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The Littlest Leaf Dragon:
While trying to figure out how to increase participation in the monthly tasks, a few things came to my attention.

1) Of the people who express interest in a task, only a small percentage actually complete the task.
2) A good few people have said that they weren't even aware of the monthly tasks.

This brings up the question of what our members think of the monthly tasks system.  Do you think that we should run the tasks longer than a month?  Is there anything that we should do to increase awareness of the tasks for new members who may not know about them?  Is there anything in general we could do to make the tasks more appealing?

Consider this an open thread to suggest and discuss anything that you might want to see happen with our monthly features.  I want to hear what you guys think so that I know how to improve them for you guys.

They are already being mentioned twice each moth in the newsletters.

Perhaps paring down what it cycling through the news flasher and featuring them prominently there would help?  Likewise with the Meeting Place.

Featuring them on the front page might help too - a lot of people use that as a landing zone when coming in.

They are already in the main pages (though a bit outdated).

Hmm... well, I do try them, but I fail at incubating dreams / remembering goals. Hence why my lack of completion on them.

I LOVE, that you added getting a reward for completing a personal goal as the basic task, Wolve.  :bowdown:

I wonder if maybe we should do a voting system, like the Monthly meeting place? Sort of like... have people make suggestions, and then the top 3 from a vote get chosen (and level of difficulty matched to the task).

The other exposure I can think of is just... the chatroom :) It's been quite active lately, because of DnD, but we're not always RP-ing. When we're in public, it's a great time to bring up a challenge (and it's on-topic, yay!), and get the members curious enough to have a peek.

The Littlest Leaf Dragon:
Good ideas. :)


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