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You might notice that a few of our members are now sporting a couple blue stars and a new title: Ambassador.

While this started out as a sort of joke, it immediately occurred to me that, even as small as we are here right now, we have truly global representation.  So we are going to continue selecting members who, by gracing us with their presence, are also representing an element of our multinational culture.

In order of when they were added:

Switzerland:  three & four
Norway: Luminous
The United States: Oneironaught
Italy: Italianmonkey
The United Kingdom: Mark
The Netherlands: Sara
Germany: Lucidus
Canada: The Cusp
Russia: Mes Terrant
Brazil: Kromah

Moving this to the Who is Doing What sticky - won't be updating anymore.

If you are from an unrepresented nation, please drop a PM to an administrator!

The Cusp:
Italianmonkey is here?  Cool, I was wondering what she's been up to.

The Cusp is here!


(content removed by user request)

Welcome Cusp. :D


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