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feist's Holy Mountain
« on: March 17, 2010, 02:38:36 AM »
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LU : flying car & sniper vs sniper
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2010, 02:44:46 AM »
I'm gonna start of by posting some of my most recent lucid dreams, wich i feel are relevant to my dreamgoals i'm trying to achieve atm :)

This first one wasn't really a dreamgoal of mine, but it was pretty cool and i plan on doing it again sometime!


6 LU flying car

I was at a buzzy road (lots of cars passing), at the porch of an abandoned old house. The house was white,and there were alot of vines and stuff growing on it. I was breaking into the house, first i was at the old garage door, wich was made of wood. I broke some parts of it of, trying to make a gap to squeeze myself through. As i then noticed that there were alot of trashcans in front of the garage, maybe someone still lives here? So i went to the front door and hit the bell. Nobody came... At the other side of the street was a store, a van drove up there so i had to wait around. I got into a car in front of the house, i think it was a black ibiza. I was then sitting in the car, waiting... As a black BMW jeep with cops lights in it and an ambulance came driving up from behind. The ambulance drove up the porch next to the store. And the BMW stopped right behind me, in front of the abandoned house. My friend V got out of it, and ran past my car, yelling Hello! as he passed by
This is when i got lucid.
So a cop got out and started inspecting the house, this was a good time to bail i thought. I had a key to it but the car just wouldn't start. My own car was standing behind it, so i got out of the ibiza and into my car. The cop saw me but he didn't say anything, wich suprised me. So i opened my window, shouted some insulting things to the cop and then took of. Hoping we could have an exciting car chase... But the cop didn't follow...
As i drove of i almost crashed into two trucks.
I then sped up and decided it was time to see if my car can fly :) I pulled on my steeringwheel and up we went. Heading straight for the curch tower in front of me. I then hold on to the steeringwheel and got up. Like the silver surfer or something on a car. Appearantly my car had changed into a convertible by now. I decided to wall-hop the church like on a skateboard. So i bounced right of. As i then headed for the next building, i decided to try an energy bolt with my right hand, but this didn't work...
This part i especially remember very clearly, as it was pretty amazing, seeing the streets below me while flying a car and trying to shoot bolts.
As i headed to the next building i was having trouble deciding what to do, phase through it, crash through it, or wall-hop again. I woke up right before impact...

And this is just a very cool non-lucid dream from the same night  :D

4 sniper vs sniper

I was a sniper in this one! And i had a headset, through wich i was in contact with my friend C. Appearantly he could see everything from up in the sky or something like that... Since he was giving me information about the surroundings and my enemy.
So i was in a field, surrounded with woods and some barns. It was a perfect war setting, everything also looked dark and grey.
As i progress through the field, next to the barn, suddenly i was being fired upon. I immediately got down in the grass, wich was pretty high. My friend C told me the location of my enemy, he was right in front of me, at a distance of 100-200 meter or 300-600 feet.
I immediately managed to spot him, because i also saw the bullets passing me by, wich was really cool.
I took a shot or two, but he was wearing camouflage and the bullets came in closer and closer. So i quickly rolled to the right of me, to get out of the snipers field of vision and behind a bush, from there i ran backwards so i could get behind the barn without being spotted. And then i wanted to flank him, as i reached the side of the field, at a treeline. I found an iron fence with alot of barb wire at the top of it.
I knew the sniper hadn't seen me come here. So i decided to bail and climb the barbed fence, there was a pole between some of the barb wire where i could place my hand on and get over untouched. So at the other side of it there was a big canal with a hanging bridge over it. I had to cross it, as i crossed it, it made alot of noise, immediately i realised this was set up so that if someone went over you would hear it from a good distance...
I started running but i realised the field was to big and open, so then i started running to the closest treeline, wich was actually in the direction of where the sniper would come from. So i was running towards a wall, it looked modern and seemed to be of someones yard. It was out of place in the dreamsetting. So from behind the wall the sniper came rushing, when he reached the edge he immediately had his gun ready, searching the field...
I was running towards him from his side, as soon as i saw him i hit the ground and took him in my scope. I could have easily killed him now but i didn't fire. He then saw me and we just started talking. I remember saying to him that he opened fire first... And that the shots we exchanged were close calls. By now, it turned out that we were just two hunters in the woods, not military men :D And the shootout was just a misunderstanding...
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LU : it's oh so real
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2010, 02:59:04 AM »
This one was pretty amazing for me, it also was one of the longest LD's i've had in a long time!


