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Introduction :-)


Lucid Lyra:
Hiya! I'm not exactly new here, but I haven't been active on this forum in years... hmm ... nearly a decade at this point, I think? (geesh! :bee:)

I've always struggled with motivation and starting things. Then, if I do start something and get a good flow going, I struggle sticking with it and can't get past a beginner's level as a result. This doesn't only apply to lucid dreaming, but LD is one of the things I keep coming back to, like an old friend. I've taken this as a sign that it's worth my while and that I should definitely break the cycle there. :)

To be fair to me, the hustle and bustle of daily life (school + full time job, etc.) has contributed to my struggle, but it's also more than that.

So, anyway, I'm here with stronger intent to go farther with this; I have a daughter now, whom I want to set an example for.  :) The hustle's a little different with a baby, but still present and possibly more challenging (but not impossible).

On that note ... another thing I'm learning is how not to be a perfectionist about everything. Needing things to be all or nothing has certainly contributed to my issues!

I feel like I could definitely benefit from the community aspect of an LD forum. I've lurked around other communities, but I continue to be drawn to this one. I hope it's still as active, yet cozy, as I remember.  :tea:

Sorry for the long intro.  :ashamed1: Looking forward to picking this back up, though! :hi:

Hello Lucid Lyra. Welcome back!

Yeah, I think it's common for a lot of lucid dreamers to have the same kind of struggles.

As far as the site being active, lately it's mainly been Wedajihs and I posting with any regularity. You're more than welcome to join us.


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