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Whoa..  Awesome.  This is just what we need for the front pages.


The Littlest Leaf Dragon:
Updated the ToC.  Remember, tell me if you guys add a new technique to the board so that I can add it here.

You know - we should get this TOC added to the front material.  It is really amazing how much material we have accumulated over the past two and a half years, and the depth of things to explore here isn't readily apparent from up front.

The Littlest Leaf Dragon:
If we want to do that, I'd like to have a chance to implement the update to the ToC I'm looking at.  I'd like to incorporate summaries and possibly difficulty ratings for the techniques, among possible other things.

Well. . . can we start with what is here, and then add the enhancements as they become available?

It's your work and your call, of course.


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