Author Topic: 06a Reality Checks (part 2)  (Read 2126 times)

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06a Reality Checks (part 2)
« on: May 11, 2008, 10:17:28 AM »
Great!  We have a lot of wonderful reality checks that I have summarized below.  Doing periodic reality checks and reality checks on events as they occur throughout the day is a wonderful way to train your mind.  Combining reality checks with dream signs provides an even more powerful tool since dream signs are already being served up by your subconscious mind.  Think of it as a two way street, periodic reality checks to prod your subconscious and dream sign related reality checks to tie your subconscious to your conscious mind.

I'd like for each of you to select a new reality check from the list below.  In your workbook, write down your current reality check and tell how you will use it periodically, either time based or event based like walking through the door.

Also, write down in your workbook one or more of your dream signs and place next to it one of the new reality checks you will use whenever you encounter that dream sign while awake.

Reality checks:

  •     Pinching your nose and trying to breath
  •     Floating/flying/levitation
  •     Counting fingers/examining hand, special gestures
  •     Checking the time
  •     Finger through the palm
  •     Do something painful
  •     Critically examine your surroundings
  •     Critically examine the timeline
  •     Check for personal item, like jewelry
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