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My Fellow Dreamers,

Each week, I will be featuring a different artist, whose work may be deemed inspirational for lucid dreaming. I will post their work as thumbnails, so that you may click and explore their art at your leisure, rather than having to wait and wait for a page with many huge images to download. I will also post a link to that artist's website, if one is available.

I will make a new post in this thread each week, with that week's featured artist. I want this to be a resource, a library, of beautiful and inspirational images...therefore...I ask that there is no discussion in this thread.

If any of you feel compelled to discuss a certain artist, or perhaps to describe a dream that one of these images helped inspire, then feel free to start a Discussion Thread for this purpose, where all discussion on the weekly featured artist will be held. I would go ahead and create a discussion thread, but until there is a need for such a thing, it seems pointless to create one. =)

I will make sure to change it up from week to week, not only featuring amazing graphic artists, but also photographers, and traditional artists as well. I already have a large list of artists that I want to share with you all, whose work is wonderfully inspirational, however if you feel compelled to offer a suggestion for an artist that you would like to see featured, please send it to me in a PM.

Thanks for reading all that. And I truly hope you enjoy the work that will be featured here, as much as I do.

Well since it's the first week I'm doing this, I really want to start with someone whose work I've admired for quite awhile now.

There isn't much I can say about the photography of Gilad Benari, other is simply magical. What's more is that many of his themes are dreaming related, and each of his pieces has a beautiful description and poem as well...which makes his art a true experience rather than just a pretty image.

I hope you can appreciate his amazing skill using photographic developing techniques in the dark room, rather than photoshop to make his photographs simply spectacular. I urge you to visit his gallery on Deviant Art to see his full collection. Deviant Art Gallery


Gilad Benari:

Walking on Clouds

"Walking on a thin line
But feeling on top of the world
My legs get lighter in touch
My head is full of thoughts of you

Love is not a pocket full of dreams
Love is a never-ending journey
It's only when I think of you
That I find myself walking on clouds"

A Place To Dream

"You need a rest
You need a good word
You need a dream

Your world is restricted by your ability to dream
Find your place to dream.
It never ends here.
This is only the beginning."

Out of My Mind

The voices pound the urban pump
The sky is cloudy with the industrial exhale
The streets are crowded with too much dead time
The tempo of this human race is pressing my heart

Then I
Take my time and step out of my mind
Take a walk to my haven, my hidden paradise
Where the city always sleeps and my dreams awake
Where I can hide behind walls of imagination and go free"

Out of the Woods

"Stretching my mind
Leaving behind
Where I used to hide
Where I was born
And where I died"

Bitter End

"It started out just like every other day, but some far empire decided this is D day
The world began changing right in front of my eyes. What use to be life, crawled up and died
I'm an angel, but now I'm unable to fly, watching the ground, this tree, the sky.
I'm fighting for air, while loosing my faith, climbing back to the sky, and crashing through space

The breakdown has started with this tear in my wings, but the restoration is near, and will begin with only four things. The ground, a tree and sky, and a powerful spirit simply fighting to fly."

Imaginary World

"I see myself floating on a cloud
watching life passing in slow motion
My problems are nothing but
little black dots fading into the white future

Deep inside my paradise I see me
sitting surrounded by splendor and beauty
Colors of the surreal are painting my mind
hypnotized by the thoughts of nothing at all

In my imaginary world
life around me is brilliant
All light, life and love
Everything is perfect, but me"

Thoughts of You

"I've been thinking
I've been crying
I've been trying
To get over you

I've been blue"


"In a pocket full of silence
Where I grow into deep, into me
I take with me the thought Of you
In the times when I had better things to do

In a place where my tears grow trees
In a space left only for my fears
Am I where my cry makes no sound
Or is it that there is no one left to hear

In solitude I grow

Woodoo Master

"I am so proud and happy with this photo. I saw this tree near "Birkat Ram" in the Golan heights (Up north of Israel) and I almost drove pass it when I suddenly understood what it looked like. It wasn't easy getting the right angle, and I feel that this photo is one of my bests. Besides, It reminds me of "lord of the rings"..."

Hot Day, Cold Night

"There is a certain moment
When the day turns into night
That you experience a little of both
A hot day, and a cold night"

A Silce of Life

"Life is rushing to make up on lost time
I have to stop and catch my breath
Move to the stands and catch a good sit
Take some time to look around
Get myself a slice of life
Just so I can stay sane
Going through my life"

On the Streets of Marseilles

"The hungry for love go where the sun always sets
The thirsty for success drink from the river of dreams
The lost souls roam endlessly the streets of Marseilles
Waiting for someone to bring them hunger and thirst
Meanwhile, a lonely dog is guarding the streets of Marseilles
Barking at the naked pavement and heavy sky above
Hoping it will bring the rain and wash out another day
Suddenly, a feeling of hunger, a feeling of thirst...
On the streets of Marseilles"

User Manual to Life

"The user manual to life is a book full of things that life proves to be wrong. No matter what you write in it, life shows you that you know nothing. Actually, the manual should say just one thing - The truth waits for you at the end of the road, when you know what you have seen to be true for you, and even that is false."

Swamp Forrest

"A place you come to get away
Away from the city, the people, the pain
To wash away the thoughts of what you know
A place you find the power to grow
A small island of sanity where nothing makes sense
You need to escape to your swamp forest
And find what you never lost


I fell in love with this artist the instant I saw his work.

