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What is it about people who lucid dream?

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The things I've been through in the past couple years have been very much on my mind this last week or two.

I rediscovered lucid dreaming two years ago.  Discovered, really, because I didn't know what was going on when I was young.  In pursuing lucid dreaming and learning about it, I discovered something subtle but absolutely incredible on reflection; that there is something really really special about people who are drawn to this thing we do.

I've been involved in a lot of different hobbies and interests throughout my life.  I've been involved in organizations, both in real life and here on the 'net, some of them for a very long time.  In no other area of interest have I found people who are drawn to one another like lucid dreamers are.  Not music, not amateur radio, not Alcoholics Anonymous... not even close.

In the world of lucid dreaming, I have found precious friends across language and cultural barriers.  The (god but I hate this word anymore) diversity of people who embrace one another among lucid dreamers is so far beyond anything else I've ever experienced that there is just no comparison.

I love lucid dreamers.  That's a fact.  I'm at home with them.  With you.

I wonder why this is?  What makes the pursuit of Lucid Dreaming so different from other hobbies and pursuits that those engaging in it can so easily get past the types of boundaries and barriers that often prevent deep, meaningful relationships from developing very far?

Quite simple pj, Lucid Dreamers are just more in tune with the spiritual and realize what a gift life and friends are.

I said it recently in an e-mail, we are the keepers of the secret ignored by most of the world.  We have the secret to experience whatever we want, be whatever we want, do whatever we want in a consequence free environment. 

This a a pretty mind blowing thing and once a person realizes this it has a pretty fundamental effect on their views of reality. 

It's hard not to like a fellow dreamer or to smile broadly when listening to their lcd adventures.  However, it goes deeper than that somehow.  The lucid dreamer is more sensitive, mor in tune with the feelings of others.  He/she cares more for fellow human beings, animals, the environment.  Although the lucid dreamer cares about money and success, it somehow pales in comparison to the wonderful gift that a Lucid Dream is.

I've stated all this poorly, but I know for certain all of you understand.  :D

Thank you - you both have just put into words what I found so difficult this morning when my hubby and I were arguing about how weird and abnormal I am for all this dreaming stuff. I think I will make him read your posts.

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Lucid dreaming attracts a certain type of personality, too. I am one to go out of my way to tell people about lucid dreaming. Most are hardly interested in this, and don't care to find out more. I've noticed the ones who are attracted to lucid dreaming are just "different" personality wise. They posses these characteristics that sets them apart. And Seeker named them well. :)

Burns - I totally understand what you mean. I'm reminded of when I told some of my family about lucid dreaming. I would get replies like, "What is it with you and dreaming?" Basically just see me as weird instead of acquiring more information about this subject. But I say that's too bad for them, and truly their loss for not entering the magical world of lucid dreaming  ;)


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