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So this is my Get These Dreams Going Again Guild thread.

 :guns: To the zombie spam.


 :clap: I thought about starting a thread like this too. Great minds. Great minds.

It seems an appropriate guild to have going right now. :) And seems we are beginning to make progress in the dreaming department.   :yahoo:

I am ready to get back at it. I've got a new machine, a fresh reconnection to the world, and a dream world just begging to be explored. While I was wifi-less I started wondering if we should hold some kind of online event for  ourselves, something inspiring and interactive. I just don't know what, maybe a dreaming challenge. There are a lot of monthly challenges out there for personal betterment, art, writing, photography, sports, etc. We could likely apply that same method for a 30 day dreaming challenge of some kind. Something like that could get the dreams going again.


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