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Hi - not new, it's just been a while.


Hi everyone :)

Not sure if anyone would know or remember me, but I used to actively write and chat here ages ago. I had a dream last night that I wanted to record... actually I was thinking about MM yesterday too... I want to start journalling again. Whether anyone reads it or not is irrelevant, but I miss posting in my dream journal and MM was home.

It looks like there's still a few people here, which makes me really happy to see :)

Oh, hi Serenity. I saw your journal post before seeing this and posted there.

Yeah I remember you for sure. I don't know if you remember me.  I don't think we ever chatted at all but I remember seeing your posts. I didn't post much outside the regular journal section.

Welcome back. Yeah, hasn't been real active. Just a couple of us using the place mostly for journaling and chatting a little. You're more than welcome to join in.

Thanks for posting. :)

Hi Caradon,

I remember your name! Thanks for keeping this place going. It looks a little rough, but it's nice to see it still here. To my recollection, pj was the site owner, but Mu did all tech stuff - like all the emotes you see were things he implemented. If the chat room still works, it was something he did. I don't have any way to contact him, so I think this might be what we get lol.

It looks a lot better than it did. :) Littlest Leaf Dragon owns it now. Made me a mod a while back so I've cleaned up the spam that was around and been on the watch for new spam bots and banning them when they pop up. But I'm not real tech savy, so don't want to mess with too much and possibly break something lol. I'm not even sure about the chat I've not tried it but assume it's probably not working. I'm just thankful the site is remaining up and running.

Hi Serenity. It's great to see you here. I think now is a good time for dreamers to come together, even if only to journal together.


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