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So I guess I've achieved my set goal for July.  It was mainly to work on improving recall and just maybe a lucid before the end of the month if I'm lucky.   Recall has been improving greatly but still not quite where I want it to be, since it's a little inconsistent. Getting little burst of really vivid recall, then burst of crap recall. But after a couple of hour WBTB this morning I was having some extremely vivid recall and got lucid in the middle of it. It didn't last long but was full blown lucidity, and remembered the first thing I need to do when getting lucid, to look at my watch to get myself use to doing my watch RC in my dreams.

It's A Madhouse

There is a lot to the dream before things start getting crazy. But I'm short on time so just going skip to the point where I start getting lucid.

I'm at my house and there is some random friend there with me that I don't know in waking life. I'm out on the porch with the blinds to the windows pulled up. The windows to the porch look out on the back yard.  I notice someone walk around the side of the house and knocking on the window.

Who is this person I'm wondering, is it someone I know. I try to get a closer look and it looks like the person has gotten beaten up but I don't recognize him. Face all black and blue. But the better look I get, the worse his face looks. Now the guy looks like a zombie. But I don't believe him to really be a zombie. Maybe just some crazy beat up drunk in my yard beating on my window. Never the less I think Zombie! And I know I should RC at the site of a zombie and planning to but for some reason I don't.

My Random friend starts opening the window that the drunken zombie man is beating on. I'm like "WTF are you doing!"  I push random dream friend away from the window and push zombie man away from the window and close it and lock it.

I turn around to see a crazy WTF moment. My random friend dead and bloody on the floor, and this bald mutated humanoid monster climbing up out of the center of a cabinet as if it was hiding inside the cabinet the entire time. At this time zombie man outside is more insistent, seeming determined now, to smash his way into the house through the window.

There are more people all around now, that just seemed to appear. And the bald mutated humanoid is trying to bash peoples skulls in with what looks like a meat tenderizing mallet.

I'm like WTF his is insane... I must be partially lucid at this point because I'm actually amused by the whole situation  and enjoying the awesome vivid recall. I'm thinking I'm  just going to keep going with it and try to remember everything so I can write this bizarre scene down in my journal. I want to remember as much of it as I can.

Then it hits me, and I think to myself, I'm dreaming!" I repeat it a couple times as it fully sinks in. "I'm dreaming! Wholly crap I've done it" "This is a dream!" The entire scene is intensely vivid as I look around at the craziness going on all around me. I'm completely detached from it, observer, not afraid and not caring about the bloody violence being conducted in from of me. Other than my fascination with the vividness of it all.

My lucidity level is so high that I'm fully aware that I'm on limited time because of basically being in a nap after a three hour WBTB. And that my alarm clock is set to wake me up. I'm wondering how much time I have before my alarm wakes me out of it. But I'm excited and unsure how long I'll stay in it anyways because I have that sense of excited fear about to lose the moment that causes it to happen.

I then remember my goal to look at my watch when I become lucid to get myself use to doing in dream reality checks again. So I look at my watch and the numbers are hard to see because they are very faded as if the battery is dying. I turn my wrist away and look at the watch face again It's still faded but I can just barely make out squiggly lines through the murky fadedness of the watch face. I turn the watch away from me again intending to do it again, but I come out the dream then. Not overly disappointed, just excited that I had done it. And with just a few weeks of serious intention put to getting my lucidity back.



I took an hour and a half nap before going to work Friday. ( As always, a nap dated as part of the previous nights sleeping.) I was having a vivid dream in my nap and recognzed a dreamsign  and became lucid.   

A Visit From Cody

I'm trying to hurry getting ready to leave the house, for work I think. I'm rushing around doing this and that. Eventually I make my way outside the house.
Outside, I see sweet little little Cody sniffing around the side of the house. Cody is a dog of my mom and step dad's. While I've not mentioned him much he was a big part of my life and good friends with my dog as they spent much time together growing up and always played together. He died of Kidney problems a year ago, just before new years. He was a wonderful little dog.

  I see Cody and right away I'm aware that he is in reality dead and I am seeing him in a dream. Though my lucidity is kind of partial as it's not  quite fully sunk in right away. But as I'm watching Cody sniffing around I'm lucid enough to marvel at my minds ability to create him in such perfect detail. Not just the way he looks, but the way he moves as well. As I watch him I become more fully lucid and I'm realizing how lucky I am to be seeing him right now. And thinking about how I  might describe this moment in my journal.

And I remember that this is one of the purposes and benefits of lucid dreaming. To visit with loved ones that are gone from our lives. I call his gis name. "Cody!" When I call his name he stops and looks up at me in such a familiar way. It seems so much like it's really him. I call his name again and he begins walking towards me. But then runs off around the side of the building.

I realize I don't want to let the moment pass and I call to him again as I chase after him. "Cody!." I call to hime a few more times as I follow after him.

I am more overcome with emotion each passing moment and feel more desperate to pick him up and hug him. I catch up to him and scoop him up speaking his name.  And I think the intense mixture of emotions, destress, sadness, happiness for being able to see him again was getting too much and caused the dream to start fading out and I wake up

 It was just as well because my alarm clock was set and just about to go off anyways.   

Congrats on the lucidity, the stability of it, and recognizing and reality checking wtf moments. That last dream was very sweet, a reminder that in dreams we can still see, hear, and embrace those that have passed on. I cherish such dreams, especially when I am lucid in them. 


--- Quote from: Wędajihs on August 22, 2019, 02:10:47 PM ---Congrats on the lucidity, the stability of it, and recognizing and reality checking wtf moments. That last dream was very sweet, a reminder that in dreams we can still see, hear, and embrace those that have passed on. I cherish such dreams, especially when I am lucid in them.

--- End quote ---

Thank you. Yeah, you are right. I really need to be focusing on it more than I have been. But I've been wanting to sleep as little as possible lately. So it's been very difficult.

The other night I woke up with the vague feeling of being lucid in a dream but I couldn't bring the details back. But I had the feeling that it was one of those where you just know without anything triggering lucidity.


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