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IASD Virtual Dreaming Conference


I've wanted to attend this for ages but never had the time or money to do so. Due to COVID the conference is virtual this year. Thinking about joining and submitting some dream art.


June 13-17, the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD)will hold the full 5-day conference virtually via Zoom.  It will be live and interactive with the same symposia, panels, workshops, morning dream groups, and special events offered as had been planned for the onsite program.  This not only ensures the safety of participants but increases global access to the full event.

Everyone is welcome – whether you are a professional, a dreamworker, or just a curious or interested dreamer. The program features peer reviewed presentations and workshops, in a multidisciplinary program including the scientific, psychological, spiritual, artistic, healing, lucid and extraordinary, ethnic and cultural aspects of dreaming; and a lot of fun events including opening receptions, a virtual Dream Art Exhibition and a meet the artists reception, the annual PSI Dreaming Contest, and even a virtual gathering for the ever-popular costume parade and Dream Ball. This year’s featured tracks include Dreams and Ethnicity and Dreams and The Arts. For the latter, we plan some special events featuring  the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Call for Presentations – WAITLIST Applications only, Research Posters (now Hot off the Press presentations) is extended until March 15, 2021.
Call for Volunteers – Apply online, first come basis, Now open!
Call for Art Exhibit Submissions – March 15, 2021 deadline.
Call for Student Research Awards – March 15, 2021 deadline
Registration Online (Temporarily Offline)
Presenter Registration deadline – March 15, 2021
(HOTP April 1, 2021)
Early Registration Discount deadline – May 15, 2021

 I watched the video. It sounds like a lot of fun. I bet if you went to an in person conference it would look kind of funny if there is a bunch of people all around you all doing reality checks at the same time. Ha ha. That would be cool though.  You see every one walking around trying to breathe through pinched noses and trying to push fingers through hands and repeatedly looking at watches, or whatever else. 

Now, I had better remember to do a reality check if I see this happening, lol. Very well could dream about going to this conference and seeing tons of people reality checking. That would be kind of awesome to end up lucid in that situation.

It would be awesome to see people reality checking every little while.

This could be a dream.


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