1 LU : it's oh so real.

First i was at home, i feel like i had a FA but i'm not sure anymore. Then i was in my room watching tv, a program about the newest movie releases.
It was night, i got a phonecall from my brother, something was wrong.
He was with friends. So i rushed over but i can't remember how.
Anyhow i got there and he and a friend were siting around. Somehow i now seem to think it was in the inside of a cave???
I asked him what was up but he wasn't very talkative, he did seem shocked or something. But i couldn't tell by what. I had the feeling they might have done something terribly wrong...
Another black hole later i'm sitting in my car, at 200m infront my house at the side of the road.
I can't recall what i was doing there, i knew i stopped and was waiting around for something??
It was still the middle of the night.
I have an old car so the windows were starting to get damped (is that correct in english?? probably not :p)
I turned on the heat and i took of. The car didn't do what it was supposed to and i was driving backwards at the side of the road.
I couldn't see much through my windows. As i was driving backwards i couldn't get the car to stop.
I was afraid of driving in the ditch at the side of the road. I managed to turn the car around and was now on the road again, with the car facing the opposite direction of my house. I drove and very soon the world around me turned fictional, i didn't know where i was and i turned the car around again.
Another black hole later i'm 2 streets away from where i started out with my car, driving past an old school (wich hasn't been in use for as long as i remember, but my mom did go to school there)

I drive past it as i get lucid. In front of the school is an open garagedoor and a guy standing in a mechanics suite.
Somehow i felt he looked threatening, i was lucid and i don't think i ever had a decent fight in a lucid dream. So i stopped the car and wanted to go woop his ass.
By now he was standing with his back towards me.
I wanted to energy blast him, i've never succesfully pulled one of, i think it might be because i always try em while i'm flying or something.
So not this time, i just stood in front of him, i tried three times, really trying to visualise the impact of it on the surrounding, but it just wouldn't work...
Then i want to go over and start fighting, but by the time i got over he turned around and didn't look so threatening anymore, just a normal kid :p
So i just passed him by, going inside the school, once more rushing into the dreamworld.
Inside there was a small class of 6 very young students and a teacher.
Somehow i seemed to be invisible for the teacher, but the students would see me. The teacher noticed something was up and the students didn't say they saw me. I guess this is why i thought i was invisible to him, because he didn't pay any attention to me, but the kids did.
Well i guess i didn't like the school, probably not exciting enough. So as i wanted to walk back out i remembered Shift's previous realistic beach dream.
I stopped for a second, rubbing my hands against eachother. Then i went back inside to the class. I just stood next to them and took a good look, it was truly amazing how real it was. It seems the longer i stood there the more real it looked, i've never payed attention to it and i was really wowed by it. I remember about a stabelizing technique of touching objects. So i put my hand on one of the plastic tables, it also felt very real and cold. There was a leather book on the table, wich i also put my hand on for a few seconds. This felt kinda special, i don't know, i got this buzzing or kindof burning feeling in my hand... It was nice.
But again i remembered Shift's dream, so i started looking around for hot and cold. There were some water drains at the side of the room. I went over and turned on two different water cranes. One for hot and one for cold. The cold one felt very realistic. The warm one was warm-ish but also not really, i could definitly distinguish the both of them but i was a bit dissapointed by the feeling of the warm water... It just wasn't warm enough.
So now i wanted to go out, i was very cautious, i didn't fly or run through walls in fear of waking up...
So i ran around using doors :p
In the street is a bar where i used to hang out years ago, i wanted to go there, meet some young folks.
On the way over there i passed another bar, one wich isn't there in RL, i see 2 pretty girls sitting there through the window as i passed by. The RL bar is still a bit of a run, so i decide to turn back and go into the other bar. As i enter the girls weren't sitting there anymore, and it turned out it wasn't a bar. It was a foodstore where you could eat french fries and hamburgers.
Now looking back on the realistic theme i should have tried some food but again this didn't cross my mind...
The store owner was an older woman, but i noticed how beautiful she was for her age. There was a young girl placing an order.
Anyway, i got in and i kinda acted like i normally would in this situating, i said hello to the owner and took a seat...
Through the window i see a car stop in the street, two young girls get out and enter the foodstore.
They both looked very different, one was more of a skatertype with loose clothes, she also had pale skin. And the other was more the makeup type with fancy clothes and very brown skin.
The store owner seemed to ignore me and take those girls orders. So i was invisible to her to? I don't remember if i got a reply when saying hello...
As the makeup girl placed her order the skatergirl starts talking to me.
I don't exactly remember her opening line, but it was an unreal line to start talking to a stranger.
But then she started talking like we knew eachother, like she was my ex-girlfriends younger sister...
So when she did i kinda saw the resemblance between em, but it was as if she was 5 years older in the dream, i didn't recognise her when she entered...
Now this time i do remember the rest of the conversation very well, it was also amazingly realistic!
She told me how my ex was doing, and that she was looking for a house with her boyfriend, so she really talked like she was 5 years older... I think she's 19 now...
I'm not gonna go into detail but she asked some realistic questions regarding my life and how i was doing... I got so caught up talking with her, it was amazing :) Now during the whole lucid dream i rubbed my hands against eachother alot, but i got so caught up talking with her that i forgot to. I woke up in the middle of the conversation...
Also during the dream i kept thinking about how long it went on, it's been a long time since i had a decent length LD... I'm so happy about this one!
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Re: feist303's dream journal!
« Reply #3 on: March 17, 2010, 03:08:09 AM »
I'm gonna start of by posting some of my most recent lucid dreams, wich i feel are relevant to my dreamgoals i'm trying to achieve atm :)
And a fine start it is!  :goodjob:

