly floating through space without a preconceived agenda.
I figured I would travel through one and see where my mind decides to take me.

With some of your thought provoking ideas of time, maybe I too can experiment with collapsing time. 

We will see.
Maybe I will return to post this fifty years from now.  ;)