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Dream Sharing - Kroll/Pita IASD Paper

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Hi all:

Been meaning to post this for quite some time. Here is the paper that Maria Isabel Pita and I presented at the 2013 IASD Psiber Dreaming Conference ...


This is a readers digest version of our work together that went into our book Dream Partners. The intent was simple, to meet up in mind-space and have a mutual lucid dream where we experienced the same exact thing. While we fell a bit short of that lofty goal, we did indeed have many noteworthy experiences. Frankly, the last pair of dreams in this paper will stick with me forever. We did in fact reach each other and experienced a set events which were metaphorically paired. We then lost our respective lucid dreams and woke at precisely the same time (note - we live about 700 miles apart). A very powerful experience indeed, and taken together, a solid set of experiential data pointing toward the phenomenon of non local awareness. We hope you find these results and experiments interesting.

For a deeper dive into the work:


I've been interested in seeing where this work would take you two ever since you first mentioned it to me. I'm really pleased to hear you have had some results, even if they did not meet your target 100% (but nothing ever does in the dream world). I will probably get the book for my kindle and read it over Christmas, as I'm highly interested to see how shared dreaming will evolve over the many years to come.

Your work seems pretty revolutionary in the field of LD DrTech, the more we can document phenomenal experiences the more we can (hopefully) understand them and learn more about human consciousness. Don't stop what you're doing :)

p.s. What's next? Or more of the same?

MIND =  :explode:

Wow! The results are amazing and definitely beyond coincidence. Thank you for taking the time to document and present this. I look forward to doing my own parallel research in the future on this exact topic. Good luck in future dreams and thanks again for the fascinating results!

Thanks Eithman. One reason Maria and I were motivated to share our experiences is to get people thinking about what is indeed possible with effort and belief. I'm glad to hear that you find this motivating. That's the whole point!

The more we share these types of experiences, the more people will slowly open their eyes to our larger reality.

I completely agree. I am baffled by how little attention this got on MM. I thought people would be elated to discover that some actual progress was made.

Have you ever heard of the book "The Science Behind The Secret" ? It discusses quantum physics and possible parapsychology connections between humans. It has nothing to do with dreaming, but might give some possible insight into how it is possible for our minds to connect through quantum physics.  It might be of interest if you are still studying dream sharing and the science behind it.


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