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CWILD - Caffeine Withdrawal Initiated Lucid Dream, by Moonbeam

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CWILD is caffeine-withdrawal induced lucid dream.  This may be one of the most effective supplement methods for inducing lucidity yet described, but unfortunately it is limited to those people who are addicted to caffeine.

Caffeine, like various other stimulants, is known to potentially induce lucidity when taken before a nap or at WBTB, with variable effectiveness.   However, for people with caffeine tolerance/addiction, if caffeine withdrawal is present prior to the caffeine ingestion, it seems to be a much more effective oneirogen.  If true withdrawal is present, the rate of effectiveness is almost 100%.  Lesser degrees of withdrawal may lead to decreased effectiveness.

The advantage of CWILD is that no tolerance is induced, which is a major drawback of the other LDS.   Instead, it takes advantage of the caffeine tolerance that some people already have; therefore, it can be used as often as is convenient for the dreamer.

The method is very simple.   The most important thing is to be physically addicted to caffeine to the point where symptoms, primarily headache, but also feeling of grogginess and relaxation, are felt when caffeine is withheld.  The time it takes to get into a state of withdrawal will vary from person to person.  Usually, refraining during the day, or at least past early morning,  is sufficient for withdrawal to be felt that night at WBTB.   Then a normal WBTB routine is used, with ingestion of caffeine at that time.  It has been found that going back to sleep as quickly as possible, before the caffeine has time to be absorbed, may prevent insomnia, which is a risk with this method.  Use during daytime naps is possible as well.

The Littlest Leaf Dragon:
Posted up front.

Would this not mess up your sleeping schedule? well its not like most of the methods don't anyway.. WBTB kinda messed me up i could not get back to sleep after and was tired the next day for school but i haven't heard of caffeine method until now, is this your invention made via trial and error or is it well known and i just didn't do my homework before posting?  :oops:

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--- Quote from: Moonbeam on July 08, 2011, 07:36:41 AM ---Not recommended for school nights. 

--- End quote ---

Yeah i know NOW but trying WBTB was shortly after my first ever LD and i was willing to do ANYTHING to get that buzz of control again you must know what i mean.
Do you think the effectiveness of CWILD is worth getting addicted to caffeine?


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