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Dream Study Groups - IASD
« on: January 27, 2021, 01:15:06 PM »
Dreaming is free but if you want to study with dreamers around the world, there's this:

Registration for the Dream Study Groups Program is now open! The DSGP Foundation Series and DSGP Research Series are described below, both will begin on March 1, 2021.
You can Register for the DSGP Foundation Series Here.
Or Register for the DSGP Research Series Here.
Note: You will first need to make an account for the site, and will then be able to register for the DSGP.

For the second year in IASD's history, members and non-members alike can join the IASD Dream Study Groups Program (DSGP), where like-minded individuals will be able to meet and interact in our Global Dreamers Forum, and will follow course content together over the period of one year in an engaging and interactive way, with access to forums and discussion questions.

The cost for participation in the DSGP, $50 for IASD members and $75 for non-members, includes:
Access to the "DSGP Tea Room", a global forum for dreamers.
Access to either the DSGP Foundation Series, or the DSGP Research Series courses, detailed below.
A one-year membership in either series, where members will interact on forums and discuss course content over the year.
All members of the DSGP must read and agree to honor the IASD Principles of Community.

More info:
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