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Salvador Dalí's practices of Lucid Dream Induction

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I found this on Youtube and thought it was VERY interresting and might interrest you guys too.

If anybody can find more info on Salvador Dali's 50 Secrets that would be sweet.

I had no idea that he was into lucid dreaming. It gives a whole new perspective to his painting style.

My understanding of what he did was startle himself out of hypnogogic imagery in order to capture the visions.

Cool, I had a Dalí scenery in a dream once, when I just got lucid, and I figured his painting style must have been dream-influenced in some way.

Snowy Egypt:
I'm surprised they mentioned his fascination with conscious dreaming in my World History textbook. I'm already been a fan of his for the longest time, and I've been dying to look up more of his works.


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