You have remarkable recall.  Love the strange house, and the flying car!

It sounds like your stabilizing the dream via objects really worked in that second one.  It's so cool when they get to such a stable point, and you can just relax and enjoy it.

Oh, and welcome to MM!

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Re: feist303's dream journal!
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2010, 03:12:22 AM »
Thanks for commenting :)

That dream was actually the first time i ever tried stabelizing through touching objects, i was so happy it worked.
It has restorded my confidence in being able to have long LD's again, usually mine are way to short...

My second lucid dream i had about 1,5 years ago, is actually my longest ever, and i didn't know much about LD'ing back then...

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LU : COD with K
« Reply #5 on: March 17, 2010, 03:23:27 AM »

2 LU : COD with K

This one was strange. I can't remember any sound of this dream, except for me screaming noooooo in the end... I was playing Call Of Duty in the map Highrise. I almost had an attack chopper by a killstreak. So i decide i was gonna play it save and camp at a save place for a minute just to get the extra kill.
I got under the staircase wich leads to the platform with the helicopter on it. I was sitting there, as suddenly i saw another player sitting in front of me... He was just sitting there kneeling, looking straight at me. I was suprised he hadn't fired at me yet and i didn't think i was gonna be able to kill him before he'd kill me. I started firing a handgun, i don't remember any sensations or sounds from this. The guy wouldn't die, and i'm absolutely pointing my gun straight at him. He smilles as i shoot him. Then suddenly i see that he's my friend K who passed away 5 years ago...
As i realise this i get lucid, immediately i feel the dream fade away, i rub my hands. Then i just get pulled up into the sky. I see the everything below me get smaller and smaller and i scream noooo, then i wake up...
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LU : womanly distraction
« Reply #6 on: March 17, 2010, 03:28:48 AM »

6 LU :  womanly distraction

In the dream i didn't live at home anymore. But i came home (old house) at 4:30 at night to pick up some stuff.
In the kitchen i took a chocolat cookie and a sugar waffle. (i remember that earlier in the dream my brother asked me for those cookies, but i can't recall anything else from earlier)
As i wanted to take of again, my dad was laying on the couch, he just woke up. He thought i was my brother.
I tried to tell him it was me. He then started bitching at me and i left the house in anger.
Acros the street was a class of girls, i think they just got dropped of by the bus or something, and now parted ways. I see A across the street, a classmate of mine in college last year.

