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11 May final results

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OK, end of May and we've been at this for 30 days now.  I'd like for each of you to scan your journals, generate statistics for the entire month of May, and place them in your workbook.

Compare your April statistics against your May statistics and make an entry in your workbook showing any improvement. 

If you would like to share you progress, please make a posting in this thread.

     Dream mean:  49/30 = 1.63   up from    0.92
  Fragment mean: 6/30 =  0.2   down from 0.52
Lucid dream mean: 1/30 = 0.03   down from 0.08

My dream recall is way up and my fragments are down.  My lucidity rate is down, which is annoying!  ???

I've identified two new and very reliable dream signs.  Work and Germany.  Seems I dream about one or both almost every single night!

I have not been able to identify what makes the recall go up and down other than "intention" led by "attention" and of course "willingness"
Attention and willingness being the easiest to shift with the ego. 

My true intention is like a cat.  Hard at times to herd in the direction my ego would want it to go but strong willed and a true killing machine full of purposeful actions.

Often I am totally at a loss as to what my real intentions are until I see the results.


Is it really necessary to document all dreams ? Is it OK to just naturally have them and acknowledge that they are there?

The new challenge for me is to learn to OBE, until I master this I wont be doing anything else so is it really necessary to document other things in the mean time?

Burned up:
For 30 days in May  (April in brackets)

1 - Recalled dreams = 58 (34)
2 - Recalled fragments = 33 (19)
3 - Lucid dreams = 2 (0)

Daily averages

1 - Recalled dreams = about 2.0
2 - Recalled fragments = 1.1
3 - Lucids = 0.066666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666


Dream recall nearly doubled both for whole dreams and for fragments.  Trend about the same during 1-19 May as 20-30 May.
Lucids have not been forthcoming.  (Two in quick succession at the start of the month but neither of these were induced.)  Could be coincidence?  I think not.  Likely to be the result of signing up to the workshop, although not anything to do with the actual exercises.

What helped

Realising that trying to recall dreams is futile most of the time.  Letting them arise in consciousness is far more effective.

What failed

All attempts at inducing LDs. 
Poor attendance to RCs during waking hours.


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