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Re: Want help?
« Reply #15 on: December 08, 2009, 09:41:40 AM »
There's no denying that the forum code is quite difficult to understand.  Truthfully, I don't know many other ways to do it; this appears to be the simplest way right now, and it could no doubt be done much better.

We're in no hurry - let's figure out the best way to do it.

The forum code IS difficult, and remember that we are on the edge of shifting to a majorly re-written version of SMF.  Porting over our existing mods and customizations is proving to be a major task.

Do you know if it's possible to have a hidden board or topic, such that an otherwise normal (not mod or admin) member could be given access to it?  In other words, a board requiring special permissions that could be given on an individual basis..

It is a trivial thing to create special member groups with boards accessible only to assigned group members.  Consider The Locker Room as an example.

_Or_..  The author check as you suggest would work as long as that person never changed..  It would be possible to have the author checked in the code; i.e., in the SQL that retrieves the posts..  If the "author" were to change only a single variable would need to be modified.

We can go that route too - by creating a "read only" board and then establishing a special "moderator" for that board only.  We do this when we run workshops - whoever is running the workshop is temporarily assigned mod status for Seekers Corner during the run.

Does what I said to wolvendeer address those concerns?  If it's possible to create a board with special permissions like that, I think it would.  I should mention that the fact that the board's hidden would have no effect on the front page; anyone could still see "what was taken" from that board.

I don't know what you mean by the other half of the equation..

My bad there.  You already addressed what needs to be done with the two-topic or two-thread solution.  Sorry to confuse the issue. . .

I'm not too familiar with twittering..  Do you mean you would like to use it with the News page, or that you already are, and want to use it for other parts of the front pages?

Yep.  I mean that we could apply this same solution to the thread where wolvendeer is (supposed to be, if anybody was using it) picking up news items to twitter.  That could be directly reflected to the News page up front.

:)  Okay..  Let's just say that you've probably put more work into this than anyone else, and whatever we do is building on that.

I think Raklet has soundly me beat there in terms of sheer effort, attention and hours.  He's just a lot quieter about it.

When I offer to do something here, I hope I'm not making more work for you.  If I ever offer to "help" and it turns out to be a pain in the ass, please just say so.

I appreciate this.  Projects have, up to now, been a double-edged sword because of the attention often required of the admin team - usually Raklet and/or me.  Things get done that need to be done, but at the same time we seem to end up being the project managers, which somewhat defeats the purpose of getting others to take on these projects.  The general focus of what we are discussing right now is cutting administrative intervention out of at least part of the equation, so no matter how it goes down the results will be in line with the long-term goals.

Listen, if we do this thing the "board" way, I'll take the responsibility of adding in all the previous dreams.  If you like, I'll be responsible for adding the new ones too..  I'd rather not be in charge of determining what the next featured dream will be though..

That would be great!

Moonbeam is more than willing to select the featured dreams.  She isn't able to do the HTML editing presently required to present them.  That's where much of this discussion is founded.

Once we get this sorted, anybody who wants to be involved in the Featured Dream selection will be able to take care of it completely.

Sorry for rambling in here..  My next post will be in the new thread.

It's fine.  I'll pick it up there soon too.

I wasn't working on anything, and truthfully, I'm procrastinating horribly with the project I have open here, so I'm just trying to put ideas into the pot.

Good ideas.  We're establishing a direction and thinking very much "out of the box" I was heading into.

As far as the multiple author thing, authors could be appended to the list (ie Author1,Author2) so that the program will be able to recognize when a new author is posting.  If you wanted to get complicated, you could make separate identifiers for old and new authors (OLD: Author1,Author2 NEW:Author3).  Imagination is what limits this approach.

The forum thing could be done by making a subforum that is read only except for one group that could be assigned to the editor.  It would be simple to do, and any of the admin staff, as well as iadr and myself (should the apocalypse come and give all our admin IRL problems all at once), would be able to initiate new editors at the request of both parties and/or proper approval.

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