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Hey guys, I'm back. For real this time.

I've been out of the lucid dreaming practice for a while now, and I figure the best way to get back into it is to make me one of these fancy lil' goal-keeping journals on this here fancy board, where I'll keep all my fancy goals in. So! To start.

WEEK 1 [1/14 - 1/20]
Get back into the habit of recording my dreams during the night. Being that I have a roommate whose slumber I do not wish to disturb, instead of recording the entirety of the dreams immediately upon waking, I will give them names and at least three pertinent notes and record them in full the next morning. I will also record any fragments or half-dreams, because those totally count.
GOAL: Have at least three nights this week of recording dreams (which means one full dream, two half dreams, three fragments, or any combination of the three because the last two totally count).

Good luck to me!

Good luck to you!  Goals are good to have, and better to meet!

Midweek Update
My goal was to have three nights of dream recall and recording. Midway through the week, I've done two! One more to go. Looks like this guy's going to be getting lucid next week.  8)

Next week!  And you can start practicing this week!!

Ha, well I could start practicing this week, but I ain't going to rush it. I'm goan take it nice and sloooooow.


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