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Rebel Seven:
Hello Dreamers!These are the spiffy badges that you can earn by completing tasks within your lucid dreams. Miniature badges will appear underneath your dream counter and avatar in the forums. Sounds pretty cool right?

But first! Some things to know!

* With the exception of the nightmare badge, you must be Lucid in the dreams you complete your tasks in.
* You don't have to have a dream journal to apply! So long as you whip up a paragraph or two detailing your excursion into lucidity, you can apply in this thread!.
* Vague task descriptions are open to YOUR interpretation (e.g. Magic, Travel Earth) Get out there and try something new! Remember, you are only limited by your creativity.
* For repetitive Badges (e.g. Change Weather VS. Make it Snow) apply for just one badge per action in your dream. There are so many possibilities to experience, see what happens when you explore different paths of a task!
After you have completed a task, reply to this thread specifying at the top of your post what task you completed, and then include the journal entry in which you completed the task. (no links please! copy/paste)

         Title: Nightmare     Task: Have a Nightmare (may be non-lucid)

         Title: RC     Task:  Become Lucid by Performing an RC

         Title: ND     Task: Look Closely at Something and Notice the Details

         Title: FS     Task: Use all five senses, describe what you observe

         Title: HA     Task: Inspect your Hands

         Title: LC     Task: Look at a Clock or Watch

         Title: TR     Task: Try to Read

        Title: CL     Task: Change the Light Level

         Title: Yeller     Task: Shout your Own Name Out Loud

         Title: LM     Task: Look in a Mirror

         Title: TV     Task: See What is on T.V.

         Title: Dumpster Diving     Task: See what is in the Trash

         Title: EF     Task: Eat Food

         Title: Inedible     Task: Eat Something Inedible, Describe the Taste and Texture
         Title: FL     Task: Fly or Float

         Title: Through the Window     Task: Fly Through a Window in a Dream House

         Title: CT     Task: Climb (or Fly) to the Top of a Tree

         Title: CM     Task: Climb (or Fly) to the Top of a Mountain

         Title: TE     Task: Travel the Earth (to a different city, the top of a mountain, etc.)

         Title: Free Fall     Task: Fall without controlling your flight. It is not necessary to crash

         Title: TD     Task: Tell a DC you are Dreaming Them

         Title: DC     Task: Ask a DC a Question

         Title: Singer     Task: Sing, or Have a DC Sing to You

         Title: TA     Task: Have a Conversation with an Animal

         Title: WA     Task: Walk Up a Wall

         Title: JR     Task: Jump from Rooftop to Rooftop

         Title: JA     Task: Do Something that In the Waking World Would Get You Killed

         Title: Magic     Task: Use Magic

         Title: CO     Task: Conjure an Object

         Title: CP     Task: Conjure a Person

         Title: TK     Task: Use Telekinesis

         Title: Geokinesis     Task: Control Earth with your Mind

         Title: Aerokinesis     Task: Control Air with your Mind

         Title: Pyrokinesis     Task: Control Fire with your Mind

         Title: Aquakinesis     Task: Control Water with your Mind

         Title: Electrokinesis     Task: Control Lightning with your Mind

         Title: Cryokinesis     Task: Control Ice with Your Mind

         Title: BI     Task: Become Insubstantial and Pass Through a Solid Object

         Title: GG     Task: Go Through Glass (Without Breaking It)

         Title: HP     Task: Heal a Person or Animal

         Title: CW     Task: Change the Season or Weather

         Title: IS     Task: Make It Snow

         Title: LS     Task: Get Struck By Lightning

         Title: ST     Task: Spin in a Tornado

         Title: WF     Task: Walk Through Fire

         Title: GV     Task: Go Into a Volcano

         Title: DN     Task: Turn from Day to Night or Night to Day

         Title: WW     Task: Walk on the Surface of Water

         Title: BU     Task: Breathe under Water

         Title: Whale     Task: Swim with a Whale

         Title: BO     Task: Walk on the Bottom of the Ocean

         Title: Titanic     Task: Find the Titanic

         Title: MC     Task: Control the Mind of DC's

         Title: Possess     Task: Possess a DC

         Title: GC     Task: Change Gender

         Title: Animal Morph     Task: Morph into an Animal

         Title: TP     Task: Teleport

         Title: Die     Task: Continue the Dream after Dying

         Title: Clone     Task: Fight a Clone of Yourself

         Title: DG     Task: Meet a Dream Guide

         Title: Dragon     Task: Meet a Dragon

         Title: FT     Task: Freeze Time

         Title: TT     Task: Travel From One Point in Time to Another

         Title: Alien     Task: Meet an Alien

         Title: Black      Task: Go Through a Black Hole

         Title: Supernova     Task: Witness a Supernova

         Title: DE     Task: Destroy the Entire Earth

         Title: MD     Task: Visit a Physical MM

         Title: Holy Grail     Task: Drink from the Holy Grail

         Title: Matrix     Task: Consume either the Red Pill or the Blue Pill

        Title: Pokemon     Task: Meet a Pokemon

         Title: Sorting     Task: Get Sorted by the Hogwarts Sorting Hat

         Title: Green Eggs and Ham     Task: Eat Green Eggs and Ham

         Title: Stalk     Task: Climb a Giant Beanstalk

         Title: Super     Task: Test Your Might Against Superman!

         Title: Transformer     Task: Transform into a Transformer

         Title: Truffela     Task: Visit a Forest of Truffela Trees

        Title: Yellow Brick Road     Task: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

         Title: 5     Task: Complete 5 Tasks

         Title: 7's Award     Task: Complete 7 Tasks

         Title: 10     Task: Complete 10 Tasks

         Title: 20     Task: Complete 20 Tasks

         Title: 30     Task: Complete 30 Tasks

         Title: 40     Task: Complete 40 Tasks

         Title: 50     Task: Complete 50 Tasks

Rebel Seven:

I tried to float on one of my recent lucid dreams, but without success. And that was a lucid without RC so...

Rebel Seven:

--- Quote from: StarSeeker on October 10, 2011, 05:13:09 AM ---I tried to float on one of my recent lucid dreams, but without success. And that was a lucid without RC so...

--- End quote ---

Keep up the effort and you are sure to have a shiny new badge soon  :thatgrin:


I've already collected all these badges! I cant be out done, so i must start up lucid dreaming again and collect all the R7 badges, gotta get em' all.


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