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Hello to all members of this forum. I am Russian. And already some time ago I created my lucid dream diary on this forum. But I would like to tell you about my country, Russia. And find out how you live in your countries. As I understand it, there are people from the United States?
They say that people from different countries have different mentality. But it seems to me that people are the same everywhere, no matter what country they were born in.
What would you like to know about Russia, but were afraid to ask? :)
PS: I apologize in advance for the incorrect translation into English. Since I use google translate. I myself do not know English well, although I learned it at school.

For starters, it's worth saying that I live here:

Country Russia. Siberia. Irkutsk region.City of Bratsk.

And where do you live?

Nice. I don't know about the mentality thing as I feel like an alien

But yeah I imagine the life basics are the same most everywhere. Go out to make money to pay the bills. When you don't have to be doing that try to enjoy a few hours of free time as best you can. Repeat.

Since I live in Siberia, the weather is very cold here in winter.  Now it is -13 degrees Celsius.  In winter, temperatures can reach -35 -39 degrees Celsius.  In Russia, temperatures are measured in Celsius, not Faregates.

Despite the cold winters, our summers are also hot under +30 degrees Celsius.  In the summer, I swim in the Angara River, which flows near our city.

What's the weather like?

Yeah I bet it does get cold. Any polar bears?

Swimming in the river on a hot summer day sounds like a good time. There is a place in Wisconsin not so far from me where they made a river tubing park (Apple River) Or Float Right Park where people rent big inner tubes and they take you on busses to a starting point and drop you off and you tube down the river for what seemed like half the day and they pick you up again and the ending point. I've not actually done that since I was a teenager but it was a lot of fun back then.

In the US there is basically every kind of weather imaginable depending on where and what time of year. I live near the northern border so like you it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer.


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