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Some news about chat smilies
« on: August 20, 2010, 06:37:00 AM »
Some of you have been despondent over a couple issues with smilies in chat.  The issues were as follows:

1.  Smilies whose code contains a substring that is another smiley's code produces smiley failure.
Example: :Oo: (a superstring of :O) gives us the awful o: instead of the intended :Oo:.
This problem has been remedied.

2. Chat presented to us only those smilies native to chat or that lived in the smiley popup here in the forum.  Those that lived only in the post form in the forum were sadly forgotten and attempts to invoke them also produced smiley failure.
Example:  My own beloved :content and ;-D were rendered verbatim instead of becoming :content: and ;-D.
This has also been remedied.

There is, however, a dilemma for which there appears to be no solution.  Some of the smilies native to chat have identical codes to those in the forum.  The basic ":)" (:)) comes to mind.  (You may recall that this is rendered in chat.)  There is little that can be done aside from assigning new codes to one of the conflicting smilies.  At this time those native to chat are being used in favor of the forum's, even if you attempt to insert an apparently different though conflicting one from the popup.  (This does occur in chat only.  Chat smilies have no business in the forum.)