I become lucid. I rush over to her but then stop to stabelize.
I take a good look around and rub my hands. Then i put my hand on the pavement. It feels cold and rough, like in RL. Then i put my hand in a pool of rainwater. The tiny stones stick to my hand and i had to rub em of on my pants...
Then i looked at my hands and counted my fingers, six on both hands. It looked freaky, alien. Mainly the 2 inner fingers of my hand, my pinky and my sixth finger. They both looked like they were bending towards the inside...
All this stabelizing somehow felt good but weird. It felt as if it was working. I can't really explain the feeling :)
Everything i've done by now was rushed... Because i wanted to go after A.
I took of and fly'd very low over the ground. Further up in the street a class of young kids crossed the street with their teacher. I remember flying close past this little blonde girl with glasses in a white dress... I can clearly remember how she looks.
I fly past the class and catch up with A and her friend who are looking at the windows of a sportsstore.
Landing was difficult. I fly'd in with some speed and had to do a hockey stop.
I landed about 5-10m behind A. I went over and called her name. She and her friend turned around and she was suprised seeing me. I tried to kiss her, she pulled her head back, not wanting to kiss. And then everything went black and i woke up...

To bad i got distracted by A from my dreamgoals, but at least i managed to count my fingers, so it wasn't a complete failure. Further inspection of my dreambody and my gravity dreamgoal i simply forgot... Girls, meh :p
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LU : jumping rooftops
« Reply #7 on: March 17, 2010, 03:38:43 AM »

1 LU :jumping rooftops

First the dream was about the Sopranos. I can't remember most of what came before but i guess it was pretty cool. First the dream is in third person.
Uncle Corado was dead in the dream. And Tony Soprano was in this tightly closed vegetation, you could'nt see or get through anymore in front of him because of the wild growth of plants. But i guess behind all the plants was a prison fence.
This was were uncle Corado used to come to ask for advice from the elders or something.
Tony was calling out for them, but no1 responded. I doubted if they were even real, maybe it was just some sort of legend?
Then the scene shifts.
Everything outside looked like some sort of industrial terrain with big old buildings, a policevan was patrolling it. Everything was very well guarded. Guards and policecars all over the terrain.
The vision shifts to the inside of one of the buildings. Tony is in a hal with an open garagedoor. Tony hide's against the wall behind a piece of cloth hanging down from above. So that he's standing with his back to the wall, next to the garageopening. The policevan passes by... Tony want's to run outside but then the policevan makes a turn and returns. Tony gets back behind the piece of cloth. The policevan stops infront of the garagedoor. Tony wants to take a run for it and jumps outside of the garagedoor, the door was a bit higher up, so trucks could make delivery's here.

