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Hello all. I was just wondering if you're having dreams that are related to the current Covid/Corona Pandemic. If so, give them a share here? It would be interesting to see how the current global panic is affecting the dreaming mind.

I haven't had any outright CV Dreams yet. But I do feel like one, about drawing numbers out of a container and giving them to people, has something to do with it. I don't know how, just feels that way.

I had a really bizarre dream where the world was violently ripped apart around me and then reformed itself into this weird other worldly, other dimensional kind of place. I have no idea if it was related or not though. Maybe.

I might end up having more of them now that it's become real here, and my job has been compromised. And just sitting in my own little personal survival apocalyptic isolation waiting to see what happens next. Will it blow over before I run out of money and supplies, or just keep getting worse and become even more real? Time will tell.

I didn't have much recall last night. Woke up for a little WBTB and was planning to go back to sleep for another five six hours before work but then found out I'm probably not going to be going back to work (At least not to my current job) until this blows over. So went shopping for food and supplies instead of going back to sleep. At least not yet. I'll probably go back for a nice long nap pretty soon.

For the time being I'm fine. I have enough food to last a month or two, I think. A couple hundred in cash and some savings in the back to get by for a while if I have to.

How are things where you're at?

Holding together here. On top of, or underneath of, this pandemic stuff are a bunch of other issues we're dealing with too.

I saw an article somewhere, probably IASD facebook page, that they're looking for pandemic dreamers for some kind of research if anyone is interested.

Also, I had a kind of cool dream where a variety of native people in the world were singing all at once but somehow all our voices sounded beautiful together. I think we were singing for the earth to recover, not for humanity, but for the earth. My song and the ones I could understand were for the earth.

Last night while drifting off to sleep I had some none lucid HI where I was in a scene of being out shopping. There were a lot of people walking around with winter coats that were zipped up so the top part of the coat covered their mouths and noses. At first, in the scene, I just thought that they were cold and kind of bundling up. But then I remembered the real reason was because they were covering their mouths and noses to try and avoid getting the virus. I came out of the dream shortly after coming to that realization.


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