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Just me, angry and yell-arguing with someone. Wish I could remember who I argued with or why. I suppose over all that's not the important thing, the important thing is my anger is making a comeback and I don't like it.

Wow you too, I had an angry dream last night too. I got into a big argument with a family member. I don't even remember what it was about.

There was recall of another dream but I forgot what it was. I went to check on my notes because I thought I took notes but then saw that I apparently didn't.
I was going to sleep more but didn't really I fell asleep for a little bit while watching a movie but didn't recall anything. But then decided to make a trip to the store so didn't sleep any more. 

That is weird. Hoping for better dreams tonight. I'm going to remind myself to reality check if I am angry at anything.

I try to remember the angry reality checks too.

I had a really bad one influence by both the pandemic thing and emotions around the loss of my puppy. I decided I'm not describing the details it was highly disturbing. 

Damn. Sitting in my living room tent and can hear the wind blowing like crazy outside. I'm thankful I'm so cozy and warm in here.

Glad you're safe and warm.

Last night dreamed I hoarded a mountain of toilet paper. I don't know why I had gotten so much. Passersby looked at me with either envy or hatred. I took half of the toilet paper into my apartment with the intention fo distributing it to family. The other half I gave away to people passing by, a pack per person. They still looked at me with envy or hatred, or with suspicion. I didn't care. Weird. lol


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