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Am I the only one?

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At least once a day I ask something along the lines of, "Am I the only one who *insert something potentially odd here* ?"
Because I ask it so often irl I decided to create a thread here to ask 'the question' and at the same time create a place for others to ask it as well. See what I did there? Two birds with one stone. Multitasking. Me. See ma, I can do two things at once.

Starting off, am I the only one who asks am I the only one so freakin' often?

Also, am I the only one who puts tape over their device cameras due to paranoia of being spied on?


Am I the only one who sees the repeating 24s above and feel like MM's twitter account is screaming BEER BEER BEER.

Good thread idea. Though in my case, I know I am not the only one. I am simply one of a select group of people who have a highly seasoned intellect and discerning pallet for cool. But to couch it in your terms:

I am the only one left who:

- thinks heavy metal is cool

- loves to lucid dream and will do whatever it takes to succeed

- is convinced that we live in a dimensional hierarchy wherein consciousness is primary and physical matter reality is a projection of consciousness

Am I the only one who thought this thread was impossible to not reply to?  Since if no one replied it would essentially be saying "Yes Vex, you are the only one."

Am I the only one who sometimes feels this whole world is a dream and the rest of you are DCs?

Am I the only one who wonders why I eat chocolate so seldom in dreams when it's so yummy?

Am I the only one who made a valid effort to lucid dream last night, only to be met with non lucids including one steamy episode, where I was at a swing party. There were numerous scantily clad people there and this one gal clearly wanted to pleasure me. But ... I had concerns about my wife - what will she think? I imagined her coming through the door and realized the obvious. We're at a swingers party. That is the whole point. It would probably turn her on. So I gently reach behind the gals head near me and direct her down to my huh ... well you know  ;).

Yes, I am also wondering when my libido is going to drop to a level more commensurate with my actual middle aged status  :?


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