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Thank you everyone that participated in our first ever “Back to Basics” workshop last month.  I hope that each of you was helped in some small way.  We have such an advanced group of lucid dreamers here in the Mist that I suspect it was just a review for most of you, hope you weren't disappointed or bored.

I've moved the entire workshop forum into it's final location here:,31.0.html and left your workbooks and a couple of threads unlocked.

If you get a chance, please respond to 󈫻 May final results” and help me to make the next workshop better by leaving some ideas in 󈭓 Session End”

Thank you again for participating and Happy Dreaming!  :D

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--- Quote from: Moonbeam on June 01, 2008, 01:35:03 PM ---It was great, and I hope I can maintain this progress. 

--- End quote ---
I agree with Moonbeam.  This was a great workshop, no matter what level a person may have come in at.  In fact, it may have even been more beneficial for some of the advanced dreamers, since sometimes it takes a while to learn something, and this was an excellent review.

Good job Seeker.  :goodjob:

I think this Worskhop was successful for a few pretty obvious reasons. There is of course returning to your roots and relearning them now that you have the perspective you have now (the advanced dreamers I mean), and perhaps trying other basics that didn't work before.

Keeping up a workbook is a structured record system, and having it presented here in the forum, alongside so many of your dreamer friends, keeps you focused. So many people will be intent one night and not the next... this keeps you consistently thinking of lucid dreaming, and because the results will be tallied at the end of the month, you won't want to quit in the middle.

Pretty good all around, I'd say.

I got benefit from it for sure. Even though I still need to post my final stats for the month :paranoid:  my LDs shot up from two tiny ones the month before to 5 (mostly vivid, decent length ones) last month, almost certainly as direct result of the workshop. Plus my regular recalled dreams and fragments were a lot higher. Again, this is all because of the increased focus. Sorry, life has gotten in the way of forum time for the last two weeks but, not in the way of my sticking to the workshop.

The two tiny LD segments I mentioned was up from zero for nearly months before that.

Thank you, Seeker.


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