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A New Badge System?

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The Littlest Leaf Dragon:
While discussing ways to improve the appeal and visibility of the monthly tasks, IndigoGhost presented an interesting idea that I think should be given a thread and some serious discussion.  Currently, we have somewhat of a badge system on our regular lucid challenges, with the letter codes, but nothing of the like for the monthly challenges.  His suggestion, as I understand it, was to have a badges section in the profile and actual image badges for completing the tasks.  This would  be somewhat like the meeting place badges, but there would be a different badge for each task, and the badges would be given permanently (also, they would be bigger than 16x16).  As an added bonus, perhaps there could be an option to link the badge per user to the dream they got it in.

The page listing all of the badges they have received would be a part of their profile, but perhaps there would also be a section in the mini-profile displaying the most recent badge they received.  This would serve to 1) be pretty cool and 2) bring a bit more of a spotlight to our lucid tasks and monthly features.

So, what does everyone think of the idea, and what do our techs think about how difficult it would be to implement?

I also had the idea that there could be a separate newsletter type just for the badge system / challenges. This would be something users can pick to subscribe instead of sending it to everyone, a mention of the two main monthly challenges could still be listed in the newsletter we already have. I also think if we had a challenges newsletter that we could have an auto-list of some sort added that shows who completed the challenges that month with click-ables to those users DJ post of that passed challenge. I feel this would make it more of a community thing as you would have an easy way to look at each others dream as it would be very cool to see how others dreamed that scenario compared to your own and it also adds a little fun competitive spirit ^^;

Its also a great way to keep track of how well your doing in your dreaming study.  :content:

Where would these be displayed?  Would it be in posts or just in profiles?


--- Quote from: pj on June 02, 2011, 10:42:57 AM ---Where would these be displayed?  Would it be in posts or just in profiles?

--- End quote ---

I had the idea that you could have a badges tab in your main profile everyone can see and click on with a collection of your badges, these could also be other reward badges also! It would be nice to have a hover over feature where if you hover over the badges it gives you info on what the badge is and then you can click on it and be sent to the post the badge was won with *the post with your dream on* and also in the top right hand corner of that post it would show a little mini badge to signify that is the badge post. It has many other things that could be added to improve accessibility and community all across the board. :)

I had come up with an idea for badges for other things - incentive to the participation in certain areas - but lacked the time, so far, to implement it. I was also waiting for changes in this system, one that, even with awards as they are now, allowing a way to see all the awards the member had gained in the past.


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