Author Topic: The Many Worlds of Lucid Dreaming Online Conference  (Read 754 times)

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The Many Worlds of Lucid Dreaming Online Conference
« on: October 13, 2020, 09:26:57 PM »
Just FYI for those looking to expand their lucid horizons.
OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 14, 2020
An Online Event from the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Robert Waggoner and Ed Kellogg will act as co-hosts for this special event.

The International Association for the Study of Dreams will present its first online conference on The Many Worlds of Lucid Dreaming. The conference will offer presentations on the many facets of the lucid dreaming universe, ranging from practical "How To's" to explorations into psi, healing, philosophy, and spirituality, as well as the latest cutting edge scientific research.

Moreover, you will explore how to utilize the lessons of lucidity and bring them into your waking, day-to-day life so that you can live more lucidly. Naturally, bringing greater awareness into your waking life can lead to greater lucid dreaming. Similarly, learning how intent, expectation, beliefs and focus influence your lucid dreaming can give you liberating insights into how to use those same mental activities in your waking life - and consciously co-create a richer, deeper, more fulfilling life.


Conference attendee: $89.00
IASD Member: $79.00
Student or low income: $49.00
2021 Lucid Dreams: 8