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Mes Tarrant's Workbook


Mes Tarrant:
Hehe. :D I'm excited!!! I'm at a very stressful point in my life right now though, so I really hope that won't interfere too much. :?

I just had to drop by and say that this is the sexiest workbook so far. That cuddly cat makes me want to keep coming back. :D

Anyway, I hope all the stressful things turn out ok and that the tides calm down a bit. Other than that, I believe in you Mes... I think you're gonna do well on the workshop, just remember the first rule of lucid dreaming - stay positive.  :content:

Mes Tarrant:
Hehe!  :love: Thanks Tyrant!! After encouragement like that, I guess success is imminent.

-- April 2008 Statistics (Since April 10th) --

Dreams:  9
Fragments: 8
Lucid Dreams: 1

Dream mean:  9/20 = 0.45
Fragment mean: 8/20 = 0.4
Lucid dream mean: 1/20 = 0.05


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