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I've been meaning to try this to, but i've been kinda slacking with everything dreaming.

I WILD'ed twice last week, unintentionally. I was so tired but it was to early to go to sleep... I layed down with the intent of closing my eyes and drifting for just a bit, but not really sleeping. Both times SP came over me and i found myself dreaming!

In one of the WILD's i didn't have a body... I wanted to bite my finger (RC) but my hand went straight through my head! I was in the dark so i couldn't check if i was invisible to. It was weird and has inspired me to learn to WILD now!

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This is from last night.

--- Quote ---I went to bed at midnight. I did some mindfulness meditation for 5 minutes then went to bed. As I laid there I repeated the mantra, "I wake up at 5 o'clock and remember my dream." I was also trying the WILD awareness practice. My arm became tired and I had to switch from my left to right arm. Eventually, I stopped altogether because I rested my arm for too long and in that time I fell asleep. I guess that I maybe have had my forearm up too early. Even so my forearm dropped once because I was tired so I guess it helped with awareness a little bit. No dreams were recalled when I woke up.
--- End quote ---

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