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Hey everyone I just got registered here a while ago.  I've been into lucid dreaming for some time though.  I'll get my journal started with last nights dreams :)

Night of 6/3/08

Well I did have a somewhat long lucid dream.  It started as a WILD.  I materialized in what could only be described as Yellow Stone national park.  It was a wooded area filled with pine trees mountains and a river right infront of me.  I knew I was dreaming because I had slowly just melted into it.  I was exstatic and thought it was time to have some fun.  I started out hovering over the river and going down stream and across to the other side. I went around a bend and saw my uncles house of all places.  I walk through the side of the house and into their hallway.  I walk down and look to my left seeing my two uncles and my cousin sitting on a couch watching TV.  They smile and say hello and everything. I headed down the hallway towards a bedroom with a locked door.   Then one uncle of mine who is staying there still had a shaved head and huge scar from brain surgery IRL. Jumped up and said wait wait don't go in there. I kinda scoffed and thought to myself I'll just go outside and walk through the wall. So I did so it was just a normal room.  I didn't know why I wasn't supposed to go in there.  Well I walked back through the wall outside.  Where my uncle was waiting for me looking kind of miffed.  He started ranting about how I wasn't supposed to go in there and how I think I can do whatever the hell I wan't.  I thought uh cha I can lol then made him levitate up into the air where instead of sky for some reason there was office building lowered cieling with the foam squares.  Then I let him down and left swimming back upstream the river I saw earlier.  I don't remember anything after that I think I stopped REM sleep or just lost lucidity.

There was also a short but disturbing dream 
I come to laying in bed but in what looked like a hotel room.  I looked at the TV to my right and it seemed to get bright and fuzzy if I concentrated on it.  It made me look away feeling uneasy.  Then I looked at the light and its light got brighter and brighter until I felt a snap and everything went black. I couldn't move or speak and felt kinda scared like I was buried under 6 feet of sand.  I realized it was sleep paralysis because I get it often and just relaxed and eventually opened my eyes back in my real bed.  Phew

Burned up:
Scary end to that night of dreaming Max. 

Looking forward to seeing more of your DJ!

Night of 6/4/08

Well oddly enough I had another lucid dream last night.  It was after I was awoken by the heat because our power went out and it got really muggy in the house.

I started out in my back yard looking out onto it from under the awning. I didn't really pull off a WILD nor did I do a reality check.  I just knew I was dreaming.  Then I thought whoa I can try some of the challenges that I saw on this board.  I remembered looking in the mirror at yourself.  Remembering I've never really done that before.  I didn't actually look into a mirror though because I was outside.  I saw myself kind of like a hologram of my face and shoulders.  I found that interesting.  Then I remembered the one to try to morph either giant or small.  So I actually grew ginourmous. I remember stepping down and making huge indentations in the ground.  I stepped over my house.  But for some reason when I saw how far down the ground was.  I must have lost concentration because I fell from that height landing on my moms car standing up.  I hopped off and into my drive way.  I then tried conjuring super powers like shooting fireballs.  My hands and arms lit up with what looked like flames on a gas soaked rag.  I felt pressure and tingling like a waking limb.  It didn't hurt but it was interesting like I was harnessing some power.  I put my hands out together and got a ball of plasma in between them.  I pushed it outward only to have it slowly drift off and peter out like a lit fart... I was kinda dissappointed.  So I tried harder the feeling in my hands and arms became more intense but not painful.  The ball got bigger this time and I pushed it using the same power I used to conjure it.  It shot out like a fireball on the anime dragon ball z. Now that was cool!  After that I think I slipped out of lucidity shortly after and lost recollection of anything.

Burned up:
Hey, what an experience.  Fire in dreams.  I never get that.

Love the mirror/hologram :)


What a neat dream ! You were good at remembering to do so many things in the dream. I usually only remember to do one or two things at most.


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