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The W.A.W.
« on: May 14, 2019, 08:22:55 PM »
The Weird-Ass World. This is a thread to share any strange news you might have heard, seen, or read about. Stuff like, maybe:

Freddy Krueger the Indestructible Parrot.
From USA Today:

A seemingly invincible parrot named Freddy Krueger miraculously showed up near its cage, bloody and disfigured, after being stolen two days earlier.

Freddy was missing for two days after three armed men raided a Brazilian zoo, overpowered a guard and stole two parrots and a cylinder of gas. On April 14, zoo staffers found the disfigured bird on a tree next to his cage, the only clues to his escape the tiny drops of blood splattered near his home.

This is just the latest ordeal for a hardened parrot that has witnessed drug deals, police shootouts and snake bites.
Rest of the story: