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I was looking for answers in dreams without aware of the dream, when a voice tells me, meets and talks with Enomba, he will reveal the mysteries you seek. After awake I wrote in my diary the dream, the problem with the name is that I can't find anything on the internet that can help me with this strange name, including never in my life heard or read about the name Enomba.

What's your suggestion? Ignore that? Search more?

Don't feel bad Z0rb. Iadr has things spoken to him all the time in his dreams, which are just as clear as they can be. Yet when he looks them up upon awakening, and does searches on them. he is never able to find anything on them. Maybe we're searching in the wrong place, as maybe these things are things that can only be found in the other realm, and not the physical realm. Maybe the person's name that was spoken to you is someone that you will have to find in the dream world. Think that we'll start looking in our dream world our self for these things from now on. Thanks for your post. We learned something while answering it.





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