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This thread is to share things that happen that cause us to do a Reality Check.

Example:  Yesterday afternoon, I was driving through a city subdivision on the north side of Detroit and had to stop to let a huge, lumbering skunk stroll across an intersection.  I did multiple reality checks while waiting!

My biggest reality check moment came on my birthday this year. I saw an ex boyfriend IRL who I haven't seen for about 8 years, who last I knew lived about 2 hours north of me, and who I occasionally have dreams about to this day (or, I should say, he was in them - they weren't about him).

I was at dinner with James and the ex recognized me and came over to our table. I was stunned, and immediately thought I was dreaming! Ever since that weird event, he's never appeared in any dreams again. Quite nice, actually :)

Last week I saw what was very obviously a guy dressed like a female, stilleto heels and all. I did a double take and then bit my finger repeatedly to do a pain check. It hurt.

Depending on the guy, it could hurt more than that!

Emerald Wolf:
On my way to university one day I noticed one of the houses had a zero (the other digits had fallen off)  as its street number and was thinking that that was a mildly RC sort of thing. Then further on I noticed two other houses on my route also had "non-existant" addresses.


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