As Tony jumps i get lucid. So now i'm sitting on the back of this policevan, i can see two cops sitting through the back window. Appearantly they haven't noticed me yet... I nok on the window and yell and then fly upwards onto the roof of the building. On the roof i start stabelizing. I put my hand on the roof. I think back to my "it's oh so real" dream. I also think like 'yeah, yeah, it looks so real, i know, i can see', but then i start really looking. Again it feels like suddenly everything slowly shifts to HD, it's so cool. I think hard to remember my dreamgoals... Again i look at my hands, just like last time it kinda requires some effort to distingues how many fingers i have. Again, i have six. But this time there placed differently. All my RL fingers look normal, except next to my middle finger is an extra finger growing out to one of the sides, can't remember wich side. This is the only finger that looks abnormaly, like it's out of place. The rest looks as real as they could i think to myself.
Then i remember my jumping gravity dreamgoal. Cool, i'm on a rooftop :)
The next rooftop is about 10-15m aways. I jump overthere, i'm pretty excited by this new skill. I jump back and forth a few times, i remember one of the jumps was a close call. Alot of times when i fly i don't feel like i have precise maneuvering skills, it's like i haven't practiced enough... The jumps felt very precise, like i was in full control of them. But this is just due to gravity, when jumping i can't hover of a bit i guess... Then i see an older DC walk over the rooftops, i jump back and run up to him. I can't recall the exact conversation but i'll do my best to quote what i can remember. First i ask him, Who are you? He smilles and tells me he's a teacher. He keeps walking and i follow him. Appearantly now the scene has shifted to the courtyard of my elementary school in my hometown. I didn't realise it untill i was awake...
There was a mailbox to the side of the courtyard (wich isn't there in RL) They guy posted a package. I asked him what are you doing. He said i'm sending something to the family blahblahblah (read : my last name) in bohbohboh (read : a town close to my hometown)
I asked him what it was. He said something about the Arctic Monkeys, maybe it was cd's?
I asked him something else, i can't recall what. He avoids the question and starts rambling and asking me question about things that don't matter in a dreamworld. I can't recall what, maybe more about arctic monkeys or something. I answer his questions and he rambles on and on. I think about my level of lucidity and that i'm wasting valuable time. I turn around and run away :P The guy runs after me! Across the street, around the corner. I feel the dream fade. I stop next to this house i used to pass alot in RL. Again i put my hand on the ground to stabelize. As i do it i look in the yard of the house, and remember who lives there in RL, and i remember their dogs. I think about exploring the house. I feel the dream fading and i think i wake up...
Then i'm walking on past the house in the street. I come at a corner, from the other side of it the DC teacher walks in on me. He scares the shit out of me, i kneel down, taking deep breaths. I realise i haven't woken up yet. "rude awakening, huh?" the teacher says. I say, "yeah, but thanks man" He walks on and i put my hand on the pavement again. Then i really wake up...
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LU : urban exploration
« Reply #8 on: March 17, 2010, 03:55:42 AM »
And this is my most recent.


LU : rino's to snakes

The dream starts of looking like a real life first person shooter, like i'm watching through a soldiers headcamera. The gun i see in front me is beige colored, it has a bit of a futuristic feeling. I'm wearing a headset and i'm in contact with my commander.
The streets are abandoned, it all feels very scary, as if everything is dead. I walk between buildings and then reach a wide street i need to cross. My commander tells me i need to do this fast, so i run over while i also try to take some cover using car wrecks. Across the street i enter another alley. Next to me are concrete stairs, i get the order to go up and inside a building. I enter, the hallway i'm in is very small, the walls are decaying. I hear voices from a distance and i try to move as quiet as possible. I get very scared but my commander tells me i need to move in and check it out.
I realise i'm dreaming and first thing i think is : Few it's a dream, i don't need to go on. I want to turn around and then i think, waiiiittt, this is cool. I put my hand on the floor to stabelize but it doesn't really feel like its working. Then i go down a stairwell in the hall. Then another set of stairs, but these are without a hallway, so it looks more like they lead to a platform. The platform is a little girls room. This room looks very modern, not like the rest of the old decaying building. On a bed are 5 stuffed animals, but really big. Twice the size of a normal dog. The're all different colored rino's... I actually have a small rino like those in RL. I go down the next set of stairs. But then go back up, can't remember why. Now the rino's are gone. I remember sitting on the bed for a minute, holding 5 little plastic snake's... On the wall i notice there's a poster with an anime girl, it reminds me of Miss Maya's avatar at MM. I see a closet filled with childrens books. Then i think of my dreamgoals but decide that exploring this building is pretty cool. I do take a book and want to read. I read an opening line of like two sentence's on the first page of the book. It was some info about why the author writes children's books. I tried to remember those two lines for waking life, but their gone now. I even thought to myself in the dream, i can lookup the book in RL, and proof that these line's are there? :D Anyway, the lines did make sense, wich i didn't expect, i expected it to be like reading a digital clock in a dream. Then i go back down the stairs, this time the stairwell is different, it's a door leading down a hallway. Not just in the open like it was before. I stop again at an inbetween floor to stabelize. Again it doesn't feel like it's working. I try to focus on the feeling and my surroundings. Like trying to feel the stabelizing in my surrounding? I start to feel it so i decide it's now working properly... I go further down the stairwell and come at a really dark floor. The building is back to it's old decaying style, and i get scared and i run back up. I feel the dream fade so i stop and put my hand on the floor again. While'st trying to stabelize my eyes felt weird, as if i couldn't keep em open from being awake to long... Then everything turns to black and i wake up...
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mighty max mecha & teknival
« Reply #9 on: March 17, 2010, 04:09:29 AM »

