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Book review: "The Lucid Dreamer", by M. Godwin


three and four:
I recently read "The Lucid Dreamer", written in 1994 by British author and artist Malcolm Godwin. I thought I'd write a few words about it.

It's a beautiful 250 page book, and the hardback edition (which I picked up second-hand but in very good condition) contains a great many very beautiful dream-related paintings and images from a wide variety of cultures and periods.

This is not a "how-to" manual about attaining lucidity (for this, nothing I've read beats LaBerge's EWOLD). It's more about the dreams themselves: the historical and cultural chapters are fascinating and go back a long way (a lot is said about the Tibetans, whose contribution to LDs is immense). The book also contains a lot of good ideas about practical applications for self-discovery and self-help.

I would say that this book would be of most interest to people who would like to explore lucidity's more mystical aspects. The author himself spent a lot of time in India meditating, and has a lot of highly interesting things to say not only about the nature of dreams, but about the nature of reality itself.

Some of it can seem speculative, but when dealing with the frontiers of knowledge and experience, we won't get far if we don't indulge in some speculation. At least Malcolm Godwin is a highly educated speculator, which makes the read very worthwhile.

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