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Lucid dreaming Film on French and German television: 2.1.2014 and ONLINE

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Documentary Film about Lucid dreaming on German and French Television:

Germany: 2.01.2014; 21:45 h on arte (again on; 11:45 h)
France: 2.01.2014; 22:30 h on arte (again on; 11:45 h)

The film will also be available online on arte+7 (http://videos.arte.tv/de/videos#/tv/coverflow///1/120/). I was informed that there is an English version as well! I hope it will also be available online!

Here are some previews and two texts for the German speaking folks amongst you: http://future.arte.tv/de/des-klartraums

And in French too: http://future.arte.tv/fr/le-reve-lucide

A concise but complete guide for lucid dreaming. I have started out with much less than that.

Well it was a very nice but "intellectual" vision of lucid dreeming. There where some very good lucid dreamers in it like Line and Stefan LeBerge but I would not call it a guide. There was a philosphical question that if the consciousness has submerged out of the unconsciousness to make us survive better, and dreaming is the subconscious talking of the brain to let the brain cool off and recuperate, then what is the function of lucid dreaming? The awnser was a very nice one: to improve on daily challenges like sport.

Line :)

I actually have a copy of that in my computer, in French, but haven't gotten around to see it yet.

--- Quote ---The awnser was a very nice one: to improve on daily challenges like sport.
--- End quote ---
It's a pragmatic approach, and I think it is a view lucid dreamers should use more often when spreading around the word.

Does anyone know if an English version of this has been released? I really want to check it out


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