2 mighty max mecha warriors

I was in this mecha - monster crossover thing, fighting other more robotic mecha's. They always would fly in after eachother and i would destroy em. After a while i was tired of it and didn't think i was gonna make it. But then it turned out the big boss was coming and it was the last fight. My mecha-monster thing was banged up and i got out to fixed it up while the boss came. Then it turned out my mecha was this sort of rock-monster toy from mighty max i had as a kid...

This is the third dream in a month or so in wich i dream about toys i had as a kid... The others were about transformers :D
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Re: feist303's dream journal!
« Reply #10 on: March 17, 2010, 07:56:29 AM »

The dream starts of looking like a real life first person shooter, like i'm watching through a soldiers headcamera. The gun i see in front me is beige colored, it has a bit of a futuristic feeling. I'm wearing a headset and i'm in contact with my commander.

Have you been playing COD?? i remember when i started playing COD in the schools holidays i had dreams exactly like this. reason why i don't play anymore
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Re: feist303's dream journal!
« Reply #11 on: March 17, 2010, 03:15:58 PM »
Yeah, to much COD is definitly the cause  :D
I'm not playing much anymore now though, i want new maps

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MO : launching elevators
« Reply #12 on: March 17, 2010, 03:22:29 PM »

Didn't get much sleep, woke up after 4,5 hours, and couldn't go back to sleep...

1 poster old house

I was in my old house at the top floor, there was a wall missing, so now my room was connected with the hall. I remember my room and the hall were both packed with posters on the walls. I also remember my friend V coming over...

2 MO : launching elevators

This one played in third person for the most of it and didn't had me in it, felt very much like a movie.
First it played itself underground in some military base, it had a very claustrophobic feeling. Their was this young girl in her twenty's and a military officer.
They were standing in an elevator and talking. Later another soldier came in and he kinda wanted to take control over the situation. The officer was very insulted by this because he had a higher rank.
They started arguing and yelling at eachother, but it was as if the soldier was possesed and couldn't let it go.
The view also shifted to that of a crappy black & white security camera then. To show me that something strange was going on. On the camera i saw tony soprano passing by :D. It was as if he was a ghost or something, he wasn't there, you could only see him on the security cam. Then while the soldier and the officer were fighting, the officer locked the girl in the elevator, she was very scared. Then the officer pushed a button and launched the elevator. Now the view shifted to first person and it was as if i was the girl inside the elevator. There was this very little window, just big enough for your eyes to peek through. Everything was dark and then after a while light came through. So the elevator was being launched from deep underground. It kept going up and it was very scared, until it turned around and now it was heading back to the ground. Me and the girl? were now pressed against the rooftop of the elevator. We landed in the ocean and didn't have a scratch. First we were suprised to be alive but it was as if the elevator was meant to keep us alive. We landed very close to an island. The view shifted back to third person, and i now could see the girl and some boy inside the water. I also remember the water was very clear...
The entire dream felt like a deja-vu. It was like re-watching one of my favorite movies.
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Re: feist303's dream journal!
« Reply #13 on: March 17, 2010, 04:43:52 PM »
Loved that last one.  Like the elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Something very romantic about two people going for a journey in a flying elevator.


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Re: feist303's dream journal!
« Reply #14 on: March 17, 2010, 06:54:45 PM »
ah, you make it sound so nice  :)
The dream actually had a very claustrofobic feeling, with even a touch of horror and sci-fi, but i like that to :)

I still haven't seen the Charlie and the chocolat factory movie, it looks like a great dreaming movie.
I can't wait for alice in wonderland to come out though :)