Author Topic: So, You Want Dream Control? (a Short Story of Dreamworld)  (Read 523 times)

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So, You Want Dream Control? (a Short Story of Dreamworld)
« on: November 29, 2013, 11:44:34 AM »

- Hey, dude, wasup?

- Oh, man, too steamed!!!

- what's wrong?

- You know that girl in math, long legs, always sits in the back? I had a dream about her last night. We were studying together, and suddenly I noticed that 4+2=3*lucid! And, bingo, I was lucid! And well, the last thing I want to dream of is studying, right? But long legs was there, and willing enough - if you know, what I mean. That's when I found out my parents had recently set parental control on my dreams to fucking PG-13! Can you believe it?! So, my parents invaded my dream, and lectured me how I can dream of anything I wish once I grow up, but not while I am under their roof and care!

- Dude, that really sucks! But about the dreaming of anything you wish when you grow up, I heard that's just a technicality. Oh, sure, you dream of what you wish, but they control what you wish.

- Who? My parents?!

- No, dude, special interests. I saw rumor tweets that the governor of Michigan, in exchange for campaign contributions, promised Kellogg a certain increase in sales. So now people in Michigan dream of eating Kellogg cereal. Dream incubation subliminal marketing, dude! It's the psychics who first discovered it: all those people coming to them asking for dream interpretations of cereal dreams. But of course, people wouldn't normally take psychics' conspiracy theories too seriously. Except the police got interested in this, after they noticed an increase in serial murders of colleagues and at colleges in Michigan this year, and a dream research expert consultant pointed out to them the dream word association between cereal and serial, and Kellogg and colleague and college. Not enough evidence to prove it in court though, plus the police support the governor and the economy.

- Well, as long as I could eat the cereal off of a hot chick, I wouldn't mind dreaming of cereal. Wink, nudge. And I think those serial murderers must have been predisposed to murder already - you can't hypnotize someone to do something they wouldn't do anyway, everybody knows that! And dream incubation subliminal marketing is like mass hypnosis over wireless networks, right? Plus, I heard subliminal marketing got discontinued, due to ineffectiveness, anyways.

- Keep dreaming, and hoping you're right about that. But seriously, the possibility of special interests controlling what you want, doesn't disturb you, dude?

- It would still be way more freedom than I got now. Advertisers don't have time nor interest to script our dream lives in detail like parents do. See, I thought about it, and you know what occurred to me: why would I have been dreaming of studying for math to begin with?