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Now that everyone has had over half a month now to work on recall and to practice their reality checks, it's time to take a benchmark.

I'd like for all of you to review their journals and generate the some statistics for May so far.  When the class is over in another week, we will do this again.

Dream recall:  This is the same exercise we did at the beginning of the workshop.  Please count up your dreams, fragments, lucid dreams and divide by the day of the month.  List it in a similar manner as the first time.

—May 20 Statistics --

       Dreams:  23
    Fragments: 15
Lucid Dreams: 5

     Dream mean:  23/20 = 0.7667
  Fragment mean: 15/20 = 0.5
Lucid dream mean: 5/20 = 0.1667

Copy your April statistics below the May 20 statistics and make a comparison.  How are you doing?  Hopefully, your fragments will be down and your dreams will be up.  Please write down a few thoughts as to why your numbers are better (or worse).  If they are worse, write down a few ideas on how you plan to change your current practices to help.

Dream sign frequency and reality checks:  Please review your journal and tally up your dream signs.  Make a list of each dream sign and how often it occurred.  For example:

—May 20 Dream signs --

            Work related:  10
       Naked in public:  5
   Mechanical failure:  2
          Dead Relative: 1

Reality checks:  If you like, please list the reality checks you are performing and how often you are performing each of them.  No requirement to do this, but if you are having problems becoming lucid, this information could be useful to analyze why.

Since this isn't locked, I just thought I'd mention...

You divided these by 30 instead of 20:

     Dream mean:  23/20 = 0.7667
  Fragment mean: 15/20 = 0.5
Lucid dream mean: 5/20 = 0.1667

They should be 1.15, .75, and .25.

Picking out other people's mistakes makes me feel better. T_T

Gah, don't worry, I feel both of your pains... I make math mistakes all the time.... I can't count but I can do calculus... -.-

Is it bad if our dream signs noted haven't been appearing as prominently as they were before we noted them?

Not really a math mistake, more a matter of not having time to recalculate it.  Been a hectic couple of weeks for me.

Burned up:
You mean you do things other than running this workshop?


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