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Electrical brain stimulation may allow dreams to be re-experienced while awake:

Epileptic patients sometimes report experiential phenomena related to a previous dream they had during seizures or electrical brain stimulation (EBS). This has been alluded to in the literature as “déjà-rêvé” (“already dreamed”). However, there is no neuroscientific evidence to support its existence and this concept is commonly mixed up with déjà-vu. We hypothesized that déjà-rêvé would be a specific entity, i.e., different from other experiential phenomena reported in epileptic patients, induced by EBS of specific brain areas.


We collected all experiential phenomena related to dreams induced by electrical brain stimulations (EBS) in our epileptic patients (2003–2015) and in a review of the literature. The content of these déjà-rêvé and the location of EBS were analyzed.


We collected 7 déjà-rêvé in our database and 35 from the literature, which corresponds to an estimated prevalence of 0.3‰ of all EBS-inducing déjà-rêvé. Déjà-rêvé is a generic term for three distinct entities: it can be the recollection of a specific dream (“episodic-like”), reminiscence of a vague dream (“familiarity-like”) or experiences in which the subject feels like they are dreaming (literally “a dreamy state”). EBS-inducing “episodic-like” and “familiarity-like” déjà-rêvé were mostly located in the medial temporal lobes. “Dreamy states” were induced by less specific EBS areas although still related to the temporal lobes.


This study demonstrates that déjà-rêvé is a heterogeneous entity that is different from déjà-vu, the historical “dreamy state” definition and other experiential phenomena. This may be relevant for clinical practice as it points to temporal lobe dysfunction and could be valuable for studying the neural substrates of dreams.
In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me.
-- from Attics of My Life, by Robert Hunter