Author Topic: 6 Hidden Dangers Of Lucid Dreaming!  (Read 50 times)

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6 Hidden Dangers Of Lucid Dreaming!
« on: October 18, 2022, 07:23:18 PM »
I stumbled upon this misleading clickbait nonsense yesterday.

The only danger I see in this video is that some people may become scared of something they have no need to be scared of because of a lack of experience and or understanding. And why the heck would this guy be telling people that encountering a scary situation in a dream while lucid is scarier than when you are not lucid. Seriously dude?  If you are lucid you should know you don't have to be scared at all...  Obviously an inexperienced dreamer made this video and titled it 6 Hidden Dangers Of Lucid Dreaming to get people to click on it to get more views. Maybe get paid by youtube for getting the views.

One danger that is not even a danger since fear on it's own is no danger at all unless you somehow manage to scare yourself into having a heart attack. And that isn't even a danger of lucid dreaming since not being lucid should be a lot more scary than being lucid since being lucid you should be aware that there is no danger and as such not be scared  :P

Edit: Looking over the comments in this youtube video a little bit. This whole fear thing in lucid dreams so many people seem to have a problem with just goes right over my head. I don't get it. I'm 51 years old now and been doing this since the 80's and gotten lucid during the most horrific and terrify situations imaginable and even unimaginable. Super natural dangers or otherwise. And not even once not even in the early days did I remain afraid after becoming lucid realizing it was a just a dream and there was no real danger. On the contrary, those moments where I reached pure terror in a non lucid dream and the sudden rush of realization that it was a dream was nothing but a sigh of relief as I experience an instant loss of all fear whatsoever. Then nothing but joy and fun as now it's time for me to have fun toying with the would be scary things that are not.

But then I'm the weird person that loves the scary freaky shit even if I don't get lucid to me it's just like a wild ride at the theme park. I love the intensity of it, and the scarier the better because if I can actually become scared enough it will trigger lucidity and then the real fun begins. But that doesn't happen as often anymore because it's tough for me to get that scared in dreams anymore even when not lucid. 

In one recent pretty wild one where I got lucid I offered up my neck to a sword wielding enemy to allow him to do his best to try and decapitate me. When that didn't work out so well for him I got bored of that pretty quickly and decided to play around with telekinesis and ended up melting him down to a puddle. I was kind of surprised by the melting effect that never happened before but it was entertaining. In one of my last lucids from this month I think my my mind was trying to scare me into lucidity as I tend to believe my mind will do that on purpose to try and help me become lucid but when it wasn't working because I wasn't getting scared enough there was a sudden scene shift that put me right where I needed to be to receive my best dreamsign of getting airborne and that did get me lucid.
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