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What causes these annoying roadblocks? All of a sudden, you don't get any lucids for a while, or can't remember any of your dreams for a week or two!

Yeah same things happened to me.  Although its only been about 9 days since my last one, it feels like ages.  I had 4 in the first couple of weeks of May, now none since.

My recall has gone up though, cos im more determined.

That is the million barrel question!!!  (Switched to barrel's cause oil is worth much more than any currency)

I wish I knew the answer!!!

This workshop served a number of purposes, one of which was to determine if a focused and concentrated effort would help with such dry spells.  I know personally, it has not helped me any. (bleh!)  I miss my frequent LDs as I am in dire need to escape reality for a while!

Later this week, I'll post a couple of wrap-up threads, one of which will ask members if this has helped their LD rate.

You have given me an idea for another workshop though.  In the dustbowl days, during dry spells, people used to call on rainmakers.  The rainmaker would perform rituals and viola, rain.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could discover such rituals and become rainmakers ourselves???

It would be nice indeed, Seeker.

One of the reasons I started the "Awake Journals" section is to help us look at those variables that might influence our recall and frequency of lucid dreaming.  I've struggled with weeks-long recall droughts, compounded by remembering enough fragments to know I have been losing lucid dreams.

This is one of those areas where I believe the group we have assembled here has a great opportunity to make our mark.  If we can discern and prove out variables influencing our dream recall and lucid frequency, we will have made a tremendous contribution to all future oneironauts.

Galantamind and choline have certainly taken the "dry" out of dry spells. It is like magic for me.  I don't use it that often but when I do it is amazing. ;-D


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