One of the most important things I look for in an artist, is uniqueness. Not only their ability to create a beautiful image, but also to create a beautiful expression of their own creativity and imagination.

The art of Pete Revonkorpi, aka Pesare, an extremely talented artist from Finland, has an unmistakable knack for capturing that wistful beauty, the surrealism of a dream, the world seen through the eyes of a child, and a magic that I believe we can all relate to...a magic that awaits our dreams.

And if you want a little more insight into the brilliant mind of this artist, I suggest you visit his deviant art page and read through his journal entries, which are full of beautiful childlike tales...far from anything I've ever seen in another artist's journal on Deviant Art. He is a truly unique and gifted individual!

Pesare: Deviant Art Gallery
Pesare: Deviant Art Journal

I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. =)

A Sea

"...for the ones who can't swim."

Our Town

"Urban Jungle"

Winter Garden


"Mr. Waenerberg, who lives in the paler building,
says he enjoys tea, but doesn't really like it's taste.
He has a lot of books that have titles like "Where is Here?" and "The Beginning and The End of The Dot", and they have absolutely no pictures in them.

Erasmus, who lives in the darker building,
doesn't have a last name. He says he dropped it on a windy day
and has never seen it since.
He has never read a book in his life, but writes poetry because he likes the sound
the pen makes when it scrapes the paper."


Going to Sleep

" like taking a very long trip."

The Winter Bears

"Sometimes, but not too often, it happens
that a bear or two wakes up during the winter
and cannot get back to sleep...

So they quietly crawl out of their dens
and gather around a warm fire
where they tell each others stories
of the past summer."


"When I was a child
the stars were so close
that just by reaching a little
I could have picked them in my pocket.

Over the years
the stars have moved further
and further

A Cup of Tea with a Monster

Once Upon An Autumn Night

"The summer is over..."

Daddy, Bring Me the Moon

The Sandcastle

The Falling Leafs Girl

The Dreamcatcher

Just a Dream

The Good Night Field


Secret Meeting

"...or a meeting with a secret."


Dr. Sofos

"After seven hours of investigation
Dr. Sofos decided
that this creature was real,
and that he should probably say hello."

The Old Caterpillar

"...who never turned
into a butterfly."

The Little Reader

"The title on the book is "Lintu kirja",
it means "a book about birds" or
"a bird book"

The Land of the Lonely

"This is for all of those who have to spend their christmas alone."


Umbrella Field

The City of Dreamers

Grown Up

Lighter Than Air

Silent Audience

Waiting for Winter

"Month ago we had snow
then it all melted, and now
I'm waiting for the second first snow..."

The Flying Home

Dream Walker

Under the Sea

First Date



"If you walk too far
the forest might get lost in you"


"...for the winter...

...for another troll
under another mushroom...

...for the rain to end...

...or maybe just for another drop
to drop..."

A Bow

Sailing Away


Traveling Through the Night

"This is something that happened to me often as a child..."

Sleeping Peacefully


I realize this post is very long overdue...but better late than never right? I apologize that I've been too busy to post a new artist of the week but hopefully this artist makes up for the tardiness with his sheer awesomeness.

With the intrigue of an M.C. Escher drawing and the richness of a Chris Van Allsburg painting, renowned Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves depicts that time between sleep and wakefulness, creating a breathtaking, visual exploration of imagination and possibility that encourages us to think past the boundaries of everyday life, and see the possibilities beyond.

His imagery invites the viewer to move past reality into a somewhat surreal depiction of what fantasy and imagination could be. Although Gonsalves' work may appear to be surrealistic, it differs in that the images are deliberately planned and result from conscious thought. Ideas are largely generated by the external world and involve recognizable human activities, using carefully planned illusionist devices. Gonsalves injects a sense of magic into realistic scenes. As a result, the term "magic realism" describes his work accurately. His work is an attempt to represent human beings' desire to believe in the impossible.

On The Upswing

Carved In Stone

Bedtime Aviation


Still Waters

Sun Sets Sail

Written World

White Blanket

Ladies of the Lake

Here Comes the Flood

Chess Master

Tree House in Autumn

Autumn Architecture

Astral Projection

Pulling Strings

The Performer

Cold Comfort

Acrobatic Engineering

Unfinished Puzzle

Time Pieces

The Woods Within

Castle on the Cliff

In Search Of Sea

Flight Plan

Listening Fields

Making Waves

Medieval Moonlight

The Mosaic Moat

High Park Pickets

Dolls Dreamhouse

For the Birds

The Dancing Wind

Flood Fences

Hopefully you've enjoyed this artist as much as I do. :)

**PLEASE CLICK IMAGE THUMBNAILS FOR FULL SIZE (these paintings are very large with much much detail that should not be missed!)

This artist has so many amazing paintings I really didn't know where to start. Here are just a few of the many gorgeous digital paintings of Vitaly S Alexius, I encourage you to view his entire gallery at:

Deviant Art:Alexiuss Gallery
Homepage: Vitaly S Alexius

Tree Hugger

Halycon Falls

Cimmerian Tide




Chronoscape - Thundersnow

Inherited Hell

Antonymic Cylone

Anamnesis of Estivation

Solaris Autumn

Modern Magic

Aeons of Eclipse

Adamant Citadel



Deliverance of Amity


Amber Citadel

A Proposition

Nova Convergence


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