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The Panic Room
« on: March 13, 2011, 12:06:48 PM »
It seems that we all have had issues with keeping our lucid dreams stable or even going. My lucid dreams have seem to become very short in length. I have been trying to perform a mnemonic technique to stabilize my dream scene. I call it the Panic Room - safe room, what ever one would wish to call their safe place!
Like most techniques, it begins to unfold and take form in our awake mind. Your conscious reality.

If others would wish to tweak this idea to fit their own way of thought, I will just briefly describe what is a pretty simple concept.

When I think of this concept outside of the dream state, I treat it as I would a RC.
As many of my lucid dreams become destabilized, for various reasons, I now EXPECT in my dream for there to be the - Panic Room. Rather than try to put too much control over this idea in my head, I let my subconscious alter and vary it up, to a degree. The main thing I look for is a gateway, a door. As I look around I expect to find some door, some gateway to which I open. In turn creates a new dream environment. Very close to (spinning a new dream scene) however I find the act of spinning in itself somewhat unstable.
I can expect this doorway because the dream scene is after all... MY creation. I expect it to appear just as I would expect to distinguish dream from reality during a RC.

I hope this can help someone prolong their lucid